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Showing posts with label Wordpress Plugin. Show all posts

[GIVEAWAY] Fan Automater [AUTOMATE Your Fanpages And Get REAL FANS]

This Software Will 100% Automate Your Facebook Marketing & Help You Grow
REAL, Targeted FANS to Any
Fanpage in under 2 minutes...

Fan Automater is brand new WordPress Plugin that will allow you to run fully automatic unlimited Fanpages for business categories or niches, with this WordPress Plugin you can get more than a hundreds of new real likers or real fans every single week. This WordPress Plugin also can brin huge viral organic and reach for all your posts, Fan Automater also can create auto content curation like links, images, videos. The best part is this WordPress Plugin is really work and tested within couple monthsm and you can see all real proof and results from people that already using Fan Automater.

Fan Automater – Feature Details
Here are some main features of Fan Automater you should consider:

✓ Easy to setup
✓ Get hundreds of few fans in just a week
✓ Can run many campaigns all at once
✓ Auto-reply comments and posts content on the fan pages
✓ A built-in viral content poster which allows you to schedule, set and forget
✓ A built-in video content poster to engage using videos
✓ Auto content curation: images, links, and videos

Fan Automater – The Key Feature and Benefit
With this WordPress Plugin you can manage unlimited fanpage and also building high targeting fans (more than 100) every single weeks. Below is the complete feature:

Allows You To Grow Real Fans
As we know getting new targeted fans to Fanpages and grow it is no easy. With Fan Automater you can get hundreds of fans in just few minutes working with this WordPress Plugin.

Auto Content Curation
You can keep you Fan Page alive and also looks interesting with this feature, so your audience will always stay and also you can attract more real fans. With this feature you can automatically post Images, links and even videos to your Fan Pages on 100% autopilot.

Create Custom Engagement Messages
You can create and customize the viral enagement messages. You can use keyword placeholders lets you make them ultra relevent to each campaign. This feature also complete with randomize them and make sure they work.

You Can Full Control
With Fan Automater you can control the speed to post your automated content to your Fan Pages, you have 3 different settings to select and you can control the speed using a slider.

Easy To Use and Simple To Setup
This software is newbie friendly, no need any complicated setup process, you can start your campaign within 2 minute.

Complete Training Videos
You will get step-by-step video training, will help you how to setup and run this plugin correctly.

Fully Scalable and Repeatable
You can install this software (WordPress plugin) on multiple sites

With this wordpess plugin finally you can stop doing Fanpage Marketing process manually, with this software you can run your Fanpages on complete Autopilot to build 100% real fans.

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[GIVEAWAY] Smash Traffic [The World’s First Automated Reddit Traffic Software]

 [GIVEAWAY] SmashTraffic [The World’s First Automated Reddit Traffic Software]
Steal Traffic From The Big Boys

SmashTraffic is a new software that generates FRE-E traffic from over 1.2 million subreddits. Research shows that redditors love to click on, and share links - on average, the most popular links on Reddit generate over 16,000 more upvotes than the most popular text posts.

It shares the most viral content on Reddit, to drive traffic back to your videos, stores and affiliate links. It’s the EASIEST method for getting traffic they’ve EVER used. With Smash Traffic, you can also schedule your old and new content with just a click of a button and blast them all through Reddit and 4 other TOP social networks with 2 billion users combined? That's what SmashTraffic does, and more!


✓ Connect and schedule old and new WordPress post to: Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbr, etc
✓ No monthly or setup fee unlike other tools like Buffer & TweetDesk
✓ Detailed & Easy To Follow Video Tutorials
✓ 24/7 Dedicated Support
✓ Special Launch Week Offer – Prices goes to $67/monthly in a week
✓ SmashTraffic is Newbie Friendly – Very easy to use interface
✓ Create, publish and schedule old content for your followers (Generate a ton of traffic from your old post)
✓ 100% Control over everything
✓ Leverage on this untapped social traffic source, and figures out the best time to post to a particular subreddit. Or, try the new automatic scheduling feature to have Later pick the best time for you.
✓ Auto-share to social media on blog post publish
✓ Choose between the social media post share.
✓ Choose the min. Or max number of posts eligible for sharing
✓ Generate hashtags for post shares
✓ Integrate with Google analytics to track your traffic increase! And more


✓ SmashTraffic is a Brand New Software – earn in 60 seconds or less
✓ Generates Traffic From Niche Specific Subreddits
✓ Never Seen Before algorithm will explode your earnings
✓ Taps Into 330 Million Unique Visitors
✓ Deluge of Free Traffic
✓ Comprehensive Training
✓ Start Earning Affiliate Commissions in 60 Seconds
✓ Live the laptop lifestyle

SmashTraffic is a brand new WordPress software, that fully leverages on helping you tap free traffic from a platform With almost 20 million unique visitors per month and about 150 million pageviews without having to pay for ads.

