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Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content.

Learn how to make a 2D/3D intro with Panzoid for FREE! This easy & simple intro tutorial teaches you how to make/edit a template and how to add music, change text, etc..! This tutorial doesn't require the downloading of any software or programs! 
Great for beginners who don't know how to use programs such as Adobe After Effects, Blender and/or Cinema 4D!


It is a very famous free online video editing software which enables you to edit background details easily and you can also make quick clips if you want videos urgently.

Panzoid which is the best free youtube intro maker can be accessed on any device be it PC, or your android phone for editing your videos. The interface of this software is very beautiful and attractive.

You can also make advanced 3D animated videos using the editing tools. It also provides the users many tutorials so that he could learn how to go about it and use the software.

How to Use Panzoid Intro Maker

In this tutorial I am going to show How to Use Panzoid Intro Maker.So, let’s go ahead and build up an intro.

Open your Brower and Click on the Following Link:

Choose from a large variety of templates:

When the page loads you would be able to see a lot of templates. These are the common templates which are used by everyone. So if you want to create an unique template for your YouTube channel. Click on Community Templates. This is a new feature introduced by Panzoid on their website. When you click on Community Templates you can see a whole new gallery of Templates and you can choose as per your choice.

So now just select any of the templates displayed below. After Selecting the Template you can see the template is showing the editing area where you can edit your template. To check the transition of the template all you going to do is click on ‘toggle render preview’ button. So it’s red now and now click on the play button. This is how your intro look like. Of course the name doesn’t look like yours .So we are going to change it to the name required. Finally, we are going to edit the template.

So now click on the tick mark button on the left hand side and change the video resolution to 1080p or 720p as per your requirement. Select the frame rate as per your choice as 30 or 60 fps.We change the length of the video according to our need. According to me the best duration for an intro is for 9 or 10 seconds. If the intro is too long the viewer gets irritated.

Now, Click on Object button and click on Text and then change your intro name. And that’s how you change the name. Guys you can change the texture of the text in the intro by selecting custom textures and per your needs.

You can also add audio to your intro by clicking on the audio in the editing panel and then select the audio file and then select the song or audio whatever you want to give to your intro. All the intro have a prebuilt sound track in them, so you don’t need to change it. But if you want your own track you can change it.

Now to download your panzoid intro ,click on download button and select mode and you will get a drop down menu and select ’best quality’ and just click ‘start video render’ and we are done .That’s it. Thats how you use Panzoid Intro Maker.

It will take several minutes for the rendering process to be completed. And now you can upload it to your YouTube videos. After rendering is done click on ‘Download your video’ and your intro would be downloaded. Now you can check the intro getting downloaded in your browser download section.

That’s how guys you can make a basic and simple intro using Panzoid Intro Maker.Do leave a comment in the comment section below

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[GIVEAWAY] Tube Art X - Research X - Grab X [Youtube Software]

[VideoXtreme] Tube Art X - Research X - Grab X [GIVEAWAY]
Tube Art X
Now one of the MAJOR part of this course is setting up high converting and attractively branded YouTube channels. For that you will need design proficiency. But if you don’t have it – you can use TubeArt X to create quick and BEAUTIFUL channel art.

[VideoXtreme] Tube Art X - Research X - Grab X [GIVEAWAY]
Research X
If you’re wondering about keyword selection, don’t worry – we cover it in detail within the training course. And to give you that additional push, you can use our proprietary Research X to quickly compare keywords and find out winning combinations!

Grab X (NEW)
This service fetches all the videos of your given channel name or user ID and one by one fetches the descriptions of all the videos found. It takes all the links found in each descriptions and fetches the content of those links. If any email address found in those links those are kept in an excel file and when the job is finished it is emailed to your email address. Please understand that the time rquired for this task depends on various factors such as length of the descriptions, number of links, size of the contents on the links etc.

Register and you will get access to the softwares

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The Ultimate Collection of 1000+ Free Mockup Templates PSD Designs

The Ultimate Collection of 1000+ Free Mockup Templates PSD Designs

An ultimate collection of 1000+ free mockup templates PSD designs. The complete collection of free design mockup PSD templates for various kinds of graphic designing.

