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How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC [Updates Works 100%]

How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC [Updates Works 100%]

This trick will allow you to run Windows 11 unfettered on unsupported hardware and still get future updates. 

DOWNLOAD "appraiserres.dll" HERE

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Let’s learn how to get Bins and how to use Bins to make premium accounts. Bin method is one of the reliable methods to create a premium account. You might be wanting premium features of some software or apps but don’t want to pay. You might be tired of searching for methods to make a premium account for free but still can’t get a reliable way. But now all your searches are going to end. I will answer today how to use bins create make a premium account.  Don’t worry more now because today I am going to tell you the 100% working all time method i.e bin method or you can say use bin for carding.



Like most industries, the payments sector is littered with its own slate of undecipherable acronyms and confusing argot. The BIN is a perfect example. What is it? How does it differ from an IIN? And what do all those numbers mean, anyway?

The Bank Identification Number is a numbering convention developed to identify which particular institution issued a given credit card or other bank card, and what type of institution it is. It’s essentially the bank’s calling card; each card-issuing bank has a unique BIN.

To start, let’s look at the full set of numbers on the front of a typical bank card. This numbering system applies to credit/charge cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and certain electronic benefit cards. For the purposes of this article, we lump them all together under the blanket term “payment card.”


The bank identification number is a numbering system developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to identify institutions that issue different cards. The ANSI is a nonprofit organization (NPO) that creates business standards in the United States while the ISO is an international nongovernmental group that creates a variety of standards for different industries including the financial, health care, clothing, and aircraft fields.1 2

All payment cards come with a BIN number. This is a set of four to six different numbers randomly assigned to debit cards, credit cards, charge cards, gift cards, and other payment cards. The number is embossed on the front of the card and appears in print just below as well. The first digit of the BIN specifies the major industry identifier—categories include airlines, banking and financial, or travel and entertainment. The digits that follow specify the issuing institution or bank.3 For example, the MII for a Visa credit card starts a four, which falls under the banking and financial category.

When a customer makes an online purchase, the customer enters their card details on the payment page. After submitting the first four to six digits of the card, the online retailer can detect which institution issued the customer’s card including:

- the card brand, such as a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diner’s Club

- the card level, such as corporate or platinum

- the card type—a debit card, credit card, or other payment cards

- the issuing bank country

" Important: The BIN number allows merchants to accept multiple forms of payment and allows faster processing of transactions "

BINs—which may also be referred to as issuer identification numbers (IINs)—have a variety of useful applications. First, merchants are able to use BINs to evaluate and assess payment card transactions. BINs also allow a merchant to identify originating banks along with their address and phone number, and whether issuing banks are in the same country as the device used to make the transaction. The BIN also verifies the address information provided by the customer. But more importantly, the numbering system helps identify identity theft or potential security breaches by comparing data, such as the address of both the issuing institution and of the cardholder.


- A bank identification number is the initial set of four to six numbers that appear on credit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

- The BIN helps merchants evaluate and assess their payment card transactions.

- The number allows merchants to accept multiple forms of payment and allows transactions to be processed faster.


The BIN identifies the issuer of the card. This issuer receives the authorization request for the transaction to verify if the card and associated account are valid and whether the purchase amount is available. This process results in the charge being either approved or denied. Without a BIN, the credit card processing system would be unable to determine the origin of the customer’s funds and would be unable to complete the transaction.

Here’s a hypothetical example to show how it works. Let’s say customer uses their bank card at the gas pump when they fill up their car’s tank. Once they swipe the card, the system scans the BIN to detect the specific institution that issued the card. An authorization request is put on the customer’s account. The request is authorized within a few seconds, and the transaction is approved if the funds are available or declined if the customer doesn’t have enough funds to cover the charge.


As written above there are many BINs that are found to be vulnerable on specific websites to get free trials. Similarly, there are different BINs that can be used to get premium or trial accounts for free. These BINs require specific IP Address and user details to work successfully.


1. A working Bin

2. A strong VPN (HMA, Vypr VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN)

3. Carding experience

4. Good internet connection

5. Good internet Browser

6. Patience


let’s talk about the method of how to use bins to create a premium account for free now.

First of all, you need to have a 6 digit number (BIN) which you can get from the here

Search the bin according to the country and bank.

