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[GIVEAWAY] SyndBuddy [Rank Videos and Websites On Page 1 of Google]

SyndBuddy [Rank Videos and Websites On Page 1 of Google]

Unique Angle, Strong Case Study, And Recurring Commissions In The Funnel On Our Powerful, Web-Based Social Exchange Software!

✓ Unique, High-Quality Web-App
✓ Strong recurring commissions in the funnel
✓ Powerful Case Study to back up the software
✓ Feature stacking on the front-end to ensure maximum earnings for affiliates

Simplify The Way You Rank Videos and Websites On Page 1 of Google

SyndBuddy is our brand new software that’s going to simplify the way your customers rank their sites and videos on page 1 of Google - regardless whether they’re in the offline or online niche.

SyndBuddy is a web-based tool that allows you to get REAL social shares and social signals to your YouTube Videos, niche sites, clients sites, ecommerce sites, ANY url you'd like. Users benefit from:

☑ YouTube Views
☑ Google +1's Shares
☑ Facebook Likes
☑ Facebook Shares
☑ Tweets
☑ Social Bookmarks
☑ Web 2.0 posts
☑ Private Blog posts
☑ and more!


  1. can you provide the details ?

  2. Hi Admin, the link gives 404 error when the register now button is clicked. Can you please look in to it and confirm if the offer is still available.


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