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[GIVEAWAY] Traffic Problem? Solved [Never Worry About Traffic Again]

[GIVEAWAY] Traffic Problem? Solved [Never Worry About  Traffic Again]
Learn How We’re Getting 768 FREE Highly Targeted Visitors To Our Website Daily … And How You Can Easily Do The Same by Copying and Pasting Our Traffic Formula!

TRAFFIC PROBLEM? SOLVED! Is a first of it’s kind fresh new case study and step by step course showing how to build FB fan pages into the thousands for dirt cheap on repeat, and how to profit from them as often as you like.

Each fan page is built super fast and our audience that I have discovered for you is insanely engaged to everything that we are selling, and has the potential to bring you hundreds to thousands a month in pure profits. Sweet deal, right?


Likes = traffic = profits. It’s that simple. Never before was getting targeted likes so cheap- any newbie can create their very own FB fan page profit machine as early as today.

Takes only minutes per day to get it going!


✓ Never worry about traffic again
✓ Your own private traffic-rich FB fan pages
✓ Never be stumped again when wondering where to get traffic
✓ Build as many traffic-rich fan pages as you like
✓ Set, forget, and go relax
✓ Get your likes for cheaper than ever before

Traffic Problem? Solved! Works In Just 3 Steps...

Step 1: Go through the course

Step 2: Deploy the initial setup that starts building your likes for dirt cheap

Step 3: Enjoy profiting from each fan page and our video ads formula with just minutes of work

Never Worry About Expensive Paid Traffic Again

We’re going to be honest with you. SEO takes FOREVER. Paid traffic only works if you have a huge budget… and until now, these were your only options. Now, a tiny up front cost can help you build a private traffic-rich fan page of thousands of likes that you can market to at no further cost FOREVER...

Now Anyone Can Finally Drive Traffic On Demand..

Build your likes and get traffic effortlessly in any niche you want using this method. This time next week you could have multiple profit-pulling FB fan page machines!

Comes With Full Case Study + High End Training

Included is a case study showing my exact niche, traffic and setup as well as a high end traffic training that outlines exactly how to build these traffic-rich fan pages for cheap,and how to profit from them quickly.

New course helps you build up hot, targeted traffic fast in any niche with ZERO competition...

✓ New case study- fresh, my exact hot niche revealed
✓ Works to get you fast traffic in any niche
✓ Only need 15 min a day
✓ Rapid monetization training included
✓ Step by step and newbie friendly
✓ Real case study results
✓ Free traffic every day
✓ Works for any niche

With This Rapid Traffic, You Can:

✓ Make easy affiliate commissions
✓ Build a list
✓ Make money with adsense
✓ Grow your brand
✓ Get traffic for others
✓ Drive traffic wherever you want for pennies

That’s Right, This Traffic Works For EVERYONE Including:

✓ Newbies
✓ Affiliate marketers
✓ CPA marketers
✓ Ecommerce marketers
✓ List builders/email marketers
✓ Small business owners
✓ Social media marketers
✓ Bloggers
✓ Adsense/Display Ads Marketers
✓ Anyone who needs traffic and is struggling to get it

Traffic Problem? Solved

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[GIVEAWAY] Google Competition Slayer [Rank you at the TOP of GOOGLE]

Google Competition Slayer [Rank you at the TOP of GOOGLE]
Google Competition Slayer

Get the information your competitors don't want you to know Google Competition Slayer
...CRUSH your competitors in the Search Engine Ranks...

If you're not researching your keywords, and checking on your competitors 
you will never be able to out rank them in the search engines. 

How long does it take you to find out the number of back-links a competitor has to a link or domain,
the social shares to Facebook or Google+, or even on page SEO attributes like keyword in title, header tags, and more?

If you answered more than 1-2 minutes this software is for you.

You can insert a keyword and have results in less than 30 seconds  
With 17 useful metrics you can then use to further tweak and adjust your site for ranking in the search engines.

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[GIVEAWAY] Blog Leader Secrets [How To Create Passive Income Streams]

Blog Leader Secrets [How To Create Passive Income Streams]

Most people fail because they have no clear guidance. That's why we created this high quality 9 part video course

Learn how to create a passive,
six figure online income stream.

