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[GIVEAWAY] Tailored Audiences [Powerful Tool Available for Twitter Campaigns]

[GIVEAWAY] Tailored Audiences [Powerful Tool Available for Twitter  Campaigns]

Find New Customers with Twitter
How to Scrape Twitter Usernames from Any Keyword and Hashtag

Instead of targeting large audiences using the "conventional" Twitter targeting options, you can now narrow your audience to only reach the most relevant users. This lower your advertising costs and significantly increases your rates !

Tap into the most powerful tool available for Twitter  Campaigns

Twitter is a global phenomenon that has literally changed the way brands and consumers interact online. 
Recently, Twitter launched an advertising option allowing brands to promote Tweets and Accounts to users based on audience targeting.

This most recent advance in Twitter advertising, known as “tailored audiences,” gives brands a way to use their own
data to create more niche targeting and deliver even more tailored advertising across Twitter’s platform. 


✓ Extract super targeted users IDs from your Twitter search
  screen to a txt file and easily uploaded them as Tailored 
  Audiences to your Twitter Ads campaigns
✓ You can Now download all the friend/follower IDs of
   specific users ( 2016 new version ! ) 
✓ Boost your ads Engagement rate up to 5X 
✓ Get PENNY clicks from Twitter Ads 
✓ High conversions with super targeted visitors 
✓ Super fast and powerful scraping technology
✓ The most reliable and safe scraper in the market !
✓ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
✓ Fast & Friendly Support :-) 
✓ Multi license - You can install it on up to 3 computers of yours

Why Us ?

Handcrafted by experts ! TA was built by professionals with more than ten years of software Dev. experience. With TA, we have used our experience from countless IM software projects and designed a tool that fits perfectly into the workflow of both professionals and novices

Optimized for speed and time TA  contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient search engine framework. On top of that, you get an obsessively streamlined user experience allowing you to move fast. Because what counts is performance from start to finish.

[GIVEAWAY] Tailored Audiences [Powerful Tool Available for Twitter  Campaigns]

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[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]

[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]
Create High Quality Videos Using Just a Keyword.

VidCuratorFX is a powerful software based on Adobe AIR that has the power to help you produce high-quality marketing videos by a click. The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS platforms. By using an enormous media library from Google, Flickr, Instagram, Vine, and more, you can create up to 100 slideshow videos with gorgeous animation, layout, and transitions. You can also insert your favorite music and informative custom text into your videos. Every procedure is as quick as lighting and 100% on autopilot.

How does It Work?

Step 1: Create a New Project
Setting up a new project to get started the journey with VidcuratorFX. Then enter a keyword, number of images and videos.

Step 2: Create your Video
Free to choose your text, your transition, your favorite music or even record your voice.

Step 3: Upload your Video
Enter your keyword and select the number of videos you want to create. Then click “Upload” and choose where to publish your video.

[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]

VidCuratorFX has these awesome feature that make it really powerful

Create Videos From a Single Keyword: 
Just drop in a keyword you want to get traffic for, and VidCuratorFX will automatically create a themed slideshow-type video based around that keyword! It will automatically find images and video clips online for you and curate those images and video clips into your video!.

Automatically Create 100s of Videos with 1-Click: 
Choose 1 or 100 videos to create, at the push of a button. Video Curator Pro creates endless variations of your video, with spun titles and descriptions, to dominate all kinds of keywords in YouTube and Google!.

Add Transitions, Image Filters and effects: 
Make your videos compelling and more engaging by applying in-built effects and transitions are applied seamlessly.

Add Intro & Outro Slides: 
Put your branding to work in every video by setting up custom intros and outros for every video you create. Gets you that high-end production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.

Fully Customize the Videos: 
Add Intro & Outro Slides, Transitions, Image Filters and effects and truly make your videos grab people by the eyeballs!

Add Your own music, record voice over or choose from our library of music: 
To give your videos the professional shine they deserve, and keep people engaged from start to finish!

Automatically Upload to YouTube and Vimeo: 
You don’t need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to the major video sharing websites right from your dashboard.

Spin Title & Description When Upload multiple videos: 
Totally dominate any niche with automatically spun titles and descriptions for each video uploaded. Makes each video unique in the eyes of the search engines.

