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[Online Service] Using View Bots to Increase YouTube Views


Using View Bots (Online Service) to Increase YouTube Views

Using View Bots (Online Service) to Increase YouTube Views

Organically Growing Your Channel
Using bots, or any of the services below, won't really grow your channel more quickly than the tactics like posting on a schedule, creating clickable thumbnails, or mastering SEO. There can be some perks to using them - we won't deny that there are people who have benefitted from bots through a mixture of luck and careful strategy - but in general, it is better to focus your efforts on your content and solid YouTube strategies. 

What Is A YouTube View Bot?
Bots work in an automated sense just like software and they can run in the background. Bots automatically add views to your videos.

Setting up a bot can be as easy as using other pieces of software and there are lots of free tutorials on YouTube for view bots.

Why Use a YouTube View Bot?
Bots are used to create the illusion that a video is already popular in order to attract real viewers who view the existing view count as ‘social proof’ of the video’s quality. There are other ways, besides bots, bot accomplishes this but if a YouTuber is resorting to a bot it probably means they don’t have the money to buy real human views or the time to participate in a view exchange platform. The main benefit of a bot is that it is fast, easy, and usually free.

Bots can also be used to generate comments and likes for videos.

What Else Can A YouTube View Bot Do?
The most effective bots come with more features than just bypassing Captchas and generating views.

You can set up a YouTube bot to perform daily tasks and automate your workflow. An example might be ensuring that every video on your page is getting a view and comment every day. You can also use bots (or content organization platforms) to automatically share your videos across social media. This frees you up to focus on creating quality content.

Using a bot to increase your views artificially has its dangers, but it does also have the potential to kick start the organic growth of your channel. Once you start attracting real viewers and subscribers you will not need to keep relying on a bot.

Are There Risks to Using A YouTube View Bot?

Bots are against YouTube’s TOS, especially for partners using AdSense (learn more about YouTube's partnership program here). If you are suspected of using a bot your videos can get taken down and you could lose the ability to monetize content (YouTube reviews channels now before they can monetize and it will be obvious to them if you’ve used a bot to get to the 10,000 lifetime views you need for monetization). Repeated offenses could even get you banned from YouTube, and it is much easier to lose AdSense access.

The biggest danger isn’t YouTube taking your videos down, though. So long as you don’t persist after being warned you can always recover. No, the real danger of bots is that they generate low retention views. Essentially, the views you get from a bot appear to YouTube’s algorithm as if people have clicked on your videos, but haven’t watched them. The algorithm interprets that as ‘the people who are clicking on this don’t like it, we should rank it lower down in search results’. Rather than attracting organic views, bots can actually make it very difficult for a real viewer to find your content.  

If you are going to use a bot, you need to use it smartly and sparingly in order to prevent damage to your channel.

Warning: be aware that increasing your view count with a bot is against YouTube’s Terms of Service and that if you get caught your video will be taken down. View exchange platforms are allowed, and buying views is a grey area, but bots are against the rules. If you still wish to learn more about bots, keep reading. 

View2be is a free YouTube views service that also comes with a premium option. The company will deliver a series of free subscription packages, engagement packages, and view packages. In most cases, this is a traffic exchange service (meaning you must participate by watching other people’s videos) until you get into the premium service and affiliate service. In these cases, users can advertise the services of View2be in order to get access to more views and subscriptions. The premium services are just a straight charge for a total number of views, subscribers, or other items.

2. UltraViews
UltraViewers is another traffic exchange service in which people can trade traffic in order to get more views on their own webpages or YouTube videos. This site requires you to open your browser and automatically navigate to a number of websites. Based on the number of websites that you visit, you will be rewarded with new hits to your own videos. This is a fairly simple system. There is also a lottery where you can win extra hits.

3. My Social Following
My Social Following is a source for YouTube viewers, subscribers, and likes. As a professional marketing service, the company allows for a variety of benefits such as location targeted services, fast deliveries, improvements in the ranking, and (most importantly)real viewers watching your YouTube videos in full in order to boost your retention rates and search engine rankings.

Here is a list of online views bots/services

If you are truly serious about earning free views, YouTube view bots are one of many options but they do mean accepting whatever consequences YouTube might hand down.