Mockups are usually designed prototypes to establish any kind of design before the final production. Today we are talking all about design presentation, as a designer I think presenting a design in an effective way involves creativity and need plenty of time.

There are plenty of Free mockup design Templates are available that we can use them for presenting designs in an effective and unique manner. I really like to introduce the designs in its natural environment. Most of the times I would like to use photorealistic mockup design templates to achieve the best outcome.

I think mockup templates are available for most of the creative designs, it can be a logo design, branding design, web design or a product label. You can also use these free mockup templates psd for your projects too.

In this post you can find 1000+ Free Mockup design templates PSD. This is an ultimate collection of different design mockup templates you can see the list below. All these mockup PSD are free so you can use it for your projects.

We try to cover almost all categories, all these Free mockups includes PSD files. We can say this round up of 1000+ free mockup templates PSD designs will be very handy. 

The Ultimate Collection of 1000+ Free Mockup Templates PSD Designs

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[GIVEAWAY] 300+ Tools for Online Marketers [FREE]

[GIVEAWAY] 300+ Tools for Online Marketers [FREE]
300+ Tools for Online Marketers

300+ Best Free Marketing Tools List for Online Marketers. This is a Non-commercial Directory of the Most Useful Tools and Sites for Online Marketers. The Internet Marketing Industry should be an inspiring, easy and free experience for everyone. That is why I have taken up the task of simplification so that end-users Like You could find what they're looking for quickly, whether they are interested in Affiliate Marketing, Seo , PPV ,PPC and More... 

All the tools / Services listed in the index are completely free! ( or at least having a free basic plan ) All the tools have been used and tested by me over the years ! I hope you find these tools helpful for you and your team :-) If you enjoyed these free tools / knowledge and found my website helpful, please consider sharing it with others. When I started building this site I wanted to give Marketers Like You free access to a large collection of IM resources. I would really appreciate if you could point others to this site, so they could also benefit from these resources.

[GIVEAWAY] 300+ Tools for Online Marketers [FREE]

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TrueView Advertising: Approach of Video Advertisement [TIP]

TrueView Advertising: Approach of Video Advertisement [TIP]

TrueView Advertising: Approach of Video Advertisement

TrueView ads are a type of video ads, mostly shown on YouTube and provide the viewers with the choice and control on advertisements they want to see. The viewers have the flexibility to select the ads they think relevant. They can also decide whether to watch the ad in full, or to ‘skip’ it after five seconds.

TrueView ads are generally shown as pre- or mid-roll video. Viewers see these ads when they search for videos in YouTube, or Google Display Network, or in related web content. TrueView ads are definitely different from the most video ads, since the payment is made only when an impression is served.

Different options for TrueView video ad:youtube truevideo advertising

Types of TrueView ads are available to match different types of advertising needs:

TrueView Advertising: Approach of Video Advertisement [TIP]

2 Types of TrueView 

TrueView in-stream 
In-stream ads play before or during another video from a YouTube partner. Viewers see five seconds of your video and then have the choice to keep watching or skip it. 

You pay when a viewer watches for at least 30 seconds or to the end of the video (whichever is shorter) or clicks on a card or other elements of your in-stream creative. 

TrueView in-display 
In-display ads appear alongside other YouTube videos, in YouTube search pages, or on websites on the Google Display Network that match your target audience. You pay only when a viewer chooses to watch your video by clicking on the ad.

Advantages offered by TrueView video ads:

As Google says, eighty percent of YouTube viewers prefer TrueView videos, over other formats of in-stream video ads. The following are the innumerable benefits of TrueView video in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

✓Since the sponsors have to pay only when the viewers select to watch an advertisement, it is easy for them to save money.
✓When an ad is served but not watched beyond thirty seconds, there is no charge for impression build awareness. Website click-through is also free of charge.
✓The viewers can select to watch an ad, or can skip it. This allows the advertisers to ensure views are relevant and engage more of their target audience.
✓It is also possible to target the audience according to their demographics, interests or keywords they use for search.
✓TrueView advertising is available across wide range of devices, like PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.