Fully automatic, 100% Control: 
Just set it up and it will churn out videos one after another without you having to monitor or stare at progress bars. Plus you can change absolutely anything you want at any point of time.

Let’s watch how Ben used VidCuratorFX to Rake in Tons Of FREE Traffic in Days, Not Weeks!

[GIVEAWAY] VidCuratorFX Lite [Produce High-Quality Marketing Videos]

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[GIVEAWAY] Facebook Interests Explorer [Save Time & Frustration]

[GIVEAWAY] Facebook Interests Explorer [Save Time & Frustration]

Attention: Facebook Marketers & Advertisers
Uncover thousands of hidden & High-Converting Facebook interests you would have
never thought existed!

Interests Explorer - The World's first  Facebook Real Interests Cloud Engine

World’s Most Powerful & Smartest Interests Explorer:

☑ The World’s First Native Facebook Interests Engine !

☑ Target your Facebook campaigns more precisely !

☑ Discover the Most Profitable Interests on FB

☑ High conversions Interests with super targeted visitors

☑ Creating a Real "Interests Cloud" of Your Core Interests

☑ Multi license - You can install  on up to 3 computers!

☑ For Windows,  Mac,  Chromebook & Linux

☑ Newbie & Pro Friendly  Enviroment

☑ Step-by-Step "how to" Tutorial. Interests Explorer is one of the simplest and most intuitive IM software you will ever use and you probably will not have any questions... But just in case you do, each and every feature is covered in full detail, in the help section.

☑ Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you aren't satisfied we will be at your service please let us know by: Emailing a request to 

☑ Handcrafted by experts! Interests Explorer ( IE ) was built by professionals with more than ten years of software Dev. experience. With IE, we have used our experience from countless IM software projects and designed a tool that fits perfectly into the workflow of both professionals and novices

☑ Optimized for speed and Accurate IE contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient Interests search engine framework In The Market . On top of that, you get an obsessively streamlined user experience allowing you to move fast. Because what counts is performance from start to finish.

☑ There are no upsells, no backend one-time-offers  and no recurring payments. This a one-time payment for lifetime access.

☑ The Must have tool for any Facebook Marketers & Advertisers

☑ The most reliable and accurate Interests Cloud engine in the  market. in fact the only one ...  :-)

[GIVEAWAY] Facebook Interests Explorer [Save Time & Frustration]
Interests Explorer Minimize Risk Of Failure By Providing High Converting & Targeted Interests Set For Each Campaign To Make Sure Your Facebook Campaign Yield Good ROI

Save Time & Frustration
Stop wasting your time and nerves.
Find engaged Interests who are converting.

One stop shop Interests Solution
No need to “learn” from various courses on How to Find profitable Interests  or spend countless hours searching google trying to figure out things

Save Money On Adv Cost
Target your Facebook campaigns more precisely! Discover the Most Profitable Interests
on your Niche!

Get Effective Results in Minutes with No Learning Curve or Skills...Just Click and GO!
SMART INTERESTS CREATORDiscover the Most Profitable Interests on Facebook

Interests Cloud
Creating a Real "Interests Cloud" 
of Your Core Interests

Handcrafted by experts ! 
Interests Explorer ( IE ) was built by professionals with more than ten years of software Dev. .

Optimized for Efficiency
IE  contains the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient search engine framework.

The Must have tool for anyFacebook Marketers & Advertisers

Now you can FIND,  the Most ProfitableInterests on Facebook

Get World's Smartest Interests Creator Today!
If You are Tired of Struggling with Interests to get
targeted audience or Sales ...
then you need to Try Interestsexplorer Today!

[GIVEAWAY] Facebook Interests Explorer [Save Time & Frustration]

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Easy Web Video is an all-in-one solution that combines a video generator with the video marketing tools of Easy Web Video.  It makes it extremely easy to create professional looking videos across a number of niches, but also includes the marketing tools to get the most of the videos you create.  Check out more on our JV page, and thank you for your support!

Video Marketing For The Rest Of Us
Feature rich. Easy to use.
That's Easy Web Video.

Just take a look at the features below!
Easy Web Video lives at the corner of Easy St and Fully Loaded Ave.

