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[GIVEAWAY] WebbyVid [Cloud Based Software]

[GIVEAWAY] WebbyVid [Cloud Based Software]

WebbyVid is a cloud-based software that allows you to convert any webpage or online article to a perfect video. This one of the most comfortable and simple program because WebbyVid is an autopilot doing all the process for you. Just insert any URL of the desired page, post or article and WebbyVid will create a video only after 60 seconds.

People tend to spend nearly 90% more time on a page with videos and likely to share them. Which means by inserting motion clips, massive traffic will flow into your sites leading to the soar of sales and profits.

Features & Benefits:

No Complicated Installation

WebbyVid is a cloud-based software that runs smoothly on all operating systems. You just need a web browser with a stable internet connection in order to create eye-catching videos.

Quickly Create a Video from any URL

This is the highlight point of the app. Just get the link from one site, blog or article and WebbyVid will carry out the rest. From now on, you can turn any old content from your website into a fledged video within seconds.

60 Seconds to produce a Striking Video

The future of the online content marketing is in your hand since WebbyVid is the quickest way to produce fantastic videos. Just a click of a button and wait for 60 seconds!

Making Video from your Audio Files

Another option for you to generate clips. The software allows its users to upload any sound files to create a video. Plus, WibbyVid has a wide range of done-for-you video templates for you to pick from

Smart Search Engines

The system allows you to insert keywords and search for instant videos. WebbyVid send recommendations are based on their 10,000 databases and quickly produce high-quality videos for you.

Adjust your video content at any time

The powerful edit tool can make changes at any time if you want to improve or edit your content.

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