TrueView Advertising: Approach of Video Advertisement [TIP]

TrueView video advertising is a completely approach to video production and advertising. These ads on YouTube and Google Display Network are characterized by consumer’s choice, lower cost and higher engagement of the viewers.

TrueView video allows the advertisers to reach greater number of their target audience than ever before.

Summary: TrueView video is a concept of video advertising where the viewers can select the ad or skip it according to their need. The sponsors are only charged when the viewers opt to watch the videos.

TrueView Advertising: Approach of Video Advertisement [TIP]


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Your New SEO Browser [FREE]

Your New SEO Browser [FREE]

Your New SEO Browser

BROWSEO is a web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles. It also highlights parts of a page that are relevant for SEO.

✓Nothing to download, nothing to install.
✓Just enter a URL above to get started.

How Browseo Works
The output focuses on pure HTML, similar to what search engines see when they visit a page. You can quickly determine a page’s structure as well as its relevance for specific search terms by toggling options such as:

✓Server response code
✓Is the URL redirected? If so, what kind of redirect is used?
✓Number of words on the page
✓Headings (H1-H6)
✓Number of internal links on the page (links to pages on the same domain)
✓Number of external links on the page
✓META information such as title tag, meta description, meta robots tag and any other tags that are present

Internal and external links can be highlighted separately on the page, as can links with the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Update: you can now download a spreadsheet containing the most important data from your current session.

BROWSEO was developed by ilscipio, an agency based in Wiesbaden & Heuchelheim, Germany with a focus on eCommerce and SEO. We initially developed Browseo to show clients what their web pages look like to search engines, then quickly realized that others may benefit from it as well and opened it up for the general public in March 2012.


How Google Sees Your Website
Given that this is a site with an awesome tool for viewing a website (as a search engine would), it seemed only fitting that we should take things a step further. Many in the search optimization world believe they 'get …

Website Over Optimization Pushes into the Darkness of the Invisible Web
There’s a saying you’ve certainly heard before, especially if you work in an industrial environment that goes: “If it’s not broke Don’t fix it!” This piece of popular and very down-to-earth common sense recommendation is especially relevant to the ultra …

Tool Review: 3 Tips for Using Screaming Frog’s New Features
Browseo is a wonderful tool for browsing pages through the eyes of a search engine. When it comes to analyzing site structure and other factors that pertain to an entire website, Screaming Frog is the tool of choice for many …

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Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]

Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]

Make Money With Ads Platform [Networks for Publishers]

Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]

Make money with Qadabra Ads

Immediate and Simple

To sign up to Qadabra, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  No, really. Once you register your website, your profile will be ready and accounted for within 15 seconds. Other ad platforms make you wait days before they have verified all your information, but here at Qadabra, we’re all about immediate and simple methods to get you started and we want you to get started right away.

At Qadabra, we understand that every day that a user’s traffic isn’t monetized is equivalent to losing money.  We want your sign up to be hassle-free.

Once you’re inside, it’s also easy to get going. Our How-To section offers a walkthrough guide to help you create an ad placement. Qadabra wants to give you all the tools you need to make money.

Rich Media

Speaking of eCPM – Qadabra offers a plethora of banner ads that will make it grow.  Rich media ads, like Stay Ons, Pop Ups, Light Box ads and Sliders, have been proven t reach higher profits than regular ads and Qadabra offers all of them. Users can enjoy an interactive experience while you, the website owner, can increase your rates.

Don’t hesitate to ask Qadabra’s support team how to implement them, where to implement them and what the best sizes are for maximum revenue.  This goes for all the ads we offer, not just rich media.

Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]

Maximize Results

Qadabra is connected to marketplaces as well as direct advertisers all over the world. Rest assured, these advertisers are vying for a spot on your site. Because you are a website owner, Qadabra will make sure you get the best out of the deal.  Qadabra’s technology recognizes the highest paid advertiser bidding on your site and will go with his bid for a spot on your page.