Now you need to generate live Credit Cards. You can generate cards from this site or from this site.

Paste the bin in that site and generate the credit card (CC)

Connect to VPN and select the country according to the country of the bin. Location of bin and VPN should be the same.

Now use the generated card details for making an account.


Before we start we should now one thing, there are two types of trial CC Verification in Premium Accounts trial. Let’s learn how to make bins

First one is Validity Check Trial.

- This type of trial just checks CC EXP CVV Validation and starts your trial
- Very Very easy to bypass their verification
- Eg. Tidal

The second one is the Authorization Hold trial.

- This type of trial makes an authorization hold on the card for 1 USD.
- It also has a verification system to verify the cardholder name if the card is VBV.
- Eg. Netflix

For Finding a bin you need the following things Needed before starting Work

- Hardworking
- Patience
- CC Generator
- CC Checker
- Good Internet connection
- VPN (Premium)

Now if you want to find a bin for the second type of Premium Accounts you should follow the following:-

Step 1: Goto Country/BANK to BIN websites like

Step 2: Choose Any Country you want (Mainly Low secured countries like OMAN, UAE and etc)

Step 3: Choose Small Banks (They are less secured)

Step 4: Choose one BIN of Debit card (not credit)

Step 5: Generate CC with it

Step 6: Check with it

Step 7: Get lives one

Step 8: Test it

Step 9: Start from Step 2 again till you get working one

Attention: Don’t Share your hard work results with Peoples Or Else It Get Patched

For type 1 Trials:

Choose the USA, CAPITAL ONE Mastercards.

1) Choose one BIN of Debit level card (not credit)

2) Generate CC with it

3)Check with it

4)Get lives one

5)Test it

Do Again and again till you get working one

Don’t forget to change your IP to the CC Countries IP

That’s it  then you get your own bin. Now you can easily get working bins or more like you can make working bins.

Practice more and have the patience to get working bins.

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[GIVEAWAY] How To Make Money On Fiverr [Building Your Online Empire]

[GIVEAWAY] How To Make Money On Fiverr [Building Your Online Empire]
Building Your Online Empire Five Bucks At A Time

How To Make Money On Fiverr is totally made from beginning without outside help, completely New PLR Monster Package and especially exclusive. It includes a Premium Quality Sales Funnel on one of the hottest specialty which your buyers can edit anyway they want, offer it under their own name or brand name by using a complete set of ready-to-install, and of the Best Quality Marketing Tools. One of the good point of this package is your purchasers can keep all the profits for themselves!

Fiverr is considered as a “potential land” for those who want to start their business. If you can make use of Fiverr as a “stepping-stone” , you should use this product. You can earn a thousand of dollars on Fiverr but I mean you must apply this one.

This is a guide that will show you how to get motivated on command, so you can achieve your state of flow.

✓ Compared to traditional freelancing, Fiverr removes a lot of doubt and guesswork from the freelance process.
✓ If you are looking to earn a full-time income, you have to learn how to use Fiverr the right way.
✓ You don’t have to play the Fiverr freelancing game to lose!

You can begin seeing results extremely quickly… Within days and sometimes even within hours of getting started. The more you make this a part of your daily life, the better the results you’ll get.

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[GIVEAWAY] Pinterest Aff Hack 2020 [Pinterest +Affiliate Site to $3,000/month]

[GIVEAWAY] Pinterest Aff Hack 2020 [Pinterest +Affiliate Site to $3,000/month]

Learn How I MAKE more than $ 3,000 per month using Pinterest – The secret method to hack traffic from pinterest to your website right away.

Pinterest Aff Hack participates in different affiliate programs, which means we get paid commissions on purchases made though our links to retailer sites.

This ebook will you teach you to treat Pinterest as a search engine. If you want to drive traffic consistently, your strategy should be based on Pinterest Aff Hack 2020

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[FREE] How to Get Grammarly Premium [TUTORIAL]

[FREE] How to Get Grammarly Premium [TUTORIAL]

Today we will learn the working method to get Grammarly premium for free. I will provide you with one all-time working method to get Grammarly premium free and also a bonus tip which you can try.