Why you want a passive income stream:

✓ You literally get paid while you’re doing other things… even sleeping
✓ It gives you the freedom to work on other projects or enjoying life while money continues to flow in

Life your very own life. You’re able to work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and an internet connection.

Why this is the best way for passive income:

✓ Very little invest and low risk with high potential
✓ You don’t need any prior experience
✓ Compared to other businesses very little effort

Most people fail because they have no clear guidance. That’s why we created this high quality 9 part video course:

Don’t dream your life, live your dream!
Don’t wait for a better life, chase it!

Blog Leader Secrets [How To Create Passive Income Streams]

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[GIVEAWAY] Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

Console Rocket - Google Search Console on Rocket Fuel

Enrich your Search Console Data; visualise it, and get innovative insights from our powerful new interface.
Get innovative insights from our powerful new search console reporting interface. Keep your GSC data for a full year, Free.

Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

Console Rocket was built by an internal innovation team within Linkdex keen to experiment with what we could do to leverage Linkdex’s expertise, and our desire to improve the SEO world.

At its heart Console Rocket is a reporting suite that consumes your Google Search Console Data

It uses some clever data science to improve it, and then we push it into a vastly improved reporting interface designed to make it easy to find insights using.

Unlock Search Console
Search Console is fragmented and poorly represents your data

The very fabric of content marketing and SEO depends on you being able to understand the relationships between your keywords, rankings, and the pages of your website – something which Google fails to provide; leaving you with a blind spot holding you back.

Better Marketing via Data Science
Once fixed, you can apply Data Science, and Search Console becomes digital marketing rocket fuel.

You will quickly realise just how important this data is when you start exploring the many never seen before features in this free tool that helps with:

✓ Keywords for Pages Over Time
✓ Page Cannibalisation Reporting
✓ CTR Modeling
✓ Keyword Flux and Ranking  / Page Relationships
✓ Historic reporting for all Console data plus new metrics
✓ Brand / Non-brand grouping of keywords

Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

How does it Work?
The important thing Console Rocket does, is filling in the blanks in the user’s journeys.

First we establish links and relationships between all the bits of RAW data google give you about your website’s performance in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

Then we record this data for you over time, long term, so you are not limited to google’s 90 day limit for storing this super valuable data. This is important for a bunch of reasons.

Those two things combined with some really clever data science and experience with google, lets us build truly beneficial reporting with highly functional tools for building strategies and performing audits.

When to Use it
Well its free, so you can use it whenever you want.

The only thing thing to stop you would be if you don’t have a google search console account (formerly google webmaster tools) which is also free from google here.

Once you have a google search console account you can immediately integrate it with console rocket. Note: it may take a few hours for data to start showing up in your dashboard.

Who Should use it
Anyone who is interested in getting more traffic to there website. Simple.

Although we sometimes use words like “data” and acronyms like SEO, CTR and LTV its really just a way of describing steps in a journey we have all made ourselves a thousand times before.

Modern SEO and content marketing is about more than tracking keywords and getting links

Console Rocket fits into the larger picture by providing information about what happens in google and how that relates to your site. Console Rocket is simply a better view of your WMT/search console information, designed to make SEO, content marketing and web admin much more effective.

Google Search Console [ON ROCKET FUEL]

How to Get Started
Click Signup and Connect your Google Search Console account. That’s it.

Once you connect your Search Console to your Console Rocket account, it will immediately start processing your data, recording it for you and applying our data science to built reports and insights for you.

It takes about 30 minutes for the data crunching to start showing insights. In that time you can watch our tutorial video to familiarise yourself with the potential possibilities of Console Rocket.

Super Simple

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[GIVEAWAY] Google My Business PLR Kit

Google My Business PLR Kit
Google My Business PLR Kit


☑ A Brand New Lead Generation PLR Guide w/Ecover
☑ A Professional PowerPoint Presentation
☑ 5 Pre-Written Email Autoresponder Follow-Up Messages
☑ A Whiteboard Animation Lead Generation Video
☑ A Professional Squeeze Page
☑ Ecovers are Provided in PNG, JPG, and PSD Formats for EASY Editing
☑ All Documents Provided in MS Word, OpenOffice, and Notepad Formats for EASY Editing
☑ The PowerPoint Provided in MS PPT and OpenOffice Formats for EASY Editing


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[GIVEAWAY] Free Instant Automatic Backlinks Generator [+GOV AND EDU BACKLINKS]

Free Automatic Backlinks Generator [Instant Backlinks] [+GOV AND EDU BACKLINKS]
Free Automatic Backlinks Generator  +.GOV And .EDU Backlinks
Get free high backlinks for free within minute ! Instant free backlinks...