Worldwide Ad Fill

As a website owner, you can be confident that Qadabra’s technology allows anyone who visits your site to see an ad that is relevant to his or her native language and location.

Also Qadabra has a 100% ad fill rate, meaning you will never see an empty or unfinished ad after you ask for an ad code.

LOW Payment Threshold

Qadabra wants you to get started right away and we also want you to start collecting as soon as you start making money. While other companies may not pay you until you hit the $50 or $100 mark, remember, our payment threshold starts at a minimum of $1. This is the LOWEST minimum payout on the market!

We offer three payment methods – Payoneer, PayPal, and Mastercard.

The Human Touch

Get ready to put a face to the brand. Unlike many of its competitors, there are real people behind Qadabra’s support team ready to answer your most important questions within 48 hours! But the team does more than just answer your questions. They are also ready and willing to offer tips about a variety of topics relating to using Qadabra’s banner ads to maximize you revenue and eCPM.

About the company: In a market where revenue opportunities are endless, Qadabra offers a unique alternative for web traffic monetization. We replace the convoluted procedures and unnecessary risks which exist in the current online advertising environment with a distinctly different approach: simplicity.

Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]
RevenueHits Review – Make $1,000 per month

RevenueHits is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd – a privately-held, Israeli-based, start-up company founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals, finance experts and successful online marketers.

You’ll need to fill up your data including your website or mobile app, URL, category and a brief description to get accepted. I’m glad they have an immediate approval system so anyone will be accepted and processed really fast.

After that just fill in your personal data including name, phone and password and click continue.

Finally, you’ll decide how you’re getting paid. They have Paypal, Payoneer or Wire transfers and the payment threshold can be as low as $20 if you’re using Paypal. They pay on a NET30 basis.

Revenue Hits Dashboard – Campaign Setup

Once you’re inside you’ll find a very good looking dashboard with a nice user interface. That’s something I appreciate in every network because some alternatives look like they were designed back in 1990-2000.

Here you’ll find your stats including impressions, clicks, eCPM and Revenue from the last 8 days. I created a new empty account just to show you the whole process but this should show all of your data according to the websites you add in the future.

First, you need to add a website (URL and name) and then select a new placement to add. A placement is an ad designed to be someplace in your website. They have several type of ads including:

✓PopUnders (my favorites)
✓Shadow Box
✓Top Banner
✓158*21 Button
✓Interstitial (my second favorite)

PopUnders and Interstitials have worked great for me with several networks because the click rate can be really high and you don’t need to get clicks in your banners to earn money.

I’ve seen RevenueHits rates going from $0.5 CPM and up to $30 or more per CPM. If course this all depends on the country and type of traffic you’re receiving. The results won’t be the same if you’re getting Mac OS X traffic from Venezuela as they could be if you receive Android traffic from the UK for example.

Once you’ve selected the type of ads you want to use, you just need to fill up the basic information including a name, the website you’re going to put your ad and a description.

If you select a banner ad, you’ll find another dropdown menu (see below) with different sizes similar to what you’ll get with Google Adsense. I’ve never found banner ads to be really good with any pop traffic network, but make sure you give them a try before ditching them off completely.

My recommendation is to use popunders and interstitials first though.

Revenue Hits vs. Adsense

It’s difficult to compare Revenue Hits against Adsense because RevenueHits is a great network for pop unders and not banners like Adsense, but I’ve been able to generate a lot more money from RevenueHits and their CPA model compared to Adsense, especially in niches for the leads or conversions pay better than anything else.

I’ve seen eCPMs up to $50-100 with RevenueHits too. Especially if you’ve got mobile traffic then those interstitial Ads will have a great impact in your Revenue.

Some verticals I recommend you to try with Revenue Hits are:

 and more…

RevenueHits payment

I’ve been working with RevenueHits for several months already. While they just revamped their whole platform a few months ago, I started to make $200 the first months and it quickly grew to $600-$1,000 per month.