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[GIVEAWAY] YouTube LiveStream View Bot [YouTube Botter]

[GIVEAWAY] YouTube LiveStream View Bot [YouTube Botter]
By using our handy YT Live Stream bot webpanel you can deploy your desired amount of viewers to your channel, and it only takes a single mouse click to do so! Adjust runtime how many viewers your channel has by dragging the slider, all while every viewer appears unique to YT thanks to our proxies.

1. Download the ".exe" variant of the program.
2. Double click or right click -> execute the file
3. Enter the ID of a youtube livestream
4. Enter an amount of threads

See the viewers rise!

Whats the ID of a Livestram?YouTube URLs look something like this => 
Then dsfsdefgdfdsf would be the ID of the video.

Similar Tool:

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[GIVEAWAY] Video Lead Studio [Boost Conversions & Increase Sales]

[GIVEAWAY] Video Lead Studio [Boost Conversions & Increase Sales]

We worked closely with the best spokespersons and copywriters in order to make sure that each intro will fit your needs & niche and will boost your video marketing results like you have never seen before.

By including a real person in your video, you will be able to triple your conversions and income.

People are more engaged to videos that have a face they can connect to. Video Lead Studio will make your videos stand out, it will boost conversions and increase sales, guaranteed!

Video Lead Studio will give you over 100 professional spokes person intro and outro videos, that you can use in the videos generated using Animation Studio. You will NEVER have to pay for spokes persons EVER AGAIN!

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Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content.

Learn how to make a 2D/3D intro with Panzoid for FREE! This easy & simple intro tutorial teaches you how to make/edit a template and how to add music, change text, etc..! This tutorial doesn't require the downloading of any software or programs! 
Great for beginners who don't know how to use programs such as Adobe After Effects, Blender and/or Cinema 4D!


It is a very famous free online video editing software which enables you to edit background details easily and you can also make quick clips if you want videos urgently.

Panzoid which is the best free youtube intro maker can be accessed on any device be it PC, or your android phone for editing your videos. The interface of this software is very beautiful and attractive.

You can also make advanced 3D animated videos using the editing tools. It also provides the users many tutorials so that he could learn how to go about it and use the software.

How to Use Panzoid Intro Maker

In this tutorial I am going to show How to Use Panzoid Intro Maker.So, let’s go ahead and build up an intro.

Open your Brower and Click on the Following Link:

Choose from a large variety of templates:

When the page loads you would be able to see a lot of templates. These are the common templates which are used by everyone. So if you want to create an unique template for your YouTube channel. Click on Community Templates. This is a new feature introduced by Panzoid on their website. When you click on Community Templates you can see a whole new gallery of Templates and you can choose as per your choice.

So now just select any of the templates displayed below. After Selecting the Template you can see the template is showing the editing area where you can edit your template. To check the transition of the template all you going to do is click on ‘toggle render preview’ button. So it’s red now and now click on the play button. This is how your intro look like. Of course the name doesn’t look like yours .So we are going to change it to the name required. Finally, we are going to edit the template.

So now click on the tick mark button on the left hand side and change the video resolution to 1080p or 720p as per your requirement. Select the frame rate as per your choice as 30 or 60 fps.We change the length of the video according to our need. According to me the best duration for an intro is for 9 or 10 seconds. If the intro is too long the viewer gets irritated.

Now, Click on Object button and click on Text and then change your intro name. And that’s how you change the name. Guys you can change the texture of the text in the intro by selecting custom textures and per your needs.

You can also add audio to your intro by clicking on the audio in the editing panel and then select the audio file and then select the song or audio whatever you want to give to your intro. All the intro have a prebuilt sound track in them, so you don’t need to change it. But if you want your own track you can change it.

Now to download your panzoid intro ,click on download button and select mode and you will get a drop down menu and select ’best quality’ and just click ‘start video render’ and we are done .That’s it. Thats how you use Panzoid Intro Maker.

It will take several minutes for the rendering process to be completed. And now you can upload it to your YouTube videos. After rendering is done click on ‘Download your video’ and your intro would be downloaded. Now you can check the intro getting downloaded in your browser download section.

