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[GIVEAWAY] AdExpress Pro [Web-Based App]

[GIVEAWAY] AdExpress Pro [Web-Based App]
AdExpress is a web-based app that would allow you to design great looking high converting Ads graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Apps and a lot more Without Having To Worry About Photoshop, Design Skills, Getting the Right Dimensions or Hiring Designers To Do It

Stop slaving over your ads! Are you tired of not being able to create the RIGHT image to your in your ads, pulling your hairs off for on under performing and high costing ads, blowing cash on graphics, icons and stock photography, slaving over copywriting courses, hiring freelancers or just to create a single ad campaign?

Ad Creation Just Got Easy. Now you can create thousands of high converting, traffic getting social media ads that get the kind of traffic you dream of in just minutes from now! AdExpress Create Unlimited High Converting Ads for the Most Popular Social Media Networks at the Push of a Button!

✓ Choose from 50+ proven ad templates, high converting ad templates for FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
✓ Fully customize your ad in seconds with text, shapes, colors, images, borders and more…
✓ Choose from 12 popular ad types and sizes for FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
✓ Free hand drawing to bring your ads to life and draw attention like never before
✓ Store your ads and quickly duplicate them in seconds
✓ Cloud based software, works on all Mac, Windows, Mobile & Tablets
✓ Tons of time-saving, traffic-getting ad creation features you won’t find anywhere else! Keep reading for details…

Most marketers seem to stop at Facebook. Heck, they barely even dominate Facebook at all. They create a handful of ads, get burned out, and settle for any traffic they manage to scrape in. But the smart (aka RICH) marketers do things differently. They don’t stop at a handful of Facebook ads. They keep pushing out new ads each week, testing new ideas, eliminating “ad blindness” and then scaling out to other social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

THAT is how you dominate a niche, and be SEEN as the go-to source. And because they’re appearing everywhere, all day, their audience sees them as a real contender – a real business that is here to stay – a business they feel more familiar with and are more likely to remember (and trust.) That’s just how it works.

But the problem is Creating hundreds of ads each week, for multiple social media websites, is HARD WORK and time consuming. Plus, you’ll need Photoshop, and the skills to use it. But not anymore. This brand new tool AdExpress allows you to create TONS of high converting social media ads across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram in seconds, not days…

AdExpress couldn’t be easier to use Simply select the ad you want to create graphics for, or pick from tons of templates and start working your way towards a great ads that would not only cost you a lot less but also get you more traffic than your previous ads.

AdExpress Pro

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[GIVEAWAY] Push Button Marketer [Automation Software For Internet Marketers]

[GIVEAWAY] Push Button Marketer [Automation Software For Internet Marketers]

How Can The Push Button Marketer Software Help Me?

Most successful Internet marketers will agree that day to day IM chores can be tedious and quite time consuming. There are many repetitive sequences that a marketer may need to apply on a regular basis, whether it be logging into an email account or a more complicated promotion campaign involving a long series of mouse clicks. The Push Button Marketer software is designed to save huge amounts of time which allows the user to multiply his own efforts without having to hire anyone. This gives the Internet marketer much more time to spend on other tasks or simply enjoying other aspects of his lifestyle.

So What Can The Push Button Marketer Software Do?

Well.. You can easily set up the Push Button Marketer software to complete an all-day job with a just a single click. As part of my testing of the software, I set up the Push Button Marketer to automate things like accessing email, creating WordPress websites, checking stats, copy and paste chores, website maintenance, posting marketing ads and product reviews. Im happy to say that the Push Button Marketer software excelled in every department.

Push Button Marketer Software – General Observations

There are loads more chores that can be fully automated by the Push Button Marketer software such as submitting your websites or articles to various directories, creating a macro to create your websites, speed up keyword researching autosurfing traffic exchanges, or monitoring your websites to email you an alert if it’s down, test all links in your website and much more. 

Overall, I love this software and use it several times a day.. every day. I wouldn’t be without it now!

[GIVEAWAY] Push Button Marketer [Automation Software For Internet Marketers]

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[GIVEAWAY] Dropshipping Wild Kingdom [Get $100 Per Day Every Day]

[GIVEAWAY] Dropshipping Wild Kingdom [Get $100 Per Day Every Day]

Dropshipping Wild Kingdom is the wild market in eCom that show you how to get $100 per day every day.  Lyfe Lyte will decrease the frustration and misery for any entrepreneur. It will set the directions of your business and larger goals. Dropshipping Wild Kingdom comes to the outsourcing and the product you get good insights on how you can follow the footsteps. You will discover how you can outsource the hard work and focus on your business. It will expand and improve your business. If you want to enhance your income without any effort, this product is for you. It will make more money with less work. Dropshipping Wild Kingdom will do 90% of the work in your business by outsourced workers. 

