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[GIVEAWAY] Domain Drop Catching Software [Expired Domain Catcher]

Domain Drop Catching Software [Expired Domain Catcher]

Domain Drop Catching Software

Domain Catcher is a software that can auto register domain when it becomes available. This domain grabber tool uses domain registration api from several registrars to snap domain in a short time after it is dropped, which is called domain drop-catching. It is difficult to manually dropcatch domain because there are many competitors there who want to acquire the valuable expired domain names. Domain snap script/tool tries to register the expired domain name repeatedly until success.

Some registrars such as snapnames and namejet provide backorder service to auto register domain expired. But the price is usually high. Our domain catch software obtains domain name with the normal registration fee only. Although Domain Catcher cannot beat those backorder service in the drop catching game, it can still snap many valuable domain names for you.

Domain Catcher is very easy to use. Basically, before the dropping time, you plug in the expired domain names(you can get the expired domain list from many places or use our service to find the best expired domains), select the registrars, click the start button, and that is all. When run the first time, you need to do some settings such as inputting the NameSilo/Dynadot API Key and the Fabulous account information. Those information can be got after you register and login the website of NameSilo/Dynadot/Fabulous(don't forget to deposit enough fund in your registrar's account to cover the registration fee before you use Domain Catcher to register domain names). Domain Catcher has some useful features. You can specify the time to begin to drop catch and you can set it to automatically stop the drop catching after some time and shut down your computer.


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[GIVEAWAY] Teorex PhotoScissors Pro [Mac & Windows]

Teorex PhotoScissors
Automatically Remove & Replace Image Background!

PhotoScissors interactive cutout tool for foreground segmentation enables new smart ways of removing backgrounds from still images. Go to our Tutorials page and see for yourself how easy it is for anyone to do with just a few simple steps. Download our Try-Before-You-Buy demo and use it on your own photos!

Teorex PhotoScissors  Automatically Remove & Replace Image Background!

Easily Remove Backgrounds from Photos PhotoScissors saves the day when you quickly need to cut out a person or an object to paste it to another picture, or to remove background from a photo. You don’t need any specific skills or professional software for a perfect image clip: few mouse strokes produce an accurate clipping path that can be further enhanced with fine brushes.

Cutting Objects Out with Few Clicks

PhotoScissors provides an extremely easy way to cut a background an image. Instead of trying to accurately enclose a region with the Lasso or Magic Wand tools in cumbersome professional graphical editors, you quickly mark areas you want to cut out and areas you would like to preserve, and the program automatically does the rest. Thanks to optimized analysis of the clipping edges, you don’t have to hunt for pixels trying to select an unwanted background. PhotoScissors is easy background removal with minimum efforts!

Quickly Prepare Photos for Uploading

Cutting out a background from photos is a popular picture editing procedure. Indeed, there dozens of possible applications: uploading product pictures to eBay, preparing photos for job seeking websites or dating sites, replacing a boring background with a more picturesque one or a solid color, creating photo jokes, collages, retouching tourism photos for fun or for better impression and many more.

Top Reasons to use PhotoScissors:

- Instantly remove complex background from photos
- Easily separate foreground from background
- Swap background
- No limits by image size
- Cutting out objects
- Creating isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds
- Remove background for eBay or Etsy listings
- Set background to any color include transparent
- Easy to get use & get started
- Preparing pictures of commodities for online shops
- Supports all popular graphic formats (PNG, JPG...)
- No technical or designer skills are required

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[FREE] How To Highly Compress Files – 12 GB To 229 MB [With Proof]

How To Highly Compress Files – 12 GB To 229 MB With Proof

You have seen files such as games, movies, and software, Highly Compressed and packed into small sized files, Right? Have you ever wondered How are those files Highly Compressed into smaller files like 1 GB Compressed into just 100 MB? Today in this Article you will find, How to Highly Compress File with Proof and Image.

Suppose you have a large file with you and a lot more storage in your Hard Drive, In this situation, you can Highly Compress it to a smaller file and then keep it as a backup by deleting the large file.