Easy To Access, Easy To Use

Cloud Storage

Access your work at any time from any device. All your videos are uploaded and kept in our online app storage. Plus you’re secured against crashes and failures with your personal hardware.

Wizard Interface

Get your video up and live in the minimal amount of steps with our simple wizard. No needlessly complex interfaces to deal with. Save time without skimping on features.

Place Video On Any Site, Any Device

Post & Embed

Embed your videos on any site, add them in WordPress Posts or even on eBay. Build dedicated landing pages for campaigns, or create email teasers directing people to your latest video.

View Anywhere

Make sure your video is seen clearly on any device - computer, tablet or mobile. Responsive design ensures your player and page looks beautiful wherever it’s seen.

Flexible Options

Choose any dimensions for your video playback. Set up a playlist, so that multiple videos can be seen in sequence. Or make your video open in either a lightbox or hover overlay.

Create The Perfect Video & Player

Brand Control

Create a fully branded experience by customizing your player – including adding your own colors to the player and logos for a watermark. Add your own pre- or post-viewing videos for cross-promotions and brand boosts.

Edit On The Fly

Take care of last minute edits in seconds. You can alter your video timeline with ease directly inside the interface. No more swapping back and forth. Great for trimming start or end points without re-uploading.

Conversion Tool

Make sure your video gets seen. Whatever format your source video is in – we can deal with it. Our in-built conversion feature will load and convert all your video files to the optimal format needed for online use.

Convert Viewers Into Action Takers

Calls To Action

Ensure that interested prospects can take action as soon as possible by adding links and buttons to your video player. Alternatively, add email sign-up forms to capture their information immediately and ensure you don’t lose contact with valuable leads.

Set Triggers

Keep your audience’s attention where you want it. Reveal sections of your page (such as pricing or next steps) at a set time during the video. The absence of other content will help focus users on the video, and when the time is right, they’re given an obvious course of action.

Track Views

Plan your future strategy by analysing statistics on your videos. As well as the number of views, you can see which devices are used to watch, how much of the video is being watched, and much more. Learn from the data, and apply changes to optimize your marketing.

Expand And Engage Your Audience

Social Hooks

Promote your video to others with our simple social sharing buttons. Our Fan Gate feature encourages new likes with every play. Plus we also offer integrated one-click Facebook comments for your video pages.

QR Code

Drive traffic to your video from your print materials with our QR Code feature. Using the QR Code we provide, you can drive more visitors from your offline promotional activities quickly and easily.

Easy SEO

Give your videos the best chance to rank highly in search by adding your video to a video sitemap. This tells search engines what your video is about and where to find it, and helps bring in maximum search traffic.

This is a web based + pc and mac software application. Primarily, more to do with amazon s3 bucket and video uploading with a lot of features. Remember, you have to configure your amazon s3 bucket before you can use the web-based application. Currently, it is priced at $57 per month (Thankfully, you will get it for FREE)

Apply the code and sign-up for FREE!

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[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Snatcher [Powerful Software Finds Untapped Niches]

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Snatcher [Powerful Software Finds Untapped Niches]

Powerful New Software Finds Untapped Niches That Other Webmasters Are Overlooking!
Finds Untapped Niches That Other Webmasters Are Overlooking!

Keyword Snatcher is basically a keyword research tool that allows you to create a big lists of keywords, but it does this in a unique and different way from other keyword research tools on the market. It runs on Windows and allows you to type in a root keyword. It then goes away and uses search suggestion information from Google, Yahoo and Bing to create a huge keyword list ordered by popularity.

Keyword Snatcher will return keyword data from a choice of 31 different countries. It also allows you to export the keywords into a spreadsheet or a text file and there is a niche research facility to help you find new niche ideas.

What Search Engines is Keyword Snatcher compatible with?

Keyword Snatcher gets Keywords from all 3 major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. It even goes further and lists each keyword under the column for that search engine.

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Snatcher [Powerful Software Finds Untapped Niches]

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[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Suggestion [Pro & WhiteLabel]

Still Struggling to Get Video Traffic & Top SEO Rankings For Yourself Or Your Clients?