Grammarly is an AI-powered online tool which automatically detects the issues, potential mistakes and grammatical errors and helps in its correction according to our context-specific mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation, spellings, style and plagiarism. Because of its advanced features and context-wise analyzing ability, it is used by millions of writers, organizations, schools, etc for making their content and writing mistake-free, clear and impactful.

Grammarly provides two types of subscription plan. It offers a free version with grammar and spelling correction features and a premium version with advanced features such as plagiarism detector and much more. Today we will learn to get Grammarly premium for free. We will discuss a few working methods for Grammarly premium that exists in 2020.

How to get Grammarly premium for free?

Don’t think this article as other articles on the internet which says how to get Grammarly premium for free but don’t tell what to do for getting it for free. I will provide you with every type of methods which I used and got Grammarly premium for free in 2020.

How to get Grammarly premium free with edu email

I will tell you colleges which provides Grammarly premium for free. You need edu or university email of those specific colleges for accessing Grammarly premium with this method. Let’s learn how to get Grammarly premium for free with edu email.

How to apply for the colleges which provide Grammarly premium for free?

To find colleges that provide Grammarly premium for free you can use this dork on google. You will get a list of colleges in your search result that provides free Grammarly premium intext:Grammarly

Now we need to apply to one of those universities. Remember to apply on low profile universities from the list to increase the acceptance rate. 

We will apply to Ashford university in this method because I got accepted In that university while applying. You can apply to other universities too from the results which don’t charge you for applications. Use generated details of USA person.

After about 2-7 days you will get an email for signing the contract from Ashford University. After you sign their long contract form, you will be ready and you will get Edu email address.

Note: Remember to apply to other universities too which you get on your search result while using our dork.

How to get Grammarly account for free using Ashford Edu email?

After you get Edu email you need to visit Grammarly enterprise page to signup for free Grammarly premium account.
Now enter then Ashford Edu email and set a password. Click create an account to create Grammarly account.

After that verify your email address by logging your student email address.
Congratulation you got Grammarly premium for free with a student email.

Bonus: Apply to Aukland Institute of Studies with generated new Zealand details. This college provides Grammarly to all students and acceptance takes time but the acceptance rate is better than Ashford university. Remember to consider every aspect while applying and keep patience.

How to get Grammarly premium for free with AIS edu email address?

After you get accepted to Aukland Institute of Studies, you can follow this process.

First of all, visit Grammarly education page to make free Grammarly account.
Now enter your name and email address of Aukland Institute. Then set password and signup.

It will ask you to verify your email address. Now log into your student email and verify the Grammarly email.
After that, it will ask for Grammarly access code of the college. Enter this access code


Congratulations, you got Grammarly premium for free.

Grammarly premium free for NGOs and Non-profit organization

You can get Grammarly premium free with their latest offer for NGOs and non-profit organizations. Grammarly is providing a premium for free for NGOs and non-profit organizations. This includes access to all premium features except plagiarism detector. Then how to get Grammarly for free with this offer? You need to submit lots of documents and apply with the email of NGOs, which make it difficult to get. Because of this, it is only suitable for people who have a connection with NGOs. Apply with users number about 5 per organization to increase the acceptance rate.





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[FREE] Bypass PayPal 21 Days Hold [Pending Balance Solution]

Bypass PayPal 21 Days Hold - Pending Balance Solution

Without Doubt, One of The Biggest Challenges faced By New PayPal account holders is fund holding Which regularly place all transfer on Pending Balance.

There are Many causes of Paypal pending balance and many reasons why paypal hold funds for 21days with the handwriting (Funds under review) even when you have delivered goods.

How to get pending money from paypal faster - No more 21 Days Hold

This method will only work when you’re in good terms with your client. It may not work out, if you use PayPal for scamming purposes unless you have a better means of convincing your clients to Do the confirmation included in the steps below.

NOTICE: All of the Below steps were taken from personal PayPal account so if you have a business account, Am not sure of how yours will look like.

Login to your PayPal account and click on the transaction that’s placed on Hold from your PayPal transaction history.

From the Next Page you will see the transaction details and the get Your money Button. Now click on the Get your Money Link

From the next page, you will see two options. Select Services or Virtual Products. If you go with the first option, you may not be able to make it with the requirements needed. So you have to pretend that your goods are services or virtual products even when they are not.

