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Never Install [Run Chrome Browser at 10Gbps]

 Neverinstall allows users to run their favorite desktop applications in the browser. No need for installation, no repetitive downloading of files, and better yet, no storage space required.

Never Install [Run Chrome Browser at 10Gbps]

Neverinstall is a cloud platform that allows you to run any GUI application from the browser without installing anything. It is an alternative to traditional desktop applications and empowers people with the idea of using applications in a way they are more familiar with - as web apps.

What is neverinstall?

neverinstall allows users to access & run native applications like - Android studio, Chrome, VS Code, IntelliJ, etc. through a local browser.

How does it work?

We run these applications in cloud-native environments with virtual displays and stream the video directly to the browser while the user's input context (mouse, keyboard, etc) is forwarded to these applications in near real-time.

The platform has a very generous free plan for all free applications and as we improve our cloud we intend to make all free applications fully free always. The paid applications will have a BYOL or a fully-loaded pay-as-you-go model. Of course, these might change in the future but keeping the free applications with a generous free plan will not.

We believe as access to good and cheap high-speed internet grows everywhere, accessing and using software should change and be a lot more optimal than what it is now.

Data Security & Trust

All apps on our platform are either ephemeral or persistent as the user chooses. Ephemeral workspaces by nature are short-lived as long as the user is using them and would be deleted (along with all the user data) immediately after the session ends while persisted workspaces will persist user data across sessions with multiple layers of security.

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