"You can set up this Wild Kingdom Product Machines in 10 minutes"

It’s a wild market in E-com, let me show you how to get to $100 a day, everyday in 10 minutes
"I’m about to show you the easiest and fastest way to $100 every single day you have seen, with 10 minutes of set up..."

You have been trying over and over, again and again for months, some of you even YEARS for something that can get you to at least $100 every day…not only that you wish you could find something that is passive as in 1-5 hours per week.

[GIVEAWAY] Dropshipping Wild Kingdom [Get $100 Per Day Every Day]

The easiest and fastest way to $100 every single day you have seen, with 10 minutes of set up.

What’s included:

✓ The 10 minute set up to $100 a day method
✓ USA dropshipper revealed
✓ Explosive traffic method Cracked
✓ EXACT step by step easy to follow PDF, no videos
✓ Super fast set up
✓ PASSIVE…1-5 hours a week to maintain
✓ 100% Never before Seen method
✓ 100% tested by me
✓ Drag and Drop, enter some text, custom products
✓ You own your OWN custom products

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[GIVEAWAY] Intsant Digital Marketing Tips

Intsant Digital Marketing Tips
Intsant Digital Marketing Tips

Instantly BUILD CREDIBILITY And ATTRACT More Clients With This Professional 
Done-For-You Package of Videos

You Are Getting:

☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Effectively Communicate with Your Audience Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Website Conversions Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve Website Traffic Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Get More Positive Customer Reviews Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Optimize Your “Google My Business” Listing Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Using Social Media Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Using Online Videos Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Mobile Strategy Video (Value: $100)
☑ Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Improve SEO Video (Value: $100)
☑ All Slides Combined Into a Full PowerPoint Presentation to Use in Meetings, Trainings, Webinars, etc...
☑ Both U.S. and U.K Professional Voice Overs
☑ PowerPoint Slides for Each Video Provided for Easy Editing
☑ Videos Provided in HD MP4 Format for Easy Branding
☑ MP3 Audio Voice Over Files Included

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[GIVEAWAY] TweetLead – An Awesome Lead Generation Tool [One-click signup buttons in any Tweet]

TweetLead – An Awesome Lead Generation Tool [One-click signup buttons in any Tweet]
An Awesome Lead Generation Tool
One-click signup buttons in any Tweet

No other platform allows you to bring prospects into your sales funnel like Twitter does. Twitter is in my opinion the best way to find new customers and convert them quickly.

TweetLead uses an official Twitter Ads feature called Lead Cards. Using this technology your tweet(s) will be enriched with extra description, an image and a button. When clicked, it will automatically collect the users’ verified email address – and send it over to your autoresponder.

Using “TweetLead” means that you can create Tweets that will collect your followers’ email addresses once they click on the tweet (there’s no need to enter their email addresses).

TweetLead – An Awesome Lead Generation Tool [One-click signup buttons in any Tweet]
Free Access to TweetLead software: They are doing a cool viral sharing campaign for free access. It will let you create 1 click follows for Twitter.

This kind of Viral campaign can get you tons of shares, and thus free traffic. They are using UpViral software to create the sharing optin. 

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!

It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)

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[GIVEAWAY] CPA Profit Deals [Speed Up Your Earnings To $1000+ Per Day]

How Would You Like To Speed Up Your Earnings To $1000+ Per Day.. Even If You're Brand New To CPA Marketing?

CPA Profit Deals Works Flawlessly Together With Complete CPA Domination, Delivering A Double-pronged Money-making Burst That Lasts As Lo,g As You Want!

CPA Profit Deals [Speed Up Your Earnings To $1000+ Per Day]

What Exactly Is It?

CPA Profit Deals Is A Unique Strategy I Developed Alongside Complete CPA Domination. I Knew That Beginners Would Be Happy Making A Few Hundred Dollars A Day, And For Most People - That's Fine.

But I Know You're Not Most People.
You're The Kind Of Person That Wants To Rev The Advertising Engine... To Push To Its Limits And Start Cashing In $1000+ Days Just Like This:

So What Makes CPA Profit Deals Different?
The Secret To Its Success Lies In Being Not Just A CPA Marketer, But Being A CPA Broker...

