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[ZEST.IS] Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content

Where Marketers Share and Discover
Stellar Marketing Content

Zest is a new-tab feed of content suggested by
marketers, for marketers. All manually moderated

[ZEST.IS] Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content

Here is an amazing, new tool. It's called zest and what it does, is basically serves you up content, relevant, to you straight to the UI. It delivers articles, video and audio. And then gives you the option to post them straight, to facebook, twitter, and linkden. this is the perfect too to build up, your social, authority. I have to say when I first installed it i was amazed, it was like it was made and designed just for me,there were litterally, thousands, of killer articles, to