How To Highly Compress Files – 12 GB To 229 MB

We need a software tp Highly Compress file, Today for this article I’m using the 7Zip software. You can download 7Zip software from the link given below. 7Zip software is a free Open source software, That means it is completely FREE and you are not required to pay anything in order to use it. Also, Download Tubemate for PC to Download YouTube Videos into your Computer/Laptop. We all know about WinRAR, WinRAR is paid software, but it even if we exhaust the trial period, even we can use it again without paying. Like that 7zip is also another software which is an open source package, which means 100% free

How To Highly Compress Files?

I will share the step by step guide to Highly Compress pretty much any file. At certain times, some files may not be able to compress in the expected margins. But, almost all times, every file gets compressed without any hassle. I personally have compressed a lot of files myself and found no problem.

So, without further ado, let’s get started, The download links will be mentioned below. It is direct download link from official developer’s website.

Step 1: Download 7Zip from the link given below.

Step 2: Install it.

Step 3: Now right click on the particular file you want to Highly Compress

Step 4: Now select 7Zip and then Add to Achieve

How To Highly Compress Files – 12 GB To 229 MB

Step 5: Select the Compression level as “Ultra”

Step 6: Now click on the start button

How To Highly Compress Files – 12 GB To 229 MB

Now the Compression process will start. wait for it to Complete(Time depends on the size of the file you are compressing)

Step 7: Once done, you will get a message saying completed.

That’s it, now we have successfully compressed the large file into a smaller one.

How To Highly Compress Files – 12 GB To 229 MB

Now you can delete the original file and keep this compressed file as a backup.

Final Words

This is how we Highly Compress almost all files and reduce its size by at least 60% in raw. There are a lot of people who actually Highly Compress Games and Movies so as to save a lot of space on your Hard Disk. Even if your storage capacity is too less, you can store more files by highly compressing them. It doesn’t matter what the file is. If it Movies, Games, Videos or Softwares, 7Zip is able to compress those files into small sized files.

Hope this guide helped you in Compressing Files into really small size. If yes, then be sure to share this article with your friends and let them know about this Highly Compression technology, too. Also be sure to drop a comment down below, if you have any doubt or query to solve. I will try to reply to all.

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[TIPS/TRICKS] Link Building Tools Every Link Builder Should Have

Link Building Tools Every Link Builder - Should Have

Link Building Tools Every Link Builder - Should Have

Dirty, filthy, disgusting link building. You love it, don’t lie.

Ok you don’t have to love it, but if you’re a smart SEO, even in 2018 you’ll respect it. Tactics come and go but many tools have remained a staple of automated link building for one main reason, they work. With the right operator behind them and an effective strategy all the tools listed below can be used to create a solid ranking system.

Proceed with caution, for once you visit the dark side and taint your white hat SEO virginity, it can not be undone. It is also highly recommended that you drink at least one beer while operating these tools. Unlike operating heavy machinery, it is actually beneficial to consume alcohol while link blasting.

1 Rank Tracking and Research
2 Backlink Checking
3 Expired Domaining and Hosting
4 Link Building Automation
5 Content Creation Tools
6 Proxies and Captcha Solving

Rank Tracking and Research

This is my favorite rank tracker, it’s easy to use an packs a shitload of features. Not to mention it’s reliable and doesn’t break the bank. The pricing is really the deal breaker for me when compared to other services. $25 per month for 500 keywords? Yeah I’ll take that.

Give me that data baby, hard to get by without a subscription to SEMrush. Sure you got the keyword planner but this beast takes it next level. Keyword research at its finest, and you can use my coupon to get a free month and get your grind on at no cost. Yup, you’re welcome.

Now this is one sexy tool relatively new to the game, it’s in the rank tracking category but does quite a bit more than that. This beast tracks the whole top 20 for you and enables god mode. This is the tool that will allow you to spot updates and other activity before anyone else, seriously good shit.

Backlink Checking

Of all the backlink checkers out there, Ahrefs is my preferred tool. Although I am a fan of Majestic’s TF or Trust Flow as well.

Expired Domaining and Hosting

sitegroundFor a solid host when it comes to your average money site, SiteGround is definitely legit. They have great support and fast servers. My bueno. Hosting is such a pain in the ass, this is a host who won’t be for you. Just want to host a simple site and have it not load terribly? Well look no further.

freshdropThis is the tool I used to find that 90% of my awesome domain snags. Freshdrop pulls expired listings from most of the big domain registrars and gives you a huge range of metrics on each domain. Some of my favorites are, Majestic SEO backlinks, PR, Fake PR check, records, google indexed pages, age, traffic, .edu links, .gov links, dmoz listed, and a ton more.