PASSWORD: FreeAccess

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[GIVEAWAY] Reviewify360 [BOOST The Social Proof Authority Of Any Website]

[GIVEAWAY] Reviewify360 [BOOST The Social Proof Authority Of Any Website]

Reviewify360 is a smart SaaS platform that helps you create beautiful reviews. It will show all the best reviews on your site so customers see them first. It displays all reviews from different websites to your own website.

This software will help you build trust from customers by the most honest assessment. In other words, it will turn a poorly functioning site into a preferred website and make customers buy from the first visit.

Let us delve into the beneficial features in this software:

✓ Scan customer reviews from the 4 largest rating platforms like Facebook, Google, Foursquare and Yelp and display them in a report list
✓ Easily create and customize reviews at any time you want
✓ Review Cards are displayed on your website and are easy to customize
✓ Increase SEO for all online or offline businesses
✓ Converts sales conversions in all of your hottest niches
✓ Just click on the website or WordPress to complete the job
✓ Create trust from customers to increase conversions
✓ Easy integration (No technical skills needed)
✓ Add reviews easily – you can add customer reviews on any website you want
✓ Simple customization – You can edit them to increase customer conversion rates faster
✓ Use custom email – you can use emails that have been made to get new customers

Reviewify360 lets anybody boost conversions using reviews in just three simple steps

Step 1: Connect your FB, Google My Business, Yelp And Forsquare
Step 2: Grab All existing Reviews in 1 click.
Step 3: Copy a Single Line of code (or install WordPress Plugin) on your pages to display beautiful review cards

Yes, it is that simple..

With Reviewify360, not only you’re able to show of your positive reviews from the most important FOUR sources that customers trust, but also offers you the ability to Increase your reviews on top of converting visitors to long time customers.

[GIVEAWAY] Reviewify360 [BOOST The Social Proof Authority Of Any Website]

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[GIVEAEWAY] FBomatic Automatic Post Generator [Plugin for WordPress]

FBomatic Automatic Post Generator and Facebook Auto Poster

FBomatic Automatic Post Generator and Facebook Auto Poster Plugin for WordPress


WordPress blogs will look very different in 2050 then they do today. We will surely see a rise in auto posting blogs, blogs written by Artificial Intelligence. These blogs will change the blogs landscape, with the Als surely passing the Turing test, the test that evaluates Al's knowledge. 

Using this plugin, you can grasp the future by creating an auto blogging system which uses Facebook as a content source. You must not worry about duplicate content, because the plugin uses some cutting edge features to get you rid of these worries! 

FBomatic Automatic Post Generator and Facebook Auto Poster

What is FBomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin?

FBomatic Automatic Post Generator WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool to generate a blog that will automatically post articles, without your further intervention.
- This plugin is a great tool to generate a passive income! Do you want to earn money even while you sleep?
- Do you want to generate posts to youryour blog from a Facebook group or page?
- No problem! FBomatic Automatic Post Generator plugin is the right thing for you!

Our intuitive, easy-to-use system allows you to create a web site full of exciting items dirrectly from any public Facebook group or page.

Resulting blog posts are fully customizable and rich in content. List of customizable stuff for each post:

✓ post author user name
✓ post status (published, draft, pending, private, trash)
✓ automatically generate post categories or tags from Facebook posts
✓ manually add post categories or tags to items
✓ generate post or page
✓ automatically generate a featured image for the post
✓ enable/disable comments for the generated post
✓ import comments from the Facebook post as blog comments
✓ enable/disable pingbacks/trackbacks for the generated post
✓ customize post title and content (with the included wide variaty of relevant post shortcodes)
✓ Other plugin features:
✓ Google Translate support ' select the language in which you want to post your articles
✓ Text Spinner support ' automatically modify generated text, changing words with their synonyms ' great SEO value!
✓ Supports Facebook public groups and pages (Note that if you want to post from a private user's profile, your App needs user_posts permission. Details here)
✓ Using Faceook Graph API
✓ Keyword Replacer (replace relevant keywords with your links)
✓ Random sentence generator (relevant sentences - as you define them)
✓ detailed plugin activity logging
✓ shortcode for adding Facebook videos to your web site
✓ scheduled rule runs

FBomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin main features:

+ Import content to your blog from any Facebook public group or page
+ Resulting posts are fully customizable, based on predefined rules
+ Posts can have: custom title, content, enable/disable comments, default feature image or Facebook post featured image, post type, post status, post author, post category and tags
+ Import item comments to your generated posts
+ Import item categories and tags to your generated posts
+ Strip links from content
+ Google Translate support - translate the resulting articles in any language
+ Define rules and run them by a schedule: posts will be automatically added to your blog
+ Moderate resulted posts as 'Draft' or 'Pending' or publish them as 'Published' or 'Private' or move them directly to 'Trash'
+ Shortcodes will give to the ability to fully customize your posts title and content
+ Define posting restrictions: (post min/max title lenght, min/max content lenght, post only if article has an attached image, define banned and allowed keywords)
+ Optimized for speed - no speed impact
+ Lifetime updates, great support
+ Ability to define custom Ad codes
+ Text Spinner support - spin the resulting articles and replace words with their synonyms. Great SEO content!
+ Ability to skip posts that are older than a predefined date
+ Advanced Logging - to allow you to see your rules scheduled runs results
+ Keyword Replacer - define a set of keywords which will be automatically replaced with a predefined link
+ Random Sentence Generator - include in your posts a set of random sentences that will give your posts uniqueness, even in the eyes of web crawlers
+ Full plugin documentation and tutorial included
+ Shortcode to add Facebook videos to your website - [fb-video-echo]
+ Information metabox at the bottom of every post will give you extra information about automatically generated posts
+ Full Facebook Post details supported (emoticons, images, links, text)
+ Responsive design, fully mobile compatible
+ Translations ready
+ Most feature rich 'Facebook Post Importer' Plugin for WordPress on the market!

This plugin only requires some quick configurations and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. The plugin is also "plug and play" - you can activate it, and without a single configuration, you can profit from the major part of the plugin main features.

All the available features makes FBomatic Automatic Post Generator Wordpress Plugin the best and most flexible Facebook Post Importer plugin available on sale for WordPress.

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The Link Master WP plugin was created primarily for affiliate marketers and we have to admit it is a great plugin if you are into affiliate marketing. BUT we found it also serves a purpose for any business that utilizes social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or any other social media.

Here is the problem: Many great content sites and sales pages are made in such a way that the traffic you send to them can get scooped up by the site owner… by offering a freebie on exit, they get that customers email address for themselves, for free. Basically, they are getting your most valuable asset as an affiliate marketer, your email list or your traffic. You are giving them new leads for free!

Solution: Link Master protects your traffic from getting siphoned away. In a nutshell, the plugin is designed to clock affiliate links which isn’t anything new. The cool thing this plugin does is three-fold:
1. It pulls any sales page or content page on the web into your site under your url. You can then post it to social media under your url.

2. It can block the exit pop signup of the page so they can’t steal your leads.
You can redirect that exit traffic to any webpage you choose. So you can send then to another offer, any page of your website or squeeze page.

3. If you are not into affiliate marketing this plugin has some great uses worth considering. On social media you can use this plugin to post great relevant or trending niche content from all over the web to your social media accounts and still redirect the visitor when they leave the page. This feature stays intact even if the content gets shared!

Here is a list of the plugin features:

✓ Cloak your affiliate link with your own website domain name.
✓ Supports 6 different types of redirects.
✓ Complete stat tracking showing total clicks, unique clicks, and clicks over time.
✓ Pull the vendors sales page into your website.
✓ Bypass on exit pop ups on the vendors sales page that lets them snag your traffic when a sale is not completed.
✓ Add your own on exit redirect into the vendors sales page that will redirect people to any URL you want if they try to leave without making a purchase.
✓ Automatically change and word in your posts or pages to become clickable, cloaked links.

If your an affiliate marketer or are interested in affiliate marketing, you need to watch the video below right now:


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