After selecting that, You will get another pop up telling you to confirm Order Status Just click on it and a new page will open

From the next page, Just put any current date based on your transaction date to show that the deal has been done. This means, you’re telling PayPal to release your funds and that on so so so date, The deal was cleared.

After that, Click on Submit and you will get the below message.

The Next Step:

Message your Client who sent you the money. Tell him or her to confirm the notification received from PayPal. As soon As he/she confirm it, Your money will appear in your available balance.

If the Notification doesn’t show up in their account, They can do the confirmation by Clicking on:

- “ACTIVITY” page, and then select the payment in question, Click on it and when it drops down,he/she should click “CONFIRM RECEIPT” or CONFIRM SHIPMENT RECEIVED.

If they don’t know how to confirm receipt, you can just screenshot and send the quick steps above to them as a guide.

Upon the confirmation simply means your deal has been done and Paypal have no more reason to hold your funds after completing the deal successfully. Funds are now expected to be available sooner (24Hrs or less instead of the usual 21days hold).

Bypass PayPal 21 Days Hold – Pending balance

Always Try To send and receive Fnf funds over Goods and services to avoid paypal hold, Don’t leave your account dormant for a very long time without making at least one or more transactions over the period of time, Try to avoid paypal chargeback and disputes to be on safer side.

As a First Time Seller or new paypal account user, Just try to do more transactions to make your account hold free.

You can only avoid PayPal pending balance but cannot stop or Bypass it permanently as that’s likely to occur on every new account, dormant account, account with too many disputes, or goods and services transactions.

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[HOW TO] Remove Date and HTML Extension [From Blogger Post URL]

[HOW TO] Remove Date and HTML Extension [From Blogger Post URL]

How To Remove Date and HTML Extension From Blogger Post URL – Make Blogger Permalink Format Like WordPress

The WordPress post URL blogger looks professional compared to the default blogger post URL. So I recommend them to everyone if they have just started a blog on Blogger. Use this technique to extract dates from Blogger’s URL. This will make a Professional Blogger blog like WordPress.

A permanent Blogger link is generated automatically and you can do it manually. But in both cases, the date will be. But with this method you can remove Blogger’s date in each post and even future posts will not have a date.

Use this technique to Remove date from blogger post URL. This will make your Blogger Blog professional like WordPress.

Why To Remove Date From Blogger Permalink?

It is necessary to remove the date and not use any special symbol in blogger permalink for search engine optimization.

Search engines also have a ranking factor algorithm regarding your blog permalink.

he permalink should not be the length and must not contain any date format and a special symbol.

Recently, Backlinko had analyzed over 1 million SERP’s (search engine result pages).

They found that the post which does not contain any date or month or any other format in the permalinks ranks better than others in comparison to other competitions.

So, if you want to rank well on google, you will have to remove the date present in blogger permalinks.

Why To Remove HTML Extension From Blogger Permalink?

Google and other search engine algorithm to rank a website change year by year.

Recently, google hummingbird algorithm had changed a lot of factors to rank a website up to 200+ factors.

One of the factors included was no extension in the URL. Leaving an extension in URL is bad for SEO.

Also, when you scan your website for SEO through CheckBot, you will notice that it will display “Don’t Use Extension” during analyzing the SEO of your site.

You can also notice any google related sites like Google Adsense community center etc, none of the sites contains webpage extension in their URL.

Benefits Of Removing Date Form Blogger Post URL

✓ Removing Date From Blogger Blog Posts will make your content Evergreen.
✓ Gives Professional Permalink to your Blog Posts.
✓ It Won’t Let visitors know on which date the post is published.
✓ Helps in the Better ranking is Search Engine Result Pages.
✓ Make your Blog Post URL Short.
✓ Above the benefits which you will get by removing the date from blogger posts URL.

Disadvantages Of Removing Date From Blogger Post URL

Removing date from Posts URL is good, but only for new bloggers

Who has just started their blog on Blogger?

If you have already a well established Blogger Blog, and your blog posts are ranking in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Then, you shouldn’t take risk of changing Posts URL.

Because it will effeminately affect the SEO of your blog. 

Let me explain to you,

IF any of your blog posts are ranked in Google with the date in URL, and after date, with this method, you removed the date from URL.

Now, the previous link in which the date is there will be 404, Which is page not found Error.