Link Building Automation

GSA Search Engine Ranker
This is by far my favorite link building tool right now. It is crazy flexible and able to do just about anything when it comes to spam. For tier 2/3 links it can’t be beat, combine it with Kontent Machine and you can literally set up tier 2 blasts in a matter of minutes. As if the price of GSA wasn’t already ridiculously low ($99), here is a discount that works for both SER and captcha breaker and drops the price a bit more.

Do we even need to go there? If you do SEO then grabbing a copy of ScrapeBox is like bringing a calculator to Math class, it’s that important. So get on it. Haven’t heard of SB? Shame on you, now go read this guide.

Content Creation Tools
kontent machineKontent Machine
Using Kontent Machine and GSA you can literally blast an unlimited amount of links. Since Kontent Machine allows you to export GSA ready templates you can literally pump out campaigns in a matter of minutes. My VA can churn them out all day.

Wordai is used for auto spinning content. It’s the premium solution for auto spinning, a step up from the Best Spinner and with the right settings can be used on the first tier with low outputs.

Proxies and Captcha Solving

Here is where you can get some proxies to run with GSA or Scrapebox. I did a brief comparison of the top proxy services also if you’re interested. Quality proxies are crucial to running GSA correctly, they make all the difference when it comes to pumping good link volume

GSA Captcha Breaker
This captcha breaker has saved me literally thousands of dollars in captcha cost. It runs along side GSA and several other programs cracking a huge % of captchas for free beyond the initial cost of the software.

And that’s all folks, as the times change this page will be updated with the latest tools for automated link building and everything that goes with. As of now this is my lineup.

If you have a question about any of these tools and their effectiveness, please leave a comment below. After posting this some solid questions came in and most of the value is now in the comments and replies. So hit me up!!

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[GIVEAWAY] IObit Malware Fighter Pro [FREE LICENSE]

IObit Malware Fighter Pro
Complete PC Security with Triple Protection against Malware, Virus & Ransomware in Real Time

[GIVEAWAY] IObit Malware Fighter Pro [FREE LICENSE]

IObit Malware Fighter 6 is a powerful and comprehensive anti-malware and anti-virus program that protects your PC against malware and viruses in real-time.

With the world leading Bitdefender antivirus engine, IObit Anti-malware engine, and Anti-ransomware Engine, IObit Malware Fighter 6 can remove the latest spyware, adware, ransomware,Trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, hijackers, and viruses, etc. Meanwhile, IObit Malware Fighter 6 can also ensure you a more secure browser and system with 6 protections in Browser Protect and 8 guards in Security Guard.

The new Safe Box and the improved Anti-ransomware Engine double protect your PC from the latest ransomware attacks. Besides, MBR Guard is added to protect your PC against the malicious attacks targeting MBR, like GoldenEye/Petya attacks. Another new feature worth mentioning is Notification Center that offers a 1-click solution to view and manage all important messages.

Last but not least, the upgraded IObit Cloud Security powered by you will greatly expand our database and enhances the threats detection and removal.

Key Features:

- No ransomware attacks
- No malware&virus threats
- Brand new SafeBox and MBR Guard
- Anti-cryptocurrency mining
- Block pop-up ads
- Automatically clean surfing traces
- Camera&USB Guard

[GIVEAWAY] IObit Malware Fighter Pro [FREE LICENSE]

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[UNLIMITED TRAFFIC] Seed4.Me VPN Free 1 Year Premium Subscription [ALL PLATFORMS]

Seed4Me VPN Free 1 Year Premium
Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy - Free Premium Subscription

Get a Premium subscription for Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy for 1 year free of charge. The service supports installation on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone and iPad and offers servers in more than 20 countries

Surf the web anonymously, mask your location, making the geo-IP address different from the real one, so no one can trace you. Seed4.Me VPN for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone and iPad also unblocks sites that are normally restricted in the area of your current location.


- Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
- 20+ VPN locations
- Unlimited traffic
-1 account for all devices

Seed4.Me VPN Free 1 Year Premium Subscription

Bypass Internet censorship

This VPN service can be used to bypass internet censorship in countries like China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Russia, UAE and many other countries that prevent people from freely accessing the world wide web.