In Other Words, You'll Be The "Middle-man" Between CPA Traffic Buyers And Sellers, Siphoning Waves Of Traffic From Hugely Popular Websites And Using Their Hard-earned Visitors To Rake In Heaps Of Money.

It's The Next Best Thing To "Stealing" Traffic! And Because The Webmasters Will Love All The Extra Money They're Earning, They'll Be More Than Happy To Share It With You!

You'll Be Getting A Percentage Of That Money, And When You're Dealing With Massively Popular, Bandwidth-exploding Sites, You Know That Even A Small Percentage Ends Up Being A Huge Amount Of Cash.

Those Are Serious Numbers That Neither You, Nor Your Bank Account, Can Afford To Ignore!

Give Me All The Details!

I'm Going To Show You Step-by-step How To Be A CPA Broker, The Fast And Easy Way. Some CPA Masterminds Are Raking In Six Figures A Day Using This Exact Method - And It's Nearly Infinitely Scalable And Completely Outsourceable, So You Can Just Hand The Instructions To Your Virtual Assistant And Go Lounge On The Beach Drinking Expensive Tropical Cocktails If You Want.

In Fact, You Can Set Up CPA Profit Deals Within Just A Couple Hours And Hit The 4-figures-a-day Tier In No Time.

Imagine How Much Time You'll Save By Eliminating All Of That "Typical Internet Marketing" Junk And Concentrating On CPA Brokerage.

With CPA Profit Deals, You'll Be Taking A Little-known Shortcut To Massive Online Profits - Starting Today!

And Don't Forget...

You Can Do This From Anywhere In The World. Zero Marketing Or Advertising Experince Necessary. This Is A Hungry, Eager Market That Can Never Be Saturated, So You'll Never Run The Risk That Everyone And Theire Dog Will Find Out About It And Start Taking Huge Chunks Out Of Your Easy Profits.

What's More, There Is Absolutely No Upfront Investment Needed. I Believe You Shouldn't Have To Spend Money To Make Money - Plain And Simple. And Because You're Not Putting Out Any Money Upfront, You Can Scale This Method As High As You Want!

Who Said $1000/days Were Te Upper Limit Of What You Could Earn?

That Just For Starters!

CPA Profit Deals [Speed Up Your Earnings To $1000+ Per Day]

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[GIVEAWAY] Facebook Marketing PLR Pack

Facebook Marketing PLR Pack
Facebook Marketing PLR Pack

"Generate NEW Offline LEADS for Your
Social Media Marketing Services with Your Own
Facebook Marketing PLR Credibility Pack..."

Grab INSTANT ACCESS, Edit However You Want, Brand Content With YOUR Contact Info, and Let It Work FOR You!


☑ A Brand New Lead Generation PLR Report w/Ecover
☑ A Professional PowerPoint Presentation
☑ A PowerPoint SlideShow Video
☑ 7 Pre-Written Email Autoresponder Follow-Up Messages
☑ 12 Facebook Marketing Graphics
☑ A Professional Squeeze Page
☑ Bonus: Facebook Marketing Getting Started Checklist
☑ Ecovers are Provided in PNG, JPG, and PSD Formats for EASY Editing
☑ All Documents Provided in MS Word, OpenOffice, and Notepad Formats for EASY Editing
☑ The PowerPoint Provided in MS PPT and OpenOffice Formats for EASY Editing

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Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content.

Learn how to make a 2D/3D intro with Panzoid for FREE! This easy & simple intro tutorial teaches you how to make/edit a template and how to add music, change text, etc..! This tutorial doesn't require the downloading of any software or programs! 
Great for beginners who don't know how to use programs such as Adobe After Effects, Blender and/or Cinema 4D!


It is a very famous free online video editing software which enables you to edit background details easily and you can also make quick clips if you want videos urgently.

Panzoid which is the best free youtube intro maker can be accessed on any device be it PC, or your android phone for editing your videos. The interface of this software is very beautiful and attractive.

You can also make advanced 3D animated videos using the editing tools. It also provides the users many tutorials so that he could learn how to go about it and use the software.

How to Use Panzoid Intro Maker

In this tutorial I am going to show How to Use Panzoid Intro Maker.So, let’s go ahead and build up an intro.

Open your Brower and Click on the Following Link:

Choose from a large variety of templates:

When the page loads you would be able to see a lot of templates. These are the common templates which are used by everyone. So if you want to create an unique template for your YouTube channel. Click on Community Templates. This is a new feature introduced by Panzoid on their website. When you click on Community Templates you can see a whole new gallery of Templates and you can choose as per your choice.