This will affect your website SEO badly. So beware of changing Post URL if, it is ranked in Google Searches.

Now, let us get to the main point, How to Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL 

Now, here, I will show you the method

So let’s get into it.

Step 1: Login Into Your Blogger Dashboard and head-over to the theme section.

Step 2: After clicking on the Theme section, Get into the "edit HTML".

Step 3: Now, Find out the </head> tag here. You can also find it out with the help of Cntrl+F.

Step 4: Now, Copy the Below Given Code and Paste it before the </head> tag and click on Save theme

Now, you have done it. If you face any problem in the above-given steps you can watch this video tutorial also.

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[GIVEAWAY] Printly [Make Cash Online]

[GIVEAWAY] Printly [Make Cash Online]

Introducing Printly

Dear Struggling Marketer, If you have been trying to make cash on-line for any length of time, you have probably seen a lot of the same methods over & over again. It seems like that is all you see anymore…

Supposed on-line experts take a method, they might add a little twist or a new spin to it, and then they sell it as brand new product. I HATED that when I was getting getting started on-line. I remember getting excited by all the flashy screenshots & promises about overnight income, but it never worked out that way for me.

My story is probably like most of yours. I did not want to end up with a 5 to 1 job for the rest of my life, so I started looking on-line for ways to make cash. Finally I’ve found it. Today I’m going to introduce to you in this Printly Review

What’s Printly?

This Printly is an upgrade version of over-the-shoulder video training that shows you all of thing you need to know about making a ton of cash in the wide world of Printables. No stones are left unturned, and you will discover how anyone, even beginner, can start building a massive passive income right out of the gates.

In detail, Printly is the low key method of selling printables which has been pulling the author 2k/month passively with free traffic & only about 20 minutes of work /day. It is a super simple way. No selling skills needed. Any beginner can learn this & do it easily because there’s no competition.

[GIVEAWAY] Printly [Make Cash Online]

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[How to] Build an Online Store From Scratch [For Free]

[How to] Build an Online Store From Scratch [For Free]

How to Build an Online Store From Scratch For Free

If you are just starting out in building your online business, you are likely looking for an easy, and preferably free, way to get up and running.

Whether you have a great product or service, you need a way to be able to sell your offering online. If you aren’t tech savvy this may pose a problem.

Even if you have heard of non-techy solutions such as ClickFunnels, you likely don’t have the capital to invest in such a program right away.

That’s why I wanted to put this guide together.

To help the people who were just starting out to be able to build their online store from scratch.

I’ll do you one better and show you how to do it for free!



Let’s get started.

Full Video Walkthrough of Online Store Build 
The article below is a step-by-step walkthrough of what is shown in this video. 

Get Started Now!

Step 1: Sign Up for GrooveSell
GrooveSell is a robust online sales system that allows you to connect a payment gateway into a sales system that will work on any website builder. WordPress. GroovePages. You name it.

As long as you have a URL, you can make a funnel or a single point of sale page.

To get started, go to GrooveSell and signup for a free account.

If the system is so robust, it’s weird that it’s free, right?

GrooveFunnels is looking to help people during the COVID-19 crisis and is offering GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate to you for free, for life, if you sign up right now. This offer may be pulled once things begin to settle down, so now is the time to jump on this deal and get your store up and running.

Once you sign up, you will then be offered a free account on GroovePages Lite. If you don’t already have a website, please sign up for this as well. This is the system that we will be building our online store from scratch on in this tutorial.

With GroovePages Lite you get 3 free websites that they will host for you, for free. Since no hosting charges is super rare, if not unheard of, this alone is a good reason to build your site on this platform.

Now that you are all signed up with your 3 free programs, it’s time to get into the build!

Step 2: Setting Up Your GroovePages Site
As stated above, you can build 3 free sites for free using GroovePages Lite, and if you choose to upgrade to pro, you can have unlimited sites. This would be a great deal if you were building websites for others.

Once you click the button to Create New Site, you will be taken to a page where you can start with a blank template, or choose one of the 5 ready-made templates that are included with your free account.

Templates are great if you are in a hurry to get something up quick, but if you want something a little more custom, it doesn’t take much more time to build a shop from a blank page.

For this tutorial we will start with a blank template so you can see how easy it is to build out in a quick way.

Now you will see your blank canvas appear.

