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[How to] Add Wikipedia References for a Website [Tutorial]

[How to] Add Wikipedia References for a Website [Tutorial]

Any good SEO knows the importance of dofollow backlinks. But they also know that you should have a good ratio of dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. Some nofollow backlinks, like those on Wikipedia, are actually quite good. Why? My theory is that because the quality of traffic that sees these links is generally higher. It is usually people searching for answers for their problems. I put Quora links in this same boat. So in today’s post I want to share with you quickly how to add Wikipedia references. It is very easy!

How to Add Wikipedia References for a Website

I am going to show you how to add Wikipedia references for a website or blog post. This doesn’t mean you should head over to Wikipedia and start creating a bunch of links. But if you have quality content and you can contribute to what the Wikipedia article says, then yes, by all means do it.

Step 1
First you will want to sign into your account. It is completely free to have one, so if you don’t just, go ahead and sign up.

Step 2
So in this example I am going to use my blog post on Google’s change to the Keyword Planner and using close variant keywords. I see that Wikipedia has a page about Google Keyword Planner. And if I look at the article I can see a section called limitations. Now, this recent change from Google is definitely a limitation! So personally I think this is useful information for people to know. So I am going to add some information about that and then add a Wikipedia reference back to my blog post.

Step 3
After finding the article I now need to write something that helps contribute to the article. So under that section (after I am logged in) I click on the [edit] link.

Step 4
The next is to actually add the information. It doesn’t have to be very long, just make sure it is helpful. So in this example I add the following:

* As of June 2016, Google Keyword Planner now groups close variant keywords. This makes estimating search volumes more difficult.

Step 5
Next we need to add the magical part. The nice part about this is that Wikipedia has pre-made templates which makes this very easy. So for this, I click into “Templates” and choose “cite web.”

Step 6
For a blog post or article on a website you will want to fill in the following fields and click on “Insert.”

Last name with date (optional)
Website name
Access date (you can simply click the calendar icon and it will pre-populate with the current date)

Step 7
After you click insert it adds the correct citation formatting so you don’t have to worry about it. I then suggest clicking on “Show Preview” just to double check everything. Then add a short summary of what you are adding and click on “Save Changes.”

And as you can see, it is now on the live Wikipedia page with the citation and reference added. Remember, if your citation or reference is not adding quality to the page, an administrator might remove it. So don’t spam!

As you can see, adding Wikipedia references and citations are quite easy since they have templates for you. A lot of people sometimes get overwhelmed when they see Wikipedia, but as long as you know where to click it is pretty fast and simple. And of course you can always bookmark this post for future reference.

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[VIP] Kinetic Text Animator [Quality Kinetic Text Animations And Videos In Minutes]

Kinetic Text Animator
If You Can Type, You Can Make An AWESOME Video!
Make professional quality kinetic text animations and videos in minutes!

☑ Easy Kinetic Text Animations  
☑ Animate Over Your Videos
☑ Animate Over Your Backgrounds
☑ Animate With Your Music Or Vocals
☑ Keyword Searchable Quotes 
☑ Keyword Searchable Assets
☑ Animate To Any Stage Size
☑ Export to MP4, MOV, or WEBM
☑ Use Your Own System Fonts
☑ Very Low "Learning Curve"
☑ Free Updates
☑ Create Videos Fast And Easy
☑ Bonus Videos
☑ Bonus Backgrounds
☑ Bonus Music

Kinetic Text Animator is currently in beta launch. If you purchase Kinetic Text Animator during this beta launch you will be grandfathered in to all updates for the public launch and beyond. Before we do a public launch we are looking for feedback and suggestions. We'll be doing 5 updates over the coming days and possibly weeks. Each substantial update (usually updates where new animations and features have been added) will come with a $2 increase in the price 24 hours after the update is posted. This will continue until the price lands at $47 at which point we will set a date for our public launch. 

NOTE THAT THIS IS A BETA -- while it's more stable than most programs in "beta" -- we still have some things to add. For example the save feature is incomplete and there are other known issues we are planning on dealing with soon. The member dashboard will list known bugs as well as detailed lists on what has been addd with each new update

Kinetic Text Animator [Quality Kinetic Text Animations And Videos In Minutes]

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[GIVEAWAY] Find targeted websites & add comments

[GIVEAWAY] Find targeted websites & add comments
Find targeted websites & add comments


This is a great software for people who have a small business online.

With this software you can find sites, forums, blogs, discussions, who support the comments, so you can add your comments relevant to your business and link to your site or announcement.

Depending on your keywords were added to this software automatically provides the most relevant results from Google, Yahoo and Bind.

The software allows you to add lists of proxies for browsing safer.

