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[GIVEAWAY] How to get Wise Care 365 PRO for free [FREE LICENSE]

 Wise Care 365 PRO - Free License

Clean, stabilize and speed-up Windows computer with just one mouse-click; Wise Care 365 Pro packs a complete tool collection to keep Windows computers running stable and fast as a new computer does.

Wise Care 365 Pro allows to save time and money, enabling regular users to keep their computers running at the best possible performance.

[GIVEAWAY] How to get Wise Care 365 PRO for free [FREE LICENSE]

Free license for the comprehensive utility Wise Care 365 PRO to provide effective optimization of the Windows system. The tool will clear your browsing history and delete unnecessary files, perform comprehensive maintenance, adjust performance settings and speed up your computer.

Wise Care 365 PRO uses the most advanced technologies to comprehensively  optimize and improvecomputer performance , defragment disks and the registry of the Windows operating system. Clean up unnecessary files taking up space. And also, managing startup processes and services , so that your computer will work faster and much more stable.

Wise Care 365 PRO will help you erase all traces of computer operations, such as browsing history and file access, completely delete data, without the possibility of recovery, so that your information remains confidential .

Wise Care 365 Functions:

✓ Registry Cleaner and Defrag.

✓ Privacy Eraser.

✓ Disk Cleaner.

✓ Disk Defrag.

✓ File Shredder.

✓ Wise Memory Optimizer.

✓ Startup Manager.

✓ System Optimization.

✓ Context Menu Management.

✓ Big Files Manager.

✓ Password Generator.


✓ Computer maintenance: Provide the required tools to perform a Windows expert maintenance; it enables regular users to save money in technician's services.

✓ Find out Windows Issues: Detect and resolve hidden problems that may cause a system slow or crash.

✓ Easier to use: It comes with a wizard-style interface with full automated check and fix functions.

✓ Scan Engine: The issue's detection and fixing module is improved continuously, ensuring users a professional solution.

Wise Care 365 PRO Comprehensive Optimizer Features:

✓ Optimize and speed up your personal computer.

✓ Freeing up even more space on the drive.

✓ Deep cleaning of the history of user data.

✓ Details of your computer's devices.

✓ The ability to reserve and roll back changes.

✓ Automatic cleaning of the system in quiet mode.

✓ Integration into the conductor's contextual menu.

✓ Cleaning the registry and effectively compressing.

✓ Control of auto-start and Windows services.

✓ Protecting your privacy.

✓ Defragmentation of hard drives.

✓ A lot more skins and themes.

How to get a free Wise Care 365 PRO license
Download Wise Care 365 PRO version 5.6.1 and install it, activation will occur automatically: Supported operating systems : Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP 32 or 64-bit

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