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[BEST] Free Background Remover [ONLINE]

[BEST] Free Background Remover [ONLINE]

Remove Image Background
100% Automatically and Free

Removing backgrounds from images has never been easier: Select a photo, wait 5 seconds, and get a transparent cutout - 100% automatically and for free.

“We were impressed by its ability to account for pesky, feathery hair without making an image look jagged and amateurish.” - TechCrunch

Save time: There are approximately 20 million more interesting activities than removing backgrounds by hand. Thanks to's clever AI, you can slash editing time - and have more fun!

Add new backgrounds: Want to add a new background to your image? Pick one of our recommendations or select a photo from your own gallery. Ready? Go!

Share your creations: Easily share collages with your family and friends through your favorite apps.

Best quality: Whether you're editing portrait shots or product photos: handles the challenging edges, like hair and other tricky conditions, exceptionally well.

Get the best background remover for your phone and join millions of designers, photographers and businesses around the world!

Quickly Remove Background from Photos and Images Free!
Removing backgrounds from photos and images has never been easier

When removing a background from a photo it helps to choose a photo that has a distinct foreground/background. Images with a lot of detail or patterns are typically more difficult for a background remover to process accurately. Removing the background from photos containing people or solid objects is a common use and generates fantastic results.

Tips to remove image background

When selecting areas to be removed from the image you do NOT have to be extremely accurate You just need to ensure the red marker touches the color of the background that you want to remove. At the same time, the object in the foreground needs to be marked with the green marker.


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[GIVEAWAY] Invanto All Apps Access 1 Year License [Limited Offer]

Invanto All Apps Access 1 Year License

100% Software Giveaway on ALL Invanto Apps – Free 1 Year Access – The Online Course, Digital Product Business & Membership Management Software

[GIVEAWAY] Invanto All Apps Access 1 Year License [Limited Offer]

Turn your passion into a profitable business!
Easily build beautiful online courses, membership sites, training portals, and a lot more.
Trusted by entrepreneurs, trainers, and coaches worldwide!

- Build profit-pulling membership sites effortlessly.
- Build professional, social and interactive online schools.
- Reward management system with built-in point based store.

Invanto is about business building blocks accessible from one dashboard!
We build a new app every 4-5 months and integrate that into our single platform. These apps can work together, or they can be used individually. The system is modular to fit your needs.

Prepare your business to grow
Whether you’re in real estate, health/beauty, relationship advice, wellness, corporate law, education, arts, or any other industry and want to share your knowledge and skills with others, Invanto has the tools for you.

Business Centralization
Save time and money. A single, intuitive dashboard is all you need to keep your business going.

Highly Customizable Content
Do you have a particular visual style in mind? Invanto allows you to create your own unique brand identity through limitless customization options.

Infinite Integrations (via Zapier)
Use all your favorite apps connected to Invanto. Our platform is versatile and Zapier-compatible.

Invanto is all about delivering extra-ordinary customer experiences everyday. You’ll always get a real, live human faster than you can say “Wow, that was amazingly fast and super helpful.”

[GIVEAWAY] Invanto All Apps Access 1 Year License [Limited Offer]
Key Features of Invanto:

MemberFactory – Build profit-pulling memebership site in minutes.
Customize the layout of your site
Track relevant member data
Release content at intervals
CoachRack – Create and sell online courses under your brand.
Build your first online school site
Track your students’ progress
Supply your courses with reference materials
RewardBurst – Put customer engagement on steroids.
Add your digital products
Reward your members with points
Analyze the sales statistics
CartFrog – Create high converting sales funnels, upsells and downsells.
Create high converting sales funnels
Customize your site
Integrate with other Invanto apps
ConsentUp – Record, manage and store user consents and revocations.
Create mandatory policies
Create separate types of content
Map relevant policy documents to any site
AllyHut – Create, manage and grow the best affiliate programs.
Support your sites and products in different currencies
Promote your Invanto sites
Set your own withdrawal period
Testnia – Build tests and quizzes for your courses and lessons on your site.
Create different questions and quiz types
Gain precise test results with full student activity
Award certificates to your learners


- New Account Only
- All Premium Apps
- 1 membership site
- 1 online school
- No Integration Engine feature
- Only 100 zaps on Zapier utility

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[TIPS/TRICKS] 10 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know About

10 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know About
10 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know About

The internet as we know is filled with lots and lots of information which we can access with just a few clicks. Browsing can really be fun and exciting when you have some cool tricks up your sleeves. These tricks will make save you time and give you quicker results.