The new interface shows everything in a better way (they revamped everything in January-February 2015) and as you can see, I’ve been hitting more than $1,000 in the last months.

RevenueHits payment proof

I love receiving payments via Paypal so here’s one of the latest payments received under MyAdWise Ltd. Remember they pay on a NET30 basis, so what you earn this month gets paid at the end of the next month. RevenueHits has never failed to pay me on time and I’ve received around 6-7 payments already.

PPC Advertising Networks

RevenueHits is a CPA advertising network that delivers results for their advertisers. For us (publishers), they’re basically a PPC/PPV network (depends on the type of ads you’re using) and it’s definitely one of the best you can find out there.

Some other networks I’ve tested or you might have heard about before are (click them to read more info):

But none of them have given me better results than RevenueHits so far. Some of them are pretty similar though.

RevenueHits Review – Conclusion

Honestly, RevenueHits is one of the best networks I’ve worked with and their performance and their support has been outstanding so far. Their managers are always in contact and they will help you optimize your ads to get the most revenue out of it. If you don’t like an ad you see in your website, let your manager know and he’ll help you out.

Aside from it, remember to test different ad formats and keep them running for at least a week so they can optimize your earnings with time. My favorite ads are popunders and interstitials, but you can always try the rest and see what works for you.

As for payments, don’t worry. They’ll pay on time as long as you reach their $20 threshold at the end of the month.

You can’t go wrong with them, honestly, and that’s why they’ve been at the top of my ad networks list for several months already. No network would be on top unless my readers and me are getting great results both.

Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]

Make Money with pop under Ads

What if you could monetize every single visitor that comes to your website even if he doesn’t click any of your banners? Sounds interesting? Keep reading…

Propeller Ads Media. Propeller is an Ad network that has been working since 2011. Although 4 years isn’t that much for an Ad Network, they now serve 650 million of daily impressions and have several monetization methods for both desktop and mobile traffic. They aren’t small at all.

In fact, they have so much traffic and publishers that they’re ranked 60 on Alexa (inside the TOP 100 websites with more traffic worldwide). is the domain they use to create the ads and redirects.

What’s especial with Propeller Ads Media?

Well… while they have the traditional banner ads like every other network does, they have some very interesting ads that can grow your Revenue substantially.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this kind of Ads, but you unless you’re into CPA you’ve not thought about using them to increase your website earnings. I’m talking about Pop Under Ads.

What’s a Pop Under?

It’s an Ad that pop ups in a new tab or Window (depends on the browser you use) and shows a landing page. If you have visited streaming websites, download websites and basically any website in the entertainment niche that’s not owned by a big brand, you’ve probably seen pop ups and pop unders.

However, Propeller uses a less intrusive technology called On Click Pop Under, which means the ad is only triggered after the user clicks anywhere on your website.

Think about the possibilities and earnings you could generate with on-click Pop Under Ads. The average CPM goes from $7 on different GEOS and up to $12 or more on Tier 1 GEOS. Most people struggle to get $7 just with Adsense or similar solutions, and the best part is that you can leave your banner Ads no matter what you’re using and add Propeller to stack your earnings and double your profit.

I used to run viral websites and all my profits came from clicks on banners around viral news/videos. Many websites do this and get thousands of visits per day. The readers don’t just come in and read the article. They actually click the video to be reproduced, or click the Like/retweet buttons, or just click to other articles.

And for each one of those actions you could be earning more money without losing the revenue from your banner ads.

How to get started with Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads Media is a very quick network and the entry barrier is really low. You can sign up and get started in 5 minutes or less.

Their account approval is instantaneous, they have no minimum traffic requirements and as long as you’re not promoting adult websites or using fake traffic, setting up your first ads is just a matter of minutes.

First, go ahead and sign up for a Publisher account here (don’t sign up as an Advertiser) and confirm your email to get access to the dashboard.

Once you’re inside you’ll have all this options and you’ll see your earnings/impressions/clicks/etc.