Our free backlinks generators will help your pages to :

✓ Get 100+ free real backlinks
✓ Influence rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing...
✓ Be ranked higher and faster in search engine results
✓ Receive more traffic with free backlinks
✓ 95% of the free backlinks are dofollow backlinks
✓ Take only 2 minutes to build all the free backlinks

Here Are The Lists Of Backlinks Generator You Can Use To Get
Some Real Backlinks That Do Follow...

And Here Are Top 23 sites for free Backlinks online

Index Kings provides you around 15k Backlinks free of cost through which you can even submit multiple URLs or complex URLs. If you need some quality backlinks then you can buy those quality backlinks from Monster Backlinks too.
Domain Age – Index Kings site is approx 6 years old.

They will automatically add your site/link to approx 10k different sites and provides you complete report about each statistics.
Domain Age – This site is approx 1 year old.

BackLinkr provides your 1000s of backlinks which are high quality backlinks and are frequently crawled by all search engines like Google, Bing etc
Domain Age – This site is just 3 years old.

IMT provides you a good quality 1800 Backlinks for your website/blog. In early times, they were provided around 2500+ backlinks. Some backlinks are no-follow and some are do-follow but we really recommend this backlink maker.
Domain Age – This site is approx more than 10 years old as far as we know.

This site will create 2000+ backlinks which directly points to your site/blog and are frequently crawled by Google. You can even mention keywords just like IMT Website Submitter.
Domain Age – This site is 5 years old website.

They will ping your site to around 2000+ different websites.
Domain Age – This site is 1.5 years old.

SEO Unity will automatically submit your blog/website to 600+ different websites. They will even show you the status of every backlink entry.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

They will create instant high quality backlinks for your website or blog. All backlinks are from reputed web info sites.
Domain Age – This site is also 6 years old.

With SER Backlinks, You’ll get full report of all URLs, backlinks and pings that you generate. You can even submit your URL with keywords.
Domain Age – This site is 4 years old.

This backlink generator will provides you 2500+ different places. Some of them are no-follow backlinks and some are do-follow backlinks and regularly crawled by Google.

Excel Submit provides your all inbound backlinks which are directly coming from a node. This site also provides alot of services like Free Sitemap XML Submission, Free Search Engine Submission, Free Website Security Scan etc.
Domain Age – This is just 1 year old.

They will automatically ping your website/blog to approx 2400+ different websites which includes large no of websites that accepts free listing.

To get 1000+ backlinks, you need to first fill out your email address at the site and they will send the verification link to your email from where you can only claim free 1000 backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is 2 years old.

With this site, you’ll get 100+ free real backlinks and most of the backlinks are do-follow backlinks and it hardly less than 2 minutes to build all free backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is around 3 years old.

This site only provides do-follow 100+ backliks with PR2 links in less time and it hardly takes less than 1-3 minutes.
Domai Age – This site is 4 years old.

With ImproveSEORank, you’ll get so many good high quality backlinnks in terms of 100, along with you can even submit your link with keywords.
Domain Age – This site is 5 years old.

This tool will creates nearly 50 backlinks to your website which definitely boosts your website or blog and will directly indexed to all search engines.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

You’ll get instant free backlinks with Instant Backlink Builder Tool and all are mostly high quality backlinks.

Ping Bomb is a free service through which you’ll get so much high quality backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is 4 years old.

You can generate high quality backlinks with smallseotools with just a single click. All backlinks are valuable, relevant and authentic backlinks.
Domain Age – This site is 6 years old.

You can generate a large number of high value backlinks in a matter of seconds. Simply enter your website below and click “Submit” to watch the free backlink maker tool do its job!

Automatically builds (+2500) of high quality backlinks for your webpage. Generated backlinks on well established websites which are frequently crawled by search engines, quickly helping with SEO and improving your page rank on all search engines.

This tool will Submit and Ping your URL to 1,506 Websites and Services with one click.