In this article, I will teach you some cool tricks you can use when surfing the internet.

Using browser as notepad
Your web browser can be used as a notepad and to make notes whiles browsing. All you have to do is copy this code below into your address bar and hit enter.


Adding .com to website
Now you don’t have to enter the full URL of a website in order to visit it. If the website ends with .com, all you need to do is to press CTRL+ENTER on your keyboard. This will automatically add .com to the website domain name.

So for example instead of typing, just type Kwesi and press CTRL+ENTER to add the .com and take you straight to my site.

Performing reverse image search
Instead of going through the long and boring process of right-clicking on an image and selecting “Search Google for this image” to perform a reverse image research, just hold S on your keyboard and right click on the image.

You can also drag the image into the Google search bar to perform a reverse image search.

Reopening last closed tab
In case you mistakenly closed a tab and want to reopen it immediately, press CTRL+SHIFT+T on your keyboard and your last closed tab will pop up immediately. This is far better than right clicking on the tabs and selecting “Reopen last closed tabs”.

Opening Link In A New Tab
To open a link in a new tab, users used to right click on the link and then select open link in new tab. This I believe is too long a process. So to make this faster, hold CTRL on your keyboard and click on the link to instantly open it in a new tab.

Identifying Font Used In An Image
If you’ve downloaded an image with text on your PC and you want to know the type of font used in the image, go to WhatTheFont and upload the image there. The website will tell you the font used in the image.

Opening Incognito browser
Browsing in incognito means your browsing history is not recorded. To go incognito in Google Chrome and Opera, press CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard.

Extracting text from scanned documents
So you’ve scanned your documents and want to extract the text from the scanned image, what do you do? Simply visit Free OCR or Online OCR to get it done.

Check whether a website is safe or not for browsing
Hackers use various ways to trick people into giving them their information. It is not therefore not advisable to give out your information on any website without knowing whether the website is safe for browsing or whether your information is secured.

To determine whether the website you’re browsing is safe, enter this in your address bar and click enter.

Remember to change to your website domain name.

Finding direct download link for your music
I know sometimes it can be really difficult when trying to download music files. You end up browsing lots of sites with numerous pop-under ads. To get rid of all the hustle you face when it comes to downloading your favorite audio files, search intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here to get the download link of the music.

These simple and easy tips will make your use of the internet more fun and also save you lots of precious time.

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[FREE] Top Free SMS Sites to Send Free SMS without Registration

Top 10 Free SMS Sites to Send Free SMS without Registration

Top Free SMS Sites to Send Free SMS without Registration

Do you want to send free SMS without registration to any number? Then this article is just for you. There is a lot of situation where you wanted to send SMS Message to someone through the Internet. When said through Internet, it doesn’t mean about sending messages from the Internet to Internet but sending SMS from the Internet to Mobile Number. Yes, you heard it right, you can send SMS through the Internet to Mobile, and in this article, we will see How?

This method mentioned below is completely anonymous, that means if you want then only you need to reveal your identity or you can stay anonymous as you wish. There is no way to find you unless you tell them, that’s kinda cool, right? There are a lot of sen free SMS messages online services on the Internet, but finding a good one which is reliable is a pretty tough deal here. That is the exact reason why I collected some of the best working sites to send Free SMS Sites. After all, this is a pretty good idea to prank your friends as well. You can use this trick to prank your friends and have a lot of fun. And the best part is that it does not require any registration. All the service mentioned here are based on send free SMS without registration type meaning no need to sign up or registration.

Why you need Free SMS Sites?

There are quite a lot of obvious reasons why you want to use free sms websites to send SMS messages to any people directly to their mobile without Internet Connection. For some reasons, let’s say that you want to text a person something and he is not having an active Internet pack and you are not having enough balance to send SMS, but you do have Internet in your Sim. This is one of the best cases where these SMS Sites comes in handy.

As these websites don’t require you to sign up or register for an account, it comes, even more, user-friendly. Its kinda like plug and play websites which do not use any of your personal information for Registration or Login purpose.