[GIVEAWAY] Find targeted websites & add comments

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[GIVEAWAY] Free LinkedIn $50 In Advertising Credits [+BONUS]

[GIVEAWAY] $50 In Advertising Credits [LinkedIn] [+75€ Google AdWords]
Boost your content across all devices with LinkedIn Sponsored Content.

Raise awareness with native ads

Get the word out about your brand across all platforms and use comprehensive targeting options to reach exactly the audience you choose.

Build relationships

Whether you’re sharing your company’s content or an upcoming conference, spark meaningful conversations with the right prospects.

Drive lead generation efforts

With native ads in the world’s professional feed, your content marketing captures the attention of highly engaged people – and drives qualified traffic right to you.

[GIVEAWAY] $50 In Advertising Credits [LinkedIn] [+75€ Google AdWords]


BONUS: $1,420 Free Ad Credit


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[100% FREE] Get Your Virtual Credit Card [MASTERCARD] [+US PHONE NUMBER]

Get Virtual Credit Card and US Phone Number For FREE

Yandex Money Wallet = MasterCard
Virtual Yandex.Money card A real bank card but without a physical medium. It is stored on our site.

You can link it with App Store or Google Play, pay with it on eBay or at any other online store. Money will be debited from your Wallet. Get a card

Now when users open a Yandex.Money Wallet, they automatically get a “virtual” MasterCard. Those who already have a Wallet can get a card under their Wallet Preferences.

With a virtual card users can pay commission free worldwide at any online stores that accept MasterCard. To make a payment, a user simply enters the details of her virtual card (like it were any other card), and the payment amount is deducted from her Yandex.Money account. Likewise, if the user adds money to her account at a mobile retail outlet, payment kiosk, ATM, or via any other method, she can immediately spend it using her virtual card. Users also have the option of receiving direct transfers from other bank cards via their virtual card number.

Payments from Yandex.Money virtual MasterCards are protected by 3-D Secure technology. This means that in order to pay, a user needs to enter a one-time code. The bank sends the code to the phone number linked to the user’s account. Each card is valid for up to a year. However, users can cancel cards and issue new ones at any time free of charge.

“At Yandex.Money, we’re no longer just an e-wallet. We are a universal payment service,” said Alla Savchenko, Director of Products at Yandex.Money. “The first step in that direction was the Yandex.Money bank card, which allows users to pay with funds from their account at offline supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations and so on. Then we created the ‘Local Payments’ service, which offers a number of payment options that don’t require logging into a Yandex.Money account. And now we’ve introduced virtual MasterCards, which can be issued in under a minute and, most importantly, be used immediately.”

Yandex.Money is the largest electronic payment service in Russia, offering easy, safe, and reliable methods of paying for goods and services online. By the end of 2013, the service had over 16 million accounts with more than 10,000 new accounts added daily. Currently, Yandex.Money is accepted by more than 50,000 online and offline stores. The company was founded in 2002 as Yandex’s subsidiary. As of today, Yandex owns a 25% share (plus one ruble) in Yandex.Money’s capital, while a 75% share (minus one ruble) belongs to Sberbank of Russia.

Get Virtual Credit Card and US Phone Number For FREE

1. Go to TextNow and SignUp to get your FREE US Number:

2. Now go to Yandex and create an account:

3. Then go to Yandex Money and login with your yandex mail details:

4. And Finally go here and get your Credit Card for FREE!

You Can Check Credit Card Number Validator Here:

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[GIVEAWAY] Get Free Web Hosting With CPanel [FOR 1 YEAR]

If you want to create a blog or website and want to free Cpanel Webhosting then it is the best article for you. Their lots of web hosting already provides free hosting but their services are very poor and if you get much more traffic on your website your account will be suspended or they will ask you for the upgrade. So I have a good Free Web hosting with CPanel offer for you.

WHDMS offer free web hosting with CPanel for one year without any credit card required.  Whdms is good free and premium web hosting provider. Their service support is very good with experienced customer support.

Free Web hosting Includes With:
☑ 1 GB Web Space.
☑ 100 GB Bandwidth.
☑ 5 Email accounts.
☑ 5 FTP accounts.
☑ 5 MySQL accounts.
☑ More than 50 Softaculous one-click installation scripts like Word Press,etc.,
☑ No ads or banners on your website.
☑ Daily auto backups.
☑ Point your own domain to our name servers and start using.
☑ No credit card required.

How To Get Free Web Hosting For One Year?
1. Go this Link:
2. Next, create your free account.
3. After sign up process you account will be ready in 1-2 mins
4. Now you can start your website

It’s very easy to get a free web hosting for one year without any credit card. One thinks this plan is only free for the first year...

