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[GIVEAWAY] Domain Drop Catching Software [Expired Domain Catcher]

Domain Drop Catching Software [Expired Domain Catcher]

Domain Drop Catching Software

Domain Catcher is a software that can auto register domain when it becomes available. This domain grabber tool uses domain registration api from several registrars to snap domain in a short time after it is dropped, which is called domain drop-catching. It is difficult to manually dropcatch domain because there are many competitors there who want to acquire the valuable expired domain names. Domain snap script/tool tries to register the expired domain name repeatedly until success.

Some registrars such as snapnames and namejet provide backorder service to auto register domain expired. But the price is usually high. Our domain catch software obtains domain name with the normal registration fee only. Although Domain Catcher cannot beat those backorder service in the drop catching game, it can still snap many valuable domain names for you.

Domain Catcher is very easy to use. Basically, before the dropping time, you plug in the expired domain names(you can get the expired domain list from many places or use our service to find the best expired domains), select the registrars, click the start button, and that is all. When run the first time, you need to do some settings such as inputting the NameSilo/Dynadot API Key and the Fabulous account information. Those information can be got after you register and login the website of NameSilo/Dynadot/Fabulous(don't forget to deposit enough fund in your registrar's account to cover the registration fee before you use Domain Catcher to register domain names). Domain Catcher has some useful features. You can specify the time to begin to drop catch and you can set it to automatically stop the drop catching after some time and shut down your computer.


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