Make sure you go to your Profile settings and fill up your payment method. They accept Payoneer, Wire, EPESE, Webmoney Z and a few other. Since many people use Paypal they’re going to add it in the next 2-3 months. They minimum payment limit is $100 and they pay on a NET 30 basis (i.e. what you earn on March will be payed at the end of April).

Next thing you’re going to do is to add your website in the “Sites” menu. Click the “Add new site” button and write your domain name then click “Submit“.

Propeller will give you an HTML code that you can now paste inside the body of your website (easy thing to do if you use WordPress or any other CMS) and that’s it. Your site will be verified and ready to go.

Finally, you’re going to choose the type of Ad you want to use so you can add it to your website and start making money! As you can see, Propeller Ads has many ads aside from Popunders. They have the classic banners (in case you’ve been banned from Adsense and can’t use Adversal/Chitika) and they have Direct, Dialog and Interstitial Ads too. I’ll explain how those work in a moment.

Your website will start showing the Ads you’ve select and you’ll be able to check your stats in Real Time within the stats and Earnings Dashboard:

Monetize Mobile Traffic

If you receive a lot of Mobile Traffic you might want to try some of the best Ads I’ve seen. While Adsense and other networks can show smaller banner for mobile devices, they’re not even close to what you can do with Propeller to monetize your mobile traffic.

Propeller has 2 different ads for mobile:

1. Interstitial Ads

This kind of Ads take over the whole screen on a mobile device to show a big banner catching the attention of the reader and increase the CTR by a lot. If you think a CTR of 1-5% is normal with banner ads, you’ll be surprised when you see a CTR of 10-30% with Interstitials.

Here’s how Interstitial Ads look:

Average CPM for Mobile Ads goes from $1 to $5 depending on the GEO of your traffic. I’ve seen good rates for Tier 3 countries like TH, IN, SG, VN, etc. So I know they have a good fill rate even if your traffic comes from small tier 3 countries.

2. Dialog/Push up ads

You should split interstitial Ads with Propeller’s Dialog Ads. The best way to explain how Dialog/push up ads work is to show you this screenshot:

The Push up Ad looks like a notification message that appears as a Pop Up in your phone. The CTR with this ads is also amazing and the CPM ranges from $1-5. As long as the reader clicks OK, they’ll be redirected to a landing page/offer and you’ll get paid.

Interesting, isn’t it? This is a totally new different way to monetize your visits and you don’t rely on Banners at all.

Since most of the apps are promoting mobile apps/services like games and utilities (see images above to get an idea), this kind of ads work better for websites about games and everything mobile related. But you should always test and see if it works for you or not.

Conclusions: Think out of the box

As you can see, there are many ways to monetize your traffic. Most people think of affiliate links or banners to promote offers/Amazon/Adsense, but there are dozens of strategies to monetize your traffic and earn more money.

What Propeller is doing right here is nothing new. Pop Ups and Pop Unders have been available for years with different networks. However, the way they implement it (on click) and their mobile ads are definitely something that you don’t see every day.

The best thing about pop unders is that the quantity of traffic you have doesn’t matter to get started. Even if you have a few hundred visits per day only, and you receive a few clicks on your banners, you can add some revenue implementing pop unders. Banner CTR is not important anymore.

If you’ve got a big site that’s earning $50-500 per day already, then you’ve got tons of traffic that will ultimately generate clicks and trigger the pop unders.

For example, if you’re receiving 20,000 visits per day and doing $200 per day with Adsense or something similar, you could add another $130 with pop unders for a total of $330 per day.

I was recently talking to a friend who has several high traffic websites ranked for terms like “Watch X series online“, “stream X movies online“, etc. and some of them are doing up to $4,000 per day (HOLY COW!)  just with CPA and pop ups/unders. There’s money to be made, for sure.

Get started now and sign up with Propeller Ads as a publisher here to get approved and start growing your online business.

Make Money With Ad Platform [Networks for Publishers]
Also Check This Out:
Ads Networks for Every Kind of Publishers & Advertisers

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Youtube video backlink generator tool [FREE]

Youtube video backlink generator tool [FREE]

Youtube video backlink generator tool
This tool enables you to increase the number embed inserted at different sites automatically.