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[GIVEAWAY] FB Bar Jeet [Botloads Of Targeted Clicks]

[GIVEAWAY] WP FB Bar Jeet [Botloads Of Targeted Clicks]

Fb Bar Jeet is a stealthy plugin that helps you send boatloads of targeted clicks. With Fb bar Jeet you will be able to drive the traffic wherever you want it to go. Drive traffic anywhere with that you want with a sneaky fun trick. The stealthy plugin will help you send lots and lots of targeted clicks to any offer be it your own product, CPA or affilia.


☑ Drive traffic anywhere with that you want with a sneaky fun trick. The stealthy plugin will help you send lots and lots of targeted clicks.To any offer be it your own product,CPA or affiliate offer. 
☑ The software is simple and ridiculously effective.It is very effective. It creates a bar on the top of your page which looks very similar to the facebook top bar that we are used to seeing. After a few seconds it shows your visitor a notification and clicks on it.
☑ Icon bar images, everything is our own creation.The visitor’s pre-programmed brain compels him to go to the notification and click on it. 
☑ It works without affecting the facebook. This software will not violate the contents of the facebook because we do not use any content that belong to the facebook.

Drive traffic anywhere you want with this sneaky fun trick. The stealthy plugin creates a top bar (similar to the Facebook top bar) on your site and will help you send targeted clicks to any offer be it your own product, CPA or affiliate offer.

[GIVEAWAY] WP FB Bar Jeet [Botloads Of Targeted Clicks]

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[GIVEAWAY] FlickGIF Pro [The Ultimate Tool For Next Generation GIF Images]

[GIVEAWAY] FlickGIF Pro [The Ultimate Tool For Next Generation GIF Images]
FlickGIF is a software that allows you to create GIFs cut from video or image. You can add text or image, sticker or zoom it, etc. The GIF can also be made in black & white, played in reverse and many other functions.

FlickGIF also offers advanced tools for you to render HD video format and traditional GIF format used on social media. This GIF-making software can do all of them.

What are the great features of FlickGIF?

Create eye-catching GIFs from video or images

FlickGIF enables you to make animated GIF from images or video. These GIFs can be used to advertise or go viral for your products. This has been a new way of creating viral content that is much more effective than many other traditional ways.

The impulse to share an interesting GIF is incredibly strong, which is beneficial when getting attention is becoming harder and harder. FlickGIF’s results can be used on many social media such as Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter…which has a huge number of users around the world.

Many advanced effects

FlickGIF provides you lots of advanced features to make a perfect GIF such as ken Burn, Pan & Zoom, Adding SWF sticker on the GIF, etc….These tools make the GIF become fascinating and lively.

To promote your products, you can tell a story and then add an eye-catching funny animated GIF to make it more interesting and engaging. This can reinforce the conversion rate, make people recognize your products better and faster.

How Does It Work?

FlickGIF is designed primarily for newbies, which means it consists of simple steps create a complete GIF. Anyone can make a whole new GIF with this fantastic tool.

Step 1: Choose a video or a set of images
Step 2: Choose the options you want
Step 3: Render

FlickGIF is a unique GIF maker with many high-class features which you may never see before. FlickGIF allows you to generate GIFs from set of images or video. The special feature here is that it allows adding text, image, effect, pan and zoom and animated flash sticker to GIFs. You can make a GIF in black and white, flip it, play in reverse, and even bounce animation playback back and forth instead of a loop.
[GIVEAWAY] FlickGIF Pro [The Ultimate Tool For Next Generation GIF Images]

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[GIVEAWAY] Google Search Secrets

Google Search Secrets 

Google can be an incredibly powerful tool for research, but the top-of-the-page results are seldom the most beneficial to library users and students, and many of the search engine's most useful features are hidden behind its famously simple interface. Burns and Sauers reveal the secrets of effective Google searches in this invaluable resource showing how to get the most out of the service, with

[GIVEAWAY] Google Search Secrets
✓ An overview of all the tool's search services, including Image, Maps, News, Blogs, Discussions, Scholar, Patents, and Books
✓ Ready-to-use instructions on how to go beyond the simple search box and top results to get library users the answers they need, fast
✓ Straightforward guidance on using filters to refine search results, with examples of common searches like images with Creative Commons licenses, news searches set for a date range or into an archive, and videos with closed captioning
✓ An explanation of the bibliography manager feature of Google Scholar, which allows students and researchers to build bibliographies with ease
✓ Tips for configuring Safe Search on workstations in children's departments and schools

Copious screenshots walk readers through each topic step by step, making this a true how-to guide for everyone who uses Google.

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[GIVEAWAY] WP Cool Live Chat [Install | Run | Grow Your Business]

[GIVEAWAY] WP Cool Live Chat [Install | Run | Grow Your Business]
Important Announcement: If you are not communicating with your visitors in a proper way,
you are leaving money on the table...

Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof!

WP Cool Live Chat is a WP plugin that will allow you to add an enticing, attractive live chat to your websites and blogs.

The cool thing about this slick plugin is that you can customize it the way YOU want… making the chat visually enticing and COOL in front of your visitor’s eyes.

You can quickly and easily add a visually enticing live chat in your blogs… in less than 2 minutes flat.

Easily customize the widget… you can change the style: background color, text color, fonts, and this is for any element (header, footer, main content, chat bubble).

These are the features and benefits of WP Cool Live Chat:

You can quickly and easily add a visually enticing live chat in your blogs… in less than 2 minutes flat.
Easily customize the widget… you can change the style: background color, text color, fonts, and this is for any element (header, footer, main content, chat bubble).
Plus, you can easily modify according to YOUR needs the following: title, info, and message form.
Add cool effects such as animation while chatting.
Admin dashboard that makes it easy to organize customer's chats.
Email messages while admin goes offline
Notification for new chat and offline chat.
And much, much more!

[GIVEAWAY] WP Cool Live Chat [Install | Run | Grow Your Business]

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[GIVEAWAY] Spy Stream Pro [Resellers, Unlimited Sites]

Reveal the Hidden Reasons Your Visitors Aren't Subscribing or Buying With New Video Spy Monitoring Technology 

[GIVEAWAY] Spy Stream Pro [Resellers, Unlimited Sites]
Discover how to drive traffic for far cheaper and how to easily 10x ROI FAST

SpyStream is the first ever WordPress software to reveal specific visitor behavior like needs and intent by recording video sessions that you, the website owner, can play back and watch. You will be able to see exactly where and how the visitor moves their mouse and behaves on your site anywhere and at anytime.

In addition to the advanced video mouse tracking, SpyStream can also track and show click heatmaps, do DOM click tracking, can provide deep analytics ie: geo location, visitor age, browser type, keywords used, and even comes with a full ecom tracking and analytics suite!

In other words, SpyStream does what Google Analytics and most conversion tracking programs can't . This provides exactly the same technology enterprise softwares like Clicktale can do only for just a fraction of the cost.

We have real case studies & results to prove how valuable this is. Don't waste time promoting another software that only works "in theory". Your list will love you for promoting this and it will actually help them get results.

Video Session Replays
Watch replays of visitor browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they are seeing and doing on your site.

Reseller Opportunity on the Front-End
SpyStream is a plugin every serious business needs. For clients already selling marketing services or want to start... this is a no brainer.

HeatMap Tracking
See the exact spots and frequency of where your visitors are clicking. Search by page, time, date, and more.

Deep Analytics
See what keywords a user typed into reach your page, their age, geo location, browser type, and far more with just a click.

eCom Tracking Suite
See what keywords a user typed into reach your page, their age, geo location, browser type, and far more with just a click.

No Monthly Fees or Extra Costs
Unlike the enterprise level guys, early buyers during the launch won't ever have to pay monthly or additional fees

You will know exactly:

☑ WHO the visitor even is exactly including their IP addresses, their country, operating system, & even language system?
☑ WHY specifically are they even coming to your site and what search terms & domains are referring them?
☑ WHAT content you should optimize & what steps you should take NOW to grow your list?
☑ Basically, know the exact steps to take to essentially guarantee any campaign will produce a positive ROI right from the start?

How SpyStream Pro is Going to Pull EVEN MORE Profit Here:

☑ You’ ll get the amazing mouse tracking & heat click technology SpyStream has plus additional features that will put these on steroids and help you use SpyStream to it’ s full potential including:
☑ Know what content to create or optimize by seeing top search phrases, referring domains, & traffic from all major search engines.
☑ Knowing exactly WHO your visitors are by seeing GeoIP addresses, their country, operating system, & even visits per day
Full interactive map of visitors locations
☑ Ability to export gorgeous reports of stats & social growth activity (great for resellers!)
☑ Instantly see your most shared & interacted with pages and content with custom effeciancy scores to help optimize time & ROI
☑ Ability to exclude robots, admins, RSS pages, & more from showing up in crucial data.
☑ Track Growth & activity of your social networks offpage to see how they influencer your site & campaigns.
☑ See all essential stats at your fingertips including visitors online right now. never waste money or time on on external services again
☑ Even show off stats on your website with widget page features for social proof
and FAR more.

SpyStream is an advanced software that reveals the hidden reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly turn your website into a list building, money-making machine.

Annonymously track your visitor’s mouse movements and scrolling patterns in real time, to see what their eyes, fingers and cursors are drawn to (and what they’re ignoring.)

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