Cracked Wide Open: Discover Thousands of Low-Competition
Keywords With a Simple Click of a Button

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Suggestion [Pro & WhiteLabel]

Fire up this bad boy! (web app works with ANY platform)

Select Youtube or Google
to tap into

Enjoy red-hot profitable keywords for your websites & videos

Finally You Can Get hundreds of relevant keywords NO ONE ELSE is ranking for, to get free organic traffic for your videos OR pages - all with just a single click of a mouse.

Our software helped us seamlessly generate high-converting, easy to rank for keywords which brought in amazing traffic, leads and revenue for our business.

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

You put in hours building your website, doing keyword research and writing super high quality articles, just to realize that nobody reads your site since it's buried in Google's search results.

Or likewise, you invested in the best video creation & distribution tools out there, just to have your professional videos never being viewed, because of poor Youtube rankings.

You end up paying a lot of money for that "secret" SEO method or video software that is supposed to take you to the top, but instead nothing happens.

Or even worse, you start seeing traffic, but nobody actually buys your affiliate products, clicks on your ads or signs up to your email list.

... And it's ALL because you've been targeting
the wrong keywords all along!

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Suggestion [Pro & WhiteLabel]

Let Me Explain
When you launch the software, it will take any of your ideas and turn them into thousands of keywords.

Step 1
The Amazing Idea Generator ($197 Value)
Idea Generator will suggest possible queries for your niche by simply inserting your main keyword there. This is absolutely amazing for taking keyword research to the next level with minimum effort and harvest thousands of keywords from every angle of your niche.

e.g. if your main keyword is "ipod", Idea Generator will offer possible queries such as: how * ipod, how to * an ipod, * foripods etc.

Step 2
Premium Keyword Generation ($197 Value)
The tool will then go ahead and replace the * in each of your queries from Idea Generator with various letters in Google Auto-Suggest and come up with a ton of keywords like "how much is an iPod" or "How do I get a free iPod". There are two examples of keywords people are actually searching for. They are long-tail and highly targeted. Even more important, they are very easy to monetize.

Step 3
Analysis ($197 Value)
By clicking on any of the harvested keywords, you will get vital information about it right within the app. You will know how many times a keyword is searched for, how competitive it is, and how likely it is to bring in not only traffic but also revenue for you.

As you can see, the tool will produce a list of thousands of keywords that are extremely relevant to your niche AND easy to rank for.

Here's what's ALSO included with Keyword Suggestion NOVA

Fantastic Web App & Desktop Version (Value $297)
With Keyword Suggestion, you can use either our cloud-based application, or go with the offline-stored desktop version. It's your choice and either way, you have the power of unparalleled keyword research right at your fingertips with just one click.

Enter Video Marketing (Value $197)
That's right - with Keywords Suggestion you're not just limited to Google. You get an UNFAIR advantage over your competition by tapping into Youtube for your videos. It's such a versatile tool, it's actually several software into ONE.

Total value for this amazing 3-in-1 tool: $1,085

Get Access Now To The Revolutionary New Software That Will Change All Your Money Making Issues For Life

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Suggestion [Pro & WhiteLabel]
Keyword Suggestion Pro
Keyword Suggestion Whitelabel

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Live Streaming on Facebook Just Got Easier, Faster and Better

This Powerful Software Automates Live Streaming On Facebook Without A Mobile Device


"An AMAZING, NEW Facebook Feature That You Can Utilize To SKYROCKET Your Customer Base And Get You Bringing In The Cash BY THE BOATLOAD!!!"

This Is The Next, "Big Thing" That You Do NOT Want To Miss Out On!

FB LiveWire is amazing product and very recommended for internet marketers. FB LiveWire is advanced course on using Facebook Live Video to produce high-end video productions, software demonstrations, and create a webinar-like platform. It’s An AMAZING, NEW Facebook Feature That You Can Utilize To SKYROCKET Your Customer Base And Get You Bringing In The Cash BY THE BOATLOAD. 

FB LiveWire is the most informative product about Facebook Live today! This product is packed full of AMAZING value towards the direction of the “Live” movement on how to use Facebook Live on mobile and desktop. It’s time for marketers to build an engaging audience with Facebook Live now. There really is no other FB Live Product like this in the market and we are sure you AND your subscribers will love this! They appreciate your support!. PDF with instructions on general use of FB Live, and advanced use of FB live on desktops. with graphics animation, videos and more.

FB LiveWire

Live Facebook Caster

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