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[GIVEAWAY] Get Certified by Google [Certificate of online Proficiency]

[GIVEAWAY] Get certified by Google [Online Marketing - The Digital Garage]

Get certified by Google
Kickstart your career with an impressive digital certification. Our free online courses will guide you through everything from search engines, to social media and beyond.

Free tutorials from Google on everything from your website to online marketing and beyond. Choose the topics you want to learn, or complete the whole online course for a certification from Google and IAB Europe.

Boost your digital knowledge and help you grow your business or career.

[GIVEAWAY] Get Certified by Google [Certificate of online Proficiency]

Why get certified?
A certification is a great way to make your CV shine. It shows you’ve got genuine digital skills, and that you are motivated to learn: two essential qualities in today’s business world.

What to expect:

Who is it for?
Job seekers and students. For those who want to get started, sharpen their skills or simply get their CV noticed.

How it works
Our platform is free, just sign up and receive your online learning plan of 23 digital marketing topics. Complete your plan by watching the lessons and checking your knowledge with fun and quick quizzes. After you have completed your plan, unlock the certification questions, and once passed you can download your certificate.

Learn from experience
Watch video tutorials from everyday experts who’ve been in your shoes, or come visit us in one of our physical “garages” for face-to-face mentoring.

Apply your knowledge
Test what you’ve learned and get practical tips for applying your new skills to grow your confidence.

Keep going!
Explore more ways to create new opportunities. You can even get certified by completing all topics in the Garage.

Digital Marketing with Google’s Digital Garage Certificate of online Proficiency

This is the introductory course to Digital Marketing and is relevant for beginners who may want to understand the basics of the Digital Marketing eco-system before deep diving into each topic. Offered in bite-sized modules, the person needs to unlock 23 badges to win a certificate. Each badge pertains to 1 topic (among SEO, SEM, display, search, email, etc.) and covers the entire gamut of online marketing. The ones who already know about these terminologies or are taking the other courses mentioned in this list can choose to skip this course.

[GIVEAWAY] Get Certified by Google [Certificate of online Proficiency]

Get Google Certification

We’ve partnered with the Interactive Advertising Bureau to offer a free certification for those who finish our complete course content. Our content covers the basics and beyond, to help you build a great foundation of digital skills. And you can showcase this qualification on your CV and LinkedIn profile too.

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[How to] Add Wikipedia References for a Website [Tutorial]

[How to] Add Wikipedia References for a Website [Tutorial]

Any good SEO knows the importance of dofollow backlinks. But they also know that you should have a good ratio of dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. Some nofollow backlinks, like those on Wikipedia, are actually quite good. Why? My theory is that because the quality of traffic that sees these links is generally higher. It is usually people searching for answers for their problems. I put Quora links in this same boat. So in today’s post I want to share with you quickly how to add Wikipedia references. It is very easy!

How to Add Wikipedia References for a Website

I am going to show you how to add Wikipedia references for a website or blog post. This doesn’t mean you should head over to Wikipedia and start creating a bunch of links. But if you have quality content and you can contribute to what the Wikipedia article says, then yes, by all means do it.

Step 1
First you will want to sign into your account. It is completely free to have one, so if you don’t just, go ahead and sign up.

Step 2
So in this example I am going to use my blog post on Google’s change to the Keyword Planner and using close variant keywords. I see that Wikipedia has a page about Google Keyword Planner. And if I look at the article I can see a section called limitations. Now, this recent change from Google is definitely a limitation! So personally I think this is useful information for people to know. So I am going to add some information about that and then add a Wikipedia reference back to my blog post.

Step 3
After finding the article I now need to write something that helps contribute to the article. So under that section (after I am logged in) I click on the [edit] link.

Step 4
The next is to actually add the information. It doesn’t have to be very long, just make sure it is helpful. So in this example I add the following:

* As of June 2016, Google Keyword Planner now groups close variant keywords. This makes estimating search volumes more difficult.

Step 5
Next we need to add the magical part. The nice part about this is that Wikipedia has pre-made templates which makes this very easy. So for this, I click into “Templates” and choose “cite web.”

Step 6
For a blog post or article on a website you will want to fill in the following fields and click on “Insert.”

Last name with date (optional)
Website name
Access date (you can simply click the calendar icon and it will pre-populate with the current date)

Step 7
After you click insert it adds the correct citation formatting so you don’t have to worry about it. I then suggest clicking on “Show Preview” just to double check everything. Then add a short summary of what you are adding and click on “Save Changes.”