YouTube video backlink generator 700+
YouTube video backlink generator to your videos to make special top Youtube faster.
Youtube backlinks count as text links pointing to the traditional way of SEO and embed videos on other pages as inserts. This tool enables you to increase the number embed inserted at different sites automatically.


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Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester

Do you want to learn how to double your Google Adsense Earnings by split testing different ads and placements? Do you think it’s a very time consuming activity? I know both of them are true.

That’s why when I first heard of Ezoic (FREE Ad Tester tool) I decided to contact them and have them explain the features and benefits of using their product (Google Partner Certified).

If you’re still struggling to find the best combination to increase your Adsense RPM, CTR or earnings overall. Keep reading this guest post by Ezoic.

Quite often I see questions asking how someone can increase ad revenue. The thing is, increasing Adsense revenue is not an exact science. If it was, you can be sure that everyone would be doing it. In actuality, every site is different and will therefore optimize differently. That being said, boosting ad income can be accomplished for everyone through experimentation.

Unfortunately, ad testing is not something easily accomplished on your own. While A/B testing is effective, anyone who’s ever done it knows how cumbersome it can be. When you add other variables it can get even more complicated.

For example… With just 5 ad units there’s potentially over 3000 possible ad combinations. You certainly could try each combination on your own, but why do it when someone else can handle it for you!

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Enter Ezoic…

With their Ad Tester tool, you can try potentially millions (yes, millions!) of ad combinations and determine which ones best maximize your revenue. Publishers should definitely consider a testing tool like this if they are looking to systematically analyze their ad performance.

It takes almost no work on your end. All you have to do is designate ad sizes and locations that you want the system to test for you. Even better, it costs practically nothing to use. Instead of monthly fees, Ezoic simply collects the revenue from one ad located at the bottom of the page. But with the boosts they’ll be providing, it still turns out to be a win-win all around.

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Getting set-up…

Getting set-up too is as easy as 1, 2, 3 too! Full disclosure, there’s actually 4 steps (one which takes a bit longer than the others). That being said, it takes around a half hour to get set-up, and you can be up and testing within the day.

1.) Integrate your site via Cloudflare or name servers (if you don’t already use Cloudflare). You can also elect to add a snippet of code to every page of your site if you don’t have access to your name servers or don’t use Cloudflare.

2.) Set-up Ad Units: 2a) Convert your existing ad units to Ezoic placeholders 2b) Add even more placeholders for testing (more on this later)

3.) Apply to Google’s Ad Exchange: This will give you access to Google’s premium network of CPM ads. With it, you can run more than 3 displays ads within their terms of service. Additionally, it’s a competitive environment where hundreds of different ad networks (including Adsense) bid in real time for each impression on the page.

4.) Turn on the system!

So really, the only technical work required is that is placing the ad units… but no so fast! You can hard-code them into your site, or you can use a new Chrome Extension they’ve made for the less tech-savvy. With the Ezoic Ad Tester extension, you can essentially drag & drop ads all around your site that will then be potential locations for real ads!

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

There’s no real issue with going crazy with things. Ezoic doesn’t run more than the allowed amount of Google ads (as long as you do everything right), so there’s no need to worry about potential violations. In fact, as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, they have a team of expertly trained individuals who are willing to help you through the set-up process.

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

It may not be intuitive, but testing ad positions can lead to great yields. In fact, Ezoic has found that ad positioning can have even more an effect on your revenue than ad quality.

Ezoic uses data to determine which ads perform the best for each page of your site. Not all pages are the same, so why should your ad positions? Using a testing tool like this can help boost ad revenue as much as 250%. Most publishers see 60% or more when testing with Ezoic.

Ezoic offers others apps and tools for online publishers too, including an iOS App Creator and a Layout Tester that helps you redesign your site using metrics and data! You can learn more about it at

Increase Ad Revenue from your website - Visual Ad Management for your website

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