That’s how guys you can make a basic and simple intro using Panzoid Intro Maker.Do leave a comment in the comment section below

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[GIVEAWAY] EasyPi +FB GIF Traffic Monster [Online Traffic Course For Digital Marketers]

[GIVEAWAY] EasyPi +FB GIF Traffic Monster [Online Traffic Course For Digital Marketers]
EasyPi - Online Traffic Course For Digital Marketers

EasyPi is a Newbie-friendly course that will put you in front of some Red Hot Targeted Traffic

Not only will you starve to blogs or promotional offers – you will also build a highly responsive app through email and other social media platforms.

This is a real case study where he takes you by the hand and shows you exactly the step by step action he has taken to create the following Massive on YouTube & Facebook and then make money from after to Earn $ 150 easily pay day

[GIVEAWAY] EasyPi +FB GIF Traffic Monster [Online Traffic Course For Digital Marketers]
OTO1: This is my unique, and simple weapon. This is how ensure engagement and conversion to an extremely high rate. Customers get my top converting email sequence, FB lives & a whole other range of templates & DFY campaigns that will take your subscribers affiliate marketing to a whole new level

OTO2: Re-Sellers rights for the entire funnel. Your subscriber will have the opportunity to have their very own high converting funnel that can make them 100% commissions and over $171 per sale over and over again. The copy & graphic design has been put together by the top people in the IM space.

OTO3: DFY Product – This is a once in a life order cialis in canada time opportunity. I will create a ready made high quality informational product complete with graphics and branding video for your subscriber (with complete re-sellers rights). This can be then used to promote as a lead magnet or be launched on W+ , Jvzoo or any other platform of their choice. They can sit back , relax & have all the hard work done for them

Іnѕіdе Тhе EasyPi Тrаіnіng, Үоu’ll Dіѕсоvеr…

☑ Тhе ѕіmрlе ѕtерѕ tо gеt ѕtаrtеd tоdаy, еvеn іf yоu dоn’t hаvе аny рrіоr оnlіnе ѕkіllѕ оr ехреrіеnсе

☑ Why thіѕ іѕ thе еаѕіеѕt wаy fоr yоu tо fіnаlly mаkе а соnѕіѕtеnt ѕtrеаm оf оnlіnе іnсоmе іn yоur ѕраrе tіmе… (thіѕ mеthоd іѕ реrfесt fоr nеwbіеѕ, ѕtrugglіng mаrkеtеrѕ, реорlе wіth а dаy јоb, оr rеаlly аnyоnе lооkіng fоr ѕоmеthіng RЕАL thаt асtuаlly wоrkѕ…)

☑ Ноw tо lеvеrаgе оnе оf thе mоѕt роwеrful FRЕЕ trаffіс mеthоdѕ оnlіnе wіth јuѕt а fеw mіnutеѕ оf ѕіmрlе wоrk… yоu dоn’t hаvе tо ѕlаvе аwаy wrіtіng аrtісlеѕ оr ѕраmmіng Fасеbооk… Аnd thе trаffіс јuѕt kеерѕ соmіng аnd соmіng

☑ Ноw tо соmbіnе FRЕЕ trаffіс аnd thіѕ “еаѕy аѕ ріе” mеthоd tо gеt tо $100+ раydаyѕ wіthіn dаyѕ оf gеttіng ѕtаrtеd… І knоw, іt’ѕ nоt gоіng tо hарреn оvеrnіght, but whеn hаvе аny оf thоѕе ‘рuѕh-buttоn,’ оvеrnіght mеthоdѕ асtuаlly wоrkеd fоr yоu?

☑ Тhе ѕіmрlе ѕtерѕ tо fоllоw tо quісkly ѕсаlе thіngѕ uр wіthоut рuttіng іn mоrе hоurѕ… Тhаt’ѕ whаt’ѕ rеаlly GRЕАТ аbоut thіѕ… Оvеr tіmе, thіѕ mеthоd buіld оn іtѕеlf аnd mаkеѕ yоu mоnеy whіlе yоu ѕlеер!