So now just select any of the templates displayed below. After Selecting the Template you can see the template is showing the editing area where you can edit your template. To check the transition of the template all you going to do is click on ‘toggle render preview’ button. So it’s red now and now click on the play button. This is how your intro look like. Of course the name doesn’t look like yours .So we are going to change it to the name required. Finally, we are going to edit the template.

So now click on the tick mark button on the left hand side and change the video resolution to 1080p or 720p as per your requirement. Select the frame rate as per your choice as 30 or 60 fps.We change the length of the video according to our need. According to me the best duration for an intro is for 9 or 10 seconds. If the intro is too long the viewer gets irritated.

Now, Click on Object button and click on Text and then change your intro name. And that’s how you change the name. Guys you can change the texture of the text in the intro by selecting custom textures and per your needs.

You can also add audio to your intro by clicking on the audio in the editing panel and then select the audio file and then select the song or audio whatever you want to give to your intro. All the intro have a prebuilt sound track in them, so you don’t need to change it. But if you want your own track you can change it.

Now to download your panzoid intro ,click on download button and select mode and you will get a drop down menu and select ’best quality’ and just click ‘start video render’ and we are done .That’s it. Thats how you use Panzoid Intro Maker.

It will take several minutes for the rendering process to be completed. And now you can upload it to your YouTube videos. After rendering is done click on ‘Download your video’ and your intro would be downloaded. Now you can check the intro getting downloaded in your browser download section.

That’s how guys you can make a basic and simple intro using Panzoid Intro Maker.Do leave a comment in the comment section below

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[GIVEAWAY] Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

Console Rocket - Google Search Console on Rocket Fuel

Enrich your Search Console Data; visualise it, and get innovative insights from our powerful new interface.
Get innovative insights from our powerful new search console reporting interface. Keep your GSC data for a full year, Free.

Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

Console Rocket was built by an internal innovation team within Linkdex keen to experiment with what we could do to leverage Linkdex’s expertise, and our desire to improve the SEO world.

At its heart Console Rocket is a reporting suite that consumes your Google Search Console Data

It uses some clever data science to improve it, and then we push it into a vastly improved reporting interface designed to make it easy to find insights using.

Unlock Search Console
Search Console is fragmented and poorly represents your data

The very fabric of content marketing and SEO depends on you being able to understand the relationships between your keywords, rankings, and the pages of your website – something which Google fails to provide; leaving you with a blind spot holding you back.

Better Marketing via Data Science
Once fixed, you can apply Data Science, and Search Console becomes digital marketing rocket fuel.

You will quickly realise just how important this data is when you start exploring the many never seen before features in this free tool that helps with:

✓ Keywords for Pages Over Time
✓ Page Cannibalisation Reporting
✓ CTR Modeling
✓ Keyword Flux and Ranking  / Page Relationships
✓ Historic reporting for all Console data plus new metrics
✓ Brand / Non-brand grouping of keywords

Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

How does it Work?
The important thing Console Rocket does, is filling in the blanks in the user’s journeys.

First we establish links and relationships between all the bits of RAW data google give you about your website’s performance in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

Then we record this data for you over time, long term, so you are not limited to google’s 90 day limit for storing this super valuable data. This is important for a bunch of reasons.

Those two things combined with some really clever data science and experience with google, lets us build truly beneficial reporting with highly functional tools for building strategies and performing audits.

When to Use it
Well its free, so you can use it whenever you want.

The only thing thing to stop you would be if you don’t have a google search console account (formerly google webmaster tools) which is also free from google here.

Once you have a google search console account you can immediately integrate it with console rocket. Note: it may take a few hours for data to start showing up in your dashboard.

Who Should use it
Anyone who is interested in getting more traffic to there website. Simple.

Although we sometimes use words like “data” and acronyms like SEO, CTR and LTV its really just a way of describing steps in a journey we have all made ourselves a thousand times before.

Modern SEO and content marketing is about more than tracking keywords and getting links

Console Rocket fits into the larger picture by providing information about what happens in google and how that relates to your site. Console Rocket is simply a better view of your WMT/search console information, designed to make SEO, content marketing and web admin much more effective.

Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

How to Get Started
Click Signup and Connect your Google Search Console account. That’s it.

Once you connect your Search Console to your Console Rocket account, it will immediately start processing your data, recording it for you and applying our data science to built reports and insights for you.

It takes about 30 minutes for the data crunching to start showing insights. In that time you can watch our tutorial video to familiarise yourself with the potential possibilities of Console Rocket.

Super Simple

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