- No Registration or Sign up to use the service
- Plug and Play kinda service
- Directly send SMS from the Internet to Mobile
- Send SMS to any kind of Mobile devices including Feature phones
- International Mobile Numbers included. Handy for Numbers from United States, United Kingdom, and India
- 100% Free
- No Limits or Restrictions
- Applies standard 165 character limits
- Can send multiple SMS simultaneously
- Send free SMS without registration

Now, let’s just get into the list of Best Sites to send SMS without Registration

Free sms Worldwide and sms International, Send Text message World-wide, voice sms, receive sms online Without registration, mensajes gratis online, ...

Using we provide a Free SMS Worldwide service to send free SMS Texting From internet. Send free sms worldwide from our Website to any operator. Do it all online. You will always enjoy our Free SMS text message Service. Send sms international unlimited. 

- Go to the site
- Enter the Mobile Number, Select the Country and type in the message to send
- Hit the Send button, and you are all good to go
- Instantly, a notification will appear telling that the SMS was delivered.

Txtmenow is the first site on our list. This is a pretty good site to send free SMS anonymously over the Internet. This site is specifically having two different options to send SMS. The first one is to send Message to people residing in North America, ie, the person you are sending the message to must have a North American Number. The second option is to go with the International Option. This is the option you should be selected if you want to send SMS to any person residing other than the United States.

-Fill in all the details like the Number, Sending Option and the text message
-Tap the Continue button.
-Now, another page will appear with all the information you just wrote in and simply click on the “Confirm and Send” button to send the SMS
-It will take a few minutes to send the SMS to the recipient.

Send Anonymous Text is another great website for sending anonymous SMS to any number in the world. The best part of this site is the ability to send SMS to different countries like the UK, US and the number of other site are also included in their service. Although the functions of all the services mentioned on the website are pretty much the same. so, there is nothing special on this site, works similarly like any other site on the list.

- Go to the site
- Enter the Mobile Number, Select the Country and type in the message to send
- Hit the Send button, and you are all good to go
- Instantly, a notification will appear telling that the SMS was delivered.

Send Anonymous SMS is probably one of the most prank based Send SMS sites services. The best part of using this site is the feature that you will be able to spoof mobile number accordingly. That means you can decide what number should be displayed in the Sender’s section. How cool is that? To use this service with spoofing trick by following the steps below.

- Go to the website
- Firstly, enter the spoofed number of your choices like 100, 111, 0000000, or anything of your choice
- Select the Country of receiver’s number
- Type in the Receiver’s Mobile Number
- Enter the Message
- Solve the captcha verification
- Hit that Send button

Now a page will appear telling that the SMS is sent.

Here are some of the features that you will definitely love while using Send Anonymous SMS

- Telling someone you love them via the phone
-When your own SMS service is low on credit
- Inform the tax office about tax cheaters
- Trick your friends with spoof SMS messages
- Inform the authorities about illegal activities
- Give SMS warnings to friends
- If your private SMS is blocked by the receiver

Here is the list of some other few working websites to send unlimited SMS anonymously.

If any site mentioned in this article is not working for you then move onto the next site in the list and it will work for sure.

You can use these websites to prank your friends or to SMS someone at important messages. s they can’t find the identity of the number, you are completely anonymous while using this website. So, you can easily prank anyone. This website comes as a life saver as well. In an important situation if you want to send a message to someone who is not having an Internet connection, this trick comes really handy. Be sure to share this article and comment down below your thoughts doubts.

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[TIPS/TRICKS] How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the most popular downloaders. It comes with lots of functionalities such as the ability to pause downloads, and even resume downloads at any time. Most people use IDM due to its ability to download files with speed.

If you’re not enjoying the speed IDM comes with due to slow internet or other factors, then this article is for you. I will walk you through some simple steps to help give your IDM a boost for faster downloads even with slow internet.

The first thing obviously is to open your IDM, click on Downloads, navigate to Speed Limiter and turn it off.

How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

After that, click on Downloads again, navigate to Speed Limiter and click on Settings. Now set the speed to 10000 KB.

How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

Once again click on Downloads and select Options. Go to Connections and select the highest bandwidth and click OK to save the settings.

How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

Still, on the Connection page, click “Default max. conn. number” and change it to 16 and click OK to save.

How To Increase Your IDM Download Speed

And that’s it. You’re good to go. You’ll begin seeing a boost in your download speed.
IDM Optimizer

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