The software fakes your location while hiding your internet activity and allows you to have complete internet Freedom.

Protect Yourself on Public Wifi

If you’re traveling a lot and constantly logging onto the Internet over public wifi in airports or cafes, then this VPN software will be helpful to protect yourself when accessing the internet over unsafe public wifi.

Seed4.Me VPN service will encrypt and protect your web traffic while you’re connected to the Internet over a public connection.

Streaming Anywhere in the World

If you find yourself living in or traveling to a country that doesn’t offer streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, you can use this anonymous VPN tool to bypass this block.

The way this works is simple. This VPN service allows you to easily change your IP address, preventing anyone from knowing where you really are in the world.

You could log in to this VPN while in Chennai and switch your IP address to Chicago, thus making all of your internet traffic think it’s coming from Chicago.

Currently, the service offers servers in 17 countries: USA, UK, Canada, France, Russia, Switzerland (torrent-friendly), Sweden (torrent-friendly), Ukraine, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, and South Korea.

Seed4.Me VPN supports all popular operating systems and devices, starting with Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad and etc.

Offer Conditions:

- The offer is valid if you install Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy for the first time .
- Subscription is granted for 1 year.
- Subscription can be used for all of your devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
- Supported devices: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone and iPad.
- Free updates and technical support are available for the duration of the license.

[UNLIMITED TRAFFIC] Seed4.Me VPN Free 1 Year Premium Subscription [ALL PLATFORMS]




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[GIVEAWAY] Push Button Marketer [Automation Software For Internet Marketers]

[GIVEAWAY] Push Button Marketer [Automation Software For Internet Marketers]

How Can The Push Button Marketer Software Help Me?

Most successful Internet marketers will agree that day to day IM chores can be tedious and quite time consuming. There are many repetitive sequences that a marketer may need to apply on a regular basis, whether it be logging into an email account or a more complicated promotion campaign involving a long series of mouse clicks. The Push Button Marketer software is designed to save huge amounts of time which allows the user to multiply his own efforts without having to hire anyone. This gives the Internet marketer much more time to spend on other tasks or simply enjoying other aspects of his lifestyle.

So What Can The Push Button Marketer Software Do?

Well.. You can easily set up the Push Button Marketer software to complete an all-day job with a just a single click. As part of my testing of the software, I set up the Push Button Marketer to automate things like accessing email, creating WordPress websites, checking stats, copy and paste chores, website maintenance, posting marketing ads and product reviews. Im happy to say that the Push Button Marketer software excelled in every department.

Push Button Marketer Software – General Observations

There are loads more chores that can be fully automated by the Push Button Marketer software such as submitting your websites or articles to various directories, creating a macro to create your websites, speed up keyword researching autosurfing traffic exchanges, or monitoring your websites to email you an alert if it’s down, test all links in your website and much more. 

Overall, I love this software and use it several times a day.. every day. I wouldn’t be without it now!

[GIVEAWAY] Push Button Marketer [Automation Software For Internet Marketers]

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[GIVEAWAY] Trade24Pro [Fully Automated Trading System]

[GIVEAWAY] Trade24Pro [Fully Automated Trading System]
This Expert Advisor has a minimum of external parameters. It uses internal market entry algorithms and is a fully automated trading system. It is optimized for EURUSD on timeframes M5, M15, M30. The frequency and accuracy of order opening is regulated by a special variable "OpeningAlgorithm". By setting its value you change the market entry algorithms. Three algorithms are implemented:

1 = A very large number of opened orders, but the accuracy drops significantly
2 = A balanced mode
3 = A mode with the most accurate market entry, the accuracy is above 90%, less orders will be opened

In the "LotRisk" variable, set the starting lot as a percent of deposit; the EA will enter the market with this lot

The following features are implemented in the Expert Advisors:

☑ Automatic detection of decimal places and selection of internal settings
☑ Market entry algorithms
☑ Trailing Stop
☑ Breakeven
☑ Averaging block (a very slight averaging), which is aimed at keeping your balance positive


☑ Recommended deposit is 50$ and more
☑ If you withdraw profit, restart the EA
☑ The robot is designed to work on VPS
☑ Recommended account: ECN+"Instant Execution" or any "Instant Execution" account

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