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[HOW TO] Remove Date and HTML Extension [From Blogger Post URL]

[HOW TO] Remove Date and HTML Extension [From Blogger Post URL]

How To Remove Date and HTML Extension From Blogger Post URL – Make Blogger Permalink Format Like WordPress

The WordPress post URL blogger looks professional compared to the default blogger post URL. So I recommend them to everyone if they have just started a blog on Blogger. Use this technique to extract dates from Blogger’s URL. This will make a Professional Blogger blog like WordPress.

A permanent Blogger link is generated automatically and you can do it manually. But in both cases, the date will be. But with this method you can remove Blogger’s date in each post and even future posts will not have a date.

Use this technique to Remove date from blogger post URL. This will make your Blogger Blog professional like WordPress.

Why To Remove Date From Blogger Permalink?

It is necessary to remove the date and not use any special symbol in blogger permalink for search engine optimization.

Search engines also have a ranking factor algorithm regarding your blog permalink.

he permalink should not be the length and must not contain any date format and a special symbol.

Recently, Backlinko had analyzed over 1 million SERP’s (search engine result pages).

They found that the post which does not contain any date or month or any other format in the permalinks ranks better than others in comparison to other competitions.

So, if you want to rank well on google, you will have to remove the date present in blogger permalinks.

Why To Remove HTML Extension From Blogger Permalink?

Google and other search engine algorithm to rank a website change year by year.

Recently, google hummingbird algorithm had changed a lot of factors to rank a website up to 200+ factors.

One of the factors included was no extension in the URL. Leaving an extension in URL is bad for SEO.

Also, when you scan your website for SEO through CheckBot, you will notice that it will display “Don’t Use Extension” during analyzing the SEO of your site.

You can also notice any google related sites like Google Adsense community center etc, none of the sites contains webpage extension in their URL.

Benefits Of Removing Date Form Blogger Post URL

✓ Removing Date From Blogger Blog Posts will make your content Evergreen.
✓ Gives Professional Permalink to your Blog Posts.
✓ It Won’t Let visitors know on which date the post is published.
✓ Helps in the Better ranking is Search Engine Result Pages.
✓ Make your Blog Post URL Short.
✓ Above the benefits which you will get by removing the date from blogger posts URL.

Disadvantages Of Removing Date From Blogger Post URL

Removing date from Posts URL is good, but only for new bloggers

Who has just started their blog on Blogger?

If you have already a well established Blogger Blog, and your blog posts are ranking in Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Then, you shouldn’t take risk of changing Posts URL.

Because it will effeminately affect the SEO of your blog. 

Let me explain to you,

IF any of your blog posts are ranked in Google with the date in URL, and after date, with this method, you removed the date from URL.

Now, the previous link in which the date is there will be 404, Which is page not found Error.

This will affect your website SEO badly. So beware of changing Post URL if, it is ranked in Google Searches.

Now, let us get to the main point, How to Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL 

Now, here, I will show you the method

So let’s get into it.

Step 1: Login Into Your Blogger Dashboard and head-over to the theme section.

Step 2: After clicking on the Theme section, Get into the "edit HTML".

Step 3: Now, Find out the </head> tag here. You can also find it out with the help of Cntrl+F.

Step 4: Now, Copy the Below Given Code and Paste it before the </head> tag and click on Save theme

Now, you have done it. If you face any problem in the above-given steps you can watch this video tutorial also.


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