Step 3: Creating Your Landing Page and Adding a Logo
In this tutorial we will be building out a quick tech shop that sells phones, laptops, and tablets. Since we will be building out a sales funnel on this site, we will be building out a few pages to accommodate.

By selecting “Pages” on the left hand rail you can access the different pages on your website.

Right at the start you will only have the “Home” page.

While you are here you should create an Upsell page and a Thank You page as well. You can leave them blank for now, we will be building them out later.

For right now, just drag these pages down to the “hide from site’s primary navigation” section. These pages need to exist, but they won’t be on our main navigation.

Now that we have the pages we want for our one page shop, we need to add a navigation at the top. This can hold other pages that you have on your website, but for our quick shop build we are just going to have a simple navigation element with a centered logo.

Be sure to save the navigation section as we will need to use this on our Thank You page.

Adding a logo is as simple as clicking on the place where the placeholder is, navigating to the “Configure” tab, and choosing your logo image.

Step 4: Adding Your Hero Section
This section will be the big section that has your welcome message for your visitors. Try and write a greeting that will be geared towards your target market and use language they will relate to.

This first impression will help them know whether your store is a site they want to dig deeper into and maybe make a purchase.

Make sure to use a background image that relates to your product or service, and again draw them in.

Just like the other sections of the site, the “Covers” section provides easy drag-and-drop implementation into your website.

Now we can add our products.

Step 5: Adding Your Store Products or Services
By adding a feature section from the “Blocks” sidebar menu, we have an easy section to add our products to.

Replace the images on each feature with your product image, name each product, and type out a description.

Add a button element below each product. We will be linking these buttons to our payment pages.

If you have higher-priced items you will likely want to link these products to a full product or sales page with more information and specs so the customer has more knowledge before they buy.

In this simplified version of a shop we will just be linking directly to the cart functionality.

We are now done with building out the landing page.

Now we need to build the thank you page and the upsell page.

Step 6: Add Your Thank You and Upsell Pages and Publish
Now we have to make the other 2 pages that will be a part of our sales funnel.
The first page that we design will be the upsell page.

The Upsell Page
In the case of our sample shop, that will be a laptop that we are offering at a deep discount if someone is buying the phone.

Navigate to the upsell page we created early, and drag a “Call to Action” block to the top. We don’t need a navigation on this page because we want people to focus on making the next purchase.

Change out the headline to thank people for purchasing your first item, in this case the phone, and then let them know when they can expect their item to be shipped.

In this same box, we also want to introduce the new offer on the landing page.

It’s good to put a progress bar here to people know where they are at in the buying process, and you can even add a timer if you want them to hurry and get the deal. It puts pressure on the sale and makes them more likely to buy.

Next, we will add a call to action with a button on the bottom, or you can construct your own section from scratch.

The idea would be to have a photo of the upsell item, a title that explains the offer, a description that gives more detail about the item and why it’s a good deal, and a button to make a purchase.

Make sure you add a plain text link below the button as shown above so people still have the option to skip the upsell and make it to the thank you page.

The Thank You Page
The thank you page will be the page at the end of your funnel that people land on after they make all the purchases (or skip the purchases) you have to offer.

You can have different thank you pages based on upsells that people take within your funnel, or you can land them all on the same one.
In the case of our sample electronics shop we are just going to have one thank you page that all roads lead to.

The navigation that we saved earlier will be within the block category we saved it in step 3.

Now we have the same exact navigation that we saved on the home page.

For the thank you section, I also saved and duplicated the main section from the home page and just changed the title to thank the buyer for their purchase.

Thank you pages can be used to make more offers, give people next steps, or offer extra free value to keep them coming back for more.
Another option is to offer social sharing options where people can share your online shop with others.

A last option for your thank you page is that you can introduce your affiliate program.

All funnels within your free GrooveSell account also come with GrooveAffiliate.

Utilizing GrooveAffiliate will allow others to become your salespeople and work on commission selling your product, service, or course.
The thank you page would be an excellent place to introduce this offer.

Publishing Your Online Store
To publish your online store, hit the big pink publish button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Since we are going with the free method here, we will check the box that says “Host your site with us”.

Click the button that says “Set GroovePages Subdomain” and pick your shop’s subdomain. This is the phrase that will go before the portion of the URL.