☑ Рluѕ, а whоlе lоt mоrе…

[GIVEAWAY] EasyPi [Online Traffic Course For Digital Marketers]

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[GIVEAWAY] Tube Suite [YT Marketing Made Easy]

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Suite [YT Marketing Made Easy]
YouTube is one of the best viewed sites nowadays in the internet. This is the main reason why YouTube Marketing is perhaps the most popular and easiest way to drive traffic to your website and attract more customers.

More and more business owners are slowly discovering how YouTube marketing is going to benefit their business. Logically, increased traffic means increased sales online. One of the benefits is that YouTube is free and it draws the public more compared to any web 2.0 site.

YouTube is world's no 1 social video website, gathering over 80 milion active members generating almost 3 billion views per day. On this purpose we developed an automated tool, to help all talented or business ready people achieve their goals and reach for dreams.

TubeSuite is a video marketing software that automates the marketing process by providing a huge array of benefits to the users. TubeSuite is under beta testing and it is constantly being updated.

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Suite [YT Marketing Made Easy]


☑ Enhanced winsock technology
☑ Free lifetime automatic update
☑ Multi-Threading that further speeds up
☑ Proxy support with built-in downloader
☑ Easy to use layout
☑ Instant download
☑ CAPTCHA support
☑ Delay functionality
☑ User-Agent changer
☑ Video searcher
☑ Video downloader
☑ Video converter
☑ Account checker
☑ Video commenter
☑ Spintax support
☑ User searcher
☑ Addressbook adder


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[GIVEAWAY] Channel Hero [Youtube Channel Art Creation Software]

Channel Hero [Youtube Channel Art Creation Software]
Youtube Channel Art Creation Software 

We have already offered a TON of things for one.small onetime fees. 
But we want to Improve this offer for you - make it a complete no Brainer. 
We will give you access to our never-before released YouTube Channel Art Creation solution 


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[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]

[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]
Create High Quality Videos Using Just a Keyword.

VidCuratorFX is a powerful software based on Adobe AIR that has the power to help you produce high-quality marketing videos by a click. The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS platforms. By using an enormous media library from Google, Flickr, Instagram, Vine, and more, you can create up to 100 slideshow videos with gorgeous animation, layout, and transitions. You can also insert your favorite music and informative custom text into your videos. Every procedure is as quick as lighting and 100% on autopilot.

How does It Work?

Step 1: Create a New Project
Setting up a new project to get started the journey with VidcuratorFX. Then enter a keyword, number of images and videos.

Step 2: Create your Video
Free to choose your text, your transition, your favorite music or even record your voice.

Step 3: Upload your Video
Enter your keyword and select the number of videos you want to create. Then click “Upload” and choose where to publish your video.

[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]

VidCuratorFX has these awesome feature that make it really powerful

Create Videos From a Single Keyword: 
Just drop in a keyword you want to get traffic for, and VidCuratorFX will automatically create a themed slideshow-type video based around that keyword! It will automatically find images and video clips online for you and curate those images and video clips into your video!.

Automatically Create 100s of Videos with 1-Click: 
Choose 1 or 100 videos to create, at the push of a button. Video Curator Pro creates endless variations of your video, with spun titles and descriptions, to dominate all kinds of keywords in YouTube and Google!.

Add Transitions, Image Filters and effects: 
Make your videos compelling and more engaging by applying in-built effects and transitions are applied seamlessly.

Add Intro & Outro Slides: 
Put your branding to work in every video by setting up custom intros and outros for every video you create. Gets you that high-end production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.

Fully Customize the Videos: 
Add Intro & Outro Slides, Transitions, Image Filters and effects and truly make your videos grab people by the eyeballs!

Add Your own music, record voice over or choose from our library of music: 
To give your videos the professional shine they deserve, and keep people engaged from start to finish!

Automatically Upload to YouTube and Vimeo: 
You don’t need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to the major video sharing websites right from your dashboard.

Spin Title & Description When Upload multiple videos: 
Totally dominate any niche with automatically spun titles and descriptions for each video uploaded. Makes each video unique in the eyes of the search engines.

Fully automatic, 100% Control: 
Just set it up and it will churn out videos one after another without you having to monitor or stare at progress bars. Plus you can change absolutely anything you want at any point of time.