And as you can see, it is now on the live Wikipedia page with the citation and reference added. Remember, if your citation or reference is not adding quality to the page, an administrator might remove it. So don’t spam!

As you can see, adding Wikipedia references and citations are quite easy since they have templates for you. A lot of people sometimes get overwhelmed when they see Wikipedia, but as long as you know where to click it is pretty fast and simple. And of course you can always bookmark this post for future reference.

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[GIVEAWAY] SpyFu SEO Sniper [Discover The Most Profitable Keywords and Ads]

[GIVEAWAY] SpyFu SEO Sniper [Discover The Most Profitable Keywords and Ads]
SPYFU SEO SNIPER is a powerful step by step training behind of my partner Alexander Stern will shows you how we are doing first page rankings in days, and more importantly, making BANK from it.


☑ This course introduces you to SpyFu and demonstrates many of its essential features. SpyFu enables users to view key marketing information from their competitors.
☑ The course provides an over-the-shoulder view with video of both the instructor and the SpyFu user interface
☑ It provides an introductory demonstration of the software designed to familiarize you with the most useful options.
☑ Upon completion of the course, you should have a good sense of how to formulate a comprehensive marketing plan covering SE0 and PPC strategies used by their competition by using the SpyFu application, and much more…

What Am I Going To Get From This Course?

☑ Use The Spyfu Marketing Tool To Better Understand Their Competition's Marketing Strategies.
☑ Develop SEO And PPC Marketing Plans With Inspiration From Other Websites In Their Niche.
☑ How To View The Keywords That Their Competition Ranks For Naturally In The Search Engines.
☑ How Valuable The Market Believes Those Keywords Are By Seeing Estimated Cost Per Click Information.
☑ Learn How To View And Download Advertisements That Competitors Run And The Search Engine Search Terms They Appear On.
☑ How To View A Chronological History Of Such Ads. This Will Enable You To Take A Look At What Has Historically Proven As More Likely To Be Worth Buying To Competitors Over A Given Period Of Time.

[GIVEAWAY] SpyFu SEO Sniper [Discover The Most Profitable Keywords and Ads]

[GIVEAWAY] SpyFu SEO Sniper [Discover The Most Profitable Keywords and Ads]
Please Note: This is not for "SpyFu account" this is a "SpyFu Seo Sniper" (Read Tittle) 

which contains:
- SpyFu Overview 
- SpyFu SEO 
- SpyFu PPC

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[GIVEAWAY] Tube Traffic Alchemy [+BONUS]

[GIVEAWAY] Tube Traffic Alchemy [+BONUS]
Tube Traffic Alchemy is an over the shoulder step by step guide of a loophole that will allow you to upload your videos the way YouTube AND Google love. 

We get page one rankings in a hard health niche using this method. This underground way to upload your video that gives you a huge edge over others.  

As well as other ranking strategies, you will learn how to create video scripts that convert and speak to the audience so that the desired effect can be achieved.

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[GIVEAWAY] Simple Site Booster [+BONUSES]

[GIVEAWAY] Simple Site Booster [+BONUSES]
Every site needs to RANK high in google, get NOTICED by visitors and customers and it needs to GET TRAFFIC.
After building over 150 sites over the years, I’ve learnt a few tricks…
And there is a SHORTCUT that many people don’t know about.
It’s HOW TO BOOST YOUR NEW SITE Instantly and make it more visible.
And for doing just that we’ve created the Simple Site Booster software.

All you have to do is...

Step 1: PUT IN YOUR SITE URL or domain name.
Step 2: Press ONE button.
Step 3: Sit back and Watch Simple Site Booster give a boost to your brand new site.

It will go on and alert over 1000 top ranking sites about your new site getting you noticed by them and Google, Yahoo, Bing – all the top search engines.

This takes less than 2 minutes and all you have to do is press one button and relax.

Not just that, you’ll see that in a couple weeks, your site has gone to get over 100 backlinks from all these top sites without you doing any work for it.

There is absolutely nothing to install or setup with this.

That’s why Simple site booster is a must have for any new site and is the PERFECT companion to WP Freshstart.

[GIVEAWAY] Simple Site Booster [+BONUSES]

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