Once you have selected your subdomain, it’s time to select your path.
When you are hosting with GroovePages you need to have what is basically a folder after the .com on the URL.

If you are selling items you may call this “shop”.

If you are selling a service you may call it “services”.

As long as you make it intuitive to the user, you can’t really go wrong here, especially if the hosting is free.

If you have your own domain you can also add that in this section.
You will need to follow the rules by pointing your DNS correctly so it knows where to find your site.

For our GroovePages hosted shop, hit the pink “Publish” button at the bottom of the sidebar and your site is now live on the internet!

Now it’s time to set up the payment functionality. Let’s head on over to GrooveSell!

Step 7: Setup the Product Funnel on GrooveSell
When we navigate to our GrooveSell account we want to go to the “Funnels” section of the sidebar and go to our “Product Funnels”. This is where we will create the buying functionality of our funnel from scratch.

Click the pink “New Product Funnel” button in the top right hand corner.
Give your funnel and internal name so you know what product that is being referenced. In the second field you will give the product a name that will appear on the purchase page of your funnel. The description you add here will appear on this page as well, so make sure you give them names that make sense to your customers.

Click “Create Product Funnel” and not only will this give you the start to your funnel, but this will automatically create the first product in your funnel.

You will see this when you are redirected to your products page and your first product is already listed there.

Click the yellow pencil on this item and you will be taken into the setup.

Here you are able to rename your product if you didn’t like the name you gave it before. You can also change the description.

We will choose to make this the frontend product, since this will be the main product in our funnel that people are clicking to from the main storefront.

On the pricing tab there are several options for pricing your product.
You can make the product a one-time payment. You can make it a recurring payment. You can also make payment available in installments if you have a higher-priced item.

This tab is also where you can set a Trial period if you are offering software or services.

Lastly you will set the dollar amount for your product.

You aren’t limited to sticking with one pricing option here. Just click the pink “+Add New Price Point” button and you can provide multiple payment options for the same product.

For the Payment Gateways tab you will get the opportunity to setup and choose where you want the money from your online shop to go.
Navigate to the “Setup Gateways” section.

Click the pink button that says “Add New Payment Gateway”.
You will have the choice to setup Stripe,, or Paypal Standard Payments.

For this example we will set up a Stripe account.

Name the Stripe account that you are trying to connect, and then find your Publishable Key and Secret Key in your Stripe Account (Stripe account created separately, and outside the confines of this tutorial).
Once your gateway has been added, navigate back to the “Payment Gateway” subtab and choose “Credit Card”.

Choose the pink button on the right and “Add Card Gateway”.

Select the Stripe account we just added, and then fill in what percent of each payment you want to go into that account.

If you only add 1 account, it will be 100%.

If you add more than 1 Stripe account, you can split the percentages, as long as they equal 100%.

You would want to split the percentage for a few reasons.

If you make too much money in a short amount of time in one account, your merchant account may be frozen until Stripe determines you aren’t committing fraud.

You may also want to add other accounts if you are working with partners on your product, service, course, or whatever you are selling in your shop or funnel. This way you can just split the sales up front and no one can complain they didn’t get their cut. It’s already set up that they do.

The contents section is where we glue our funnel together.
This is why it doesn’t matter if you are building your shop in GroovePages, WordPress, or elsewhere.

All you need is a URL for your Main Sales Page, and then a Thank You page URL. GrooveSell will make all the redirects happen so buyers have a smooth transition between points in your funnel.

In the case of our shop, people are buying from our landing page, so that will be the Sales Page URL.

We also have the link for our Thank You Page since our site is live, so we can navigate to that page, get the URL, and paste it here.

You can set whatever refund period you want, and then the buffer period is the waiting period after the refund period after which commissions are set to pending state for your affiliates.

Every funnel within GrooveSell has an affiliate program automatically attached that you may choose to promote or not.

The only option for a checkout page as of now is to have a GrooveSell hosted checkout page.

Eventually you will be able to add a popup to your website, embed it within your own pages, or make your own custom design.

Now we will choose the Look & Feel of the checkout page.

At the very least make sure you upload a product image, but you should also pick the color of sidebar that you want.

Next you can choose which form fields people need to fill out during checkout.

