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[GIVEAWAY] Apowersoft Background Eraser [LICENSE]

[GIVEAWAY] Apowersoft Background Eraser [LICENSE]

Apowersoft Background Eraser is an easy yet professional tool that can automatically remove background from image with few clicks. No matter it is a person or an object that you want to get from the image, it can be easily done since it uses AI technology to recognize the subject in the photo. As long as you upload your image, this magic tool will automatically separate the foreground from the background, producing precise cutout with transparent background.

If you are not satisfied with the result, there are also "Remove" and "Keep" tool which allow you to manually adjust it, as well as basic photo editing functions to let you crop, move and rotate the cutout. In addition to that, this software also provides a simple way to change photo background. It has a built-in library of background that offers solid colors and well-designed templates for users to use. You are also allowed to use your own custom image as the background if you want. With the help of this all-in-one photo background editor, you can easily create your stunning photographs, posters, banners, and greeting cards, etc.

Key features of Apowersoft Background Eraser:

1. Remove backgrounds automatically and manually

2. Built-in massive templates(scenery, profile photos, greeting cards, e-commerce presentations, etc.)

3. Customize own backgrounds

4. Process photos in bulk

5. Pre-set ID photo crop sizes

6. Move, duplicate, and flip cutouts

7. Adjust brightness and saturation

8. Save as JPG, PNG formats

[GIVEAWAY] Apowersoft Background Eraser [LICENSE]

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