Let’s watch how Ben used VidCuratorFX to Rake in Tons Of FREE Traffic in Days, Not Weeks!

[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]

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[GIVEAWAY] Tube Reaper Jeet [Harvest Thousands Of Video Keywords In Seconds]

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Reaper Jeet [Harvest Thousands Of Video Keywords]

Tube Reaper JeetCapture your niche with unlimited video keywords. Tube Reaper Jeet gets youss both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.

Harvest powerful video keywords in any niche to drive more traffic. Tube Reaper Jeet finds you low competition video keywords that help you rank better on your YouTube channel.

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Reaper Jeet [Harvest Thousands Of Video Keywords]


☑ Finds you endless long tail keywords in your niche in seconds. 
☑ Helps you rank better with low competition words and builds viewership.
☑ Lets you search extensively with each letter of the alphabet. 
☑ Allows you to target local video keywords to leverage region specific keywords.


1. With its one click function feed in a root word or suffix and source unlimited keywords. 
2. Discover subgroups of video keywords with Recursive technology.
3. Export shortlisted video keywords and paste them into a CSV file. 

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Reaper Jeet [Harvest Thousands Of Video Keywords]

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[GIVEAWAY] Tube Chimp [Youtube Keyword Research Tool]

[GIVEAWAY] Tube chimp [Youtube Keyword Research Tool]

Tube chimpGet optimal video keywords and niche capturing vdeos Tube chimp - A video keyword research tool that harvests highly relevant keywords for your YouTube channel. It also finds you top ranking videos for the fed-in keywords.

Latch onto the popularity of high performance videos in your niche. Source multiple effective keywords with the most userfriendly interface . This research driven software application helps you beat the competition, hands down.

[GIVEAWAY] Tube chimp [Youtube Keyword Research Tool]

☑ Generates high viewership by finding you the most effective keywords for your videos, targeted by top ranking videos in your niche 
☑ Sources multiple keywords to feed in, and make your videos appear on the YouTube sidebar suggested videos list. 
☑ Leverages high ranking for your YouTube video by doing research on your competitor's strategy. 
☑ User friendly and blazing fast, it helps up your rank in your targeted niche, faster.


1. Its intelligent software application finds you the most relevant and competitive keywords in your targeted niche.
2. It is intuitively designed to source top ranking videos that will up your viewership.
3. Dominate your market by leveraging the top niche players' research to boost your own YouTube channel.
[GIVEAWAY] Tube chimp [Youtube Keyword Research Tool]

[GIVEAWAY] Tube chimp [Youtube Keyword Research Tool]

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[GIVEAWAY] Turbo Tube Engage [Boost Your Viewers' Interactions]

[GIVEAWAY] Turbo Tube Engage [Boost Your Viewers' Interactions]

Turbo Tube Engage is a brand new created from scratch Software that allows customers transform any youtube video to a VIRAL, MONEY MAKING, LIST BUILDING Interactive Machine by DISPLAYING on it (MULTIPLE!!) BANNERS, SOCIAL ICONS, CUSTOM HTML, SIGNUP FORMS*, ORDER* LINKS & BUTTONS and… ADS or SPECIAL EFFECTS* all through an “a la grandma-friendly” super easy way – in just a few clicks!

As you may already know, these guys are leaders in the product creation and have been developing useful and profitable tools and packages like this to you guys for over a decade now.

Essentially, it’s your fully loaded resale rights package ready to be sold right now. All sales material, graphics, index page, thank you pages included…along with bonuses.

You can:

– Sell the Software 
– Use it build your own list
– Use it as high quality bonus
– Use it to grow your customer base

You have literally NOTHING TO DO and no one to pay!

Get INSTANT Return of Your Investment by Selling Just One Copy of it – andof course you can sell unlimited copies for life.

– NO Monthly Charges, 
– NO Secret Charges! 
– NO Profit Sharing, 
– Keep 100% of the money! 
– Keep all leads generated
– Including the buyers!