If you are selling a physical product, but sure to ask for address.
If you are selling a digital product, you probably don’t want to ask for their address because asking for too much unnecessary information will turn potential buyers off.

Your next option is to choose Express Checkout or not.
By activating express checkout you are allowing 1-click upsells which may help remove friction on upsell conversions.

There are also options on this step to integrate an email marketing software and setup a cart abandonment automation, which will help recover lost sales.

Order bumps aren’t available yet, but they will be a nice little way to give a little extra value on the checkout page, and get a little extra money as well.

This is the step that directs where the customer goes after they make a purchase.

This is where we take them to the next step in our funnel.
In our case we take them from the online shop, to the sales page, and now they will go to the laptop upsell page.

For the type, select “Upsell” and then add the link to the laptop page we created earlier.

This section will eventually allow you to supply a digital file directly to people when they buy.

Right now this isn’t an option.

What you can do is integrate your email marketing client and send an automatic email with your digital product link.

If you have a physical product you will be get an email that you got an order and you will be able to see the name and address in your reporting section on where to ship the item to.

For this step in setting up your funnel you will determine whether or not you will have an affiliate program attached to the funnel.

GrooveSell makes it easy to allow other people to sell your products as affiliates, so you can grow sales for your product or service exponentially faster than trying to be the only sales person pushing what you have to offer.

There is currently nothing in the proof tab, but assumably you would be able to preview you checkout page here.

Under the Finish tab you are given a tracking code. This goes in the <body> of your sales page.

If you are using GroovePages this will be within your page settings.

Step 8 - Making the Upsell Funnel
Now that we have the frontend product setup, we need to setup the portion for our upsell page.

I won’t go through every step in the funnel, as most of them are similar.
The first difference is that we will be checking that this is the upsell, and not a frontend product.

The other difference will be in step 7, the Funnel settings. Where before we chose to link to an upsell post-transaction, here we will be selecting Thank You Page.

Now that we have everything setup for our sales pages and checkouts, we can move on to linking everything together!

Step 9 - Linking It All Together
Now it’s time to make our funnels live!

On the Funnels page of GrooveSell, select the Actions dropdown and click Make Live.

Now when we go back to this dropdown and click on Manage Products, we will be taken to our products page once again.

This time you will notice that the shopping cart icon is no longer grayed out. It is pink which means we are live and ready to snag our links.

After you click on the cart icon for our frontend product, you will be given the choice to make it a Single Price or Multi Price checkout, as well as a Single Step or Multi Step checkout.

Select multi-price if you set up more than one pricing option within your funnel.

Select Single Price if you only have one pricing option.

If you want to be able to capture people’s information before they put in billing information, you will want to choose “Multi-Step” Checkout Steps.

You would do this because if people get cold feet with the billing info, or they realize they don’t have their card on them and bail, you can still collect an email address and follow up with them later as to why they didn’t buy.

Grab the link you generated for your frontend product, and add the link to the button in your shop.

You will also generate a checkout link for your upsell product, head over to your upsell page, and add that checkout link to the purchase button on that page.

Once you have everything linked and in place, feel free to add more products, more funnels, and more payment gateways using the same processes we went through in this tutorial.

Not everything needs a funnel behind it, but it can help with providing value to your customers, and making more money from the purchase.

Now that our funnel is all glued together with our checkout pages, it’s time to test.

Step 10 - Testing Your Funnel
Never, EVER release a funnel without first testing it out yourself first.
You can set up a test Stripe account and use their test payment methods if you don’t want to spend money testing your own product.

You can then switch to your real Stripe payment gateway when you are finished.

There is no excuse not to test your funnel.

Just because you think that you did everything right during the process, things can still go wrong.

You don’t want to drive traffic to your shop and then find out people are unable to purchase what you are offering. This is a very bad user experience and people may never come back to shop with you.
Plus you are leaving all that money on the table.

Start on your landing page and make sure everything works well.

Click through and test your payment gateway.

Make sure you are redirected to the upsell page.

On the upsell page make sure you are clicking both the purchase link and also the “no thanks” link to make sure you are going to the right places in both instances.

There is no worse feeling than putting in the work and not seeing the return because of a stupid mistake you made in not testing.

Enough said about that.
Now what are you waiting for?

Get started building out your FREE GrooveSell shop today.

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