The package is built cleverly around these Modules:

Module 1: Turbo Tube Engage Software
Module 2: Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page
Module 3: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
Module 4: ‘WOW’ Graphic Designs
Module 5: Customer Support System & Legal Pages
Module 6: Stunning ‘Lead Grabbing’ Page
Module 7: Credibility Boosting Email Series
Module 8: Adaptive Mobile Friendly Website
Module 9: Professional Set Up & Training Video
Module 10: Fast Installation Guide
Module 11: Product License Certificates

Boost Your Viewers' Interactions On Steroids In Just A Few Clicks! You Can Finally Get Your Users to Interact! Transform Any Video To A Powerful List Building, Money Making, VIRAL Machine, Improve Your Viewers’ Interactivity With Just a Few Simple Clicks and FINALLY Achieve Your Goals!

[GIVEAWAY] Turbo Tube Engage [Boost Your Viewers' Interactions]

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Easy Web Video is an all-in-one solution that combines a video generator with the video marketing tools of Easy Web Video.  It makes it extremely easy to create professional looking videos across a number of niches, but also includes the marketing tools to get the most of the videos you create.  Check out more on our JV page, and thank you for your support!

Video Marketing For The Rest Of Us
Feature rich. Easy to use.
That's Easy Web Video.

Just take a look at the features below!
Easy Web Video lives at the corner of Easy St and Fully Loaded Ave.

Easy To Access, Easy To Use

Cloud Storage

Access your work at any time from any device. All your videos are uploaded and kept in our online app storage. Plus you’re secured against crashes and failures with your personal hardware.

Wizard Interface

Get your video up and live in the minimal amount of steps with our simple wizard. No needlessly complex interfaces to deal with. Save time without skimping on features.

Place Video On Any Site, Any Device

Post & Embed

Embed your videos on any site, add them in WordPress Posts or even on eBay. Build dedicated landing pages for campaigns, or create email teasers directing people to your latest video.

View Anywhere

Make sure your video is seen clearly on any device - computer, tablet or mobile. Responsive design ensures your player and page looks beautiful wherever it’s seen.

Flexible Options

Choose any dimensions for your video playback. Set up a playlist, so that multiple videos can be seen in sequence. Or make your video open in either a lightbox or hover overlay.

Create The Perfect Video & Player

Brand Control

Create a fully branded experience by customizing your player – including adding your own colors to the player and logos for a watermark. Add your own pre- or post-viewing videos for cross-promotions and brand boosts.

Edit On The Fly

Take care of last minute edits in seconds. You can alter your video timeline with ease directly inside the interface. No more swapping back and forth. Great for trimming start or end points without re-uploading.

Conversion Tool

Make sure your video gets seen. Whatever format your source video is in – we can deal with it. Our in-built conversion feature will load and convert all your video files to the optimal format needed for online use.

Convert Viewers Into Action Takers

Calls To Action

Ensure that interested prospects can take action as soon as possible by adding links and buttons to your video player. Alternatively, add email sign-up forms to capture their information immediately and ensure you don’t lose contact with valuable leads.

Set Triggers

Keep your audience’s attention where you want it. Reveal sections of your page (such as pricing or next steps) at a set time during the video. The absence of other content will help focus users on the video, and when the time is right, they’re given an obvious course of action.

Track Views

Plan your future strategy by analysing statistics on your videos. As well as the number of views, you can see which devices are used to watch, how much of the video is being watched, and much more. Learn from the data, and apply changes to optimize your marketing.

Expand And Engage Your Audience

Social Hooks

Promote your video to others with our simple social sharing buttons. Our Fan Gate feature encourages new likes with every play. Plus we also offer integrated one-click Facebook comments for your video pages.

QR Code

Drive traffic to your video from your print materials with our QR Code feature. Using the QR Code we provide, you can drive more visitors from your offline promotional activities quickly and easily.

Easy SEO

Give your videos the best chance to rank highly in search by adding your video to a video sitemap. This tells search engines what your video is about and where to find it, and helps bring in maximum search traffic.

This is a web based + pc and mac software application. Primarily, more to do with amazon s3 bucket and video uploading with a lot of features. Remember, you have to configure your amazon s3 bucket before you can use the web-based application. Currently, it is priced at $57 per month (Thankfully, you will get it for FREE)

Apply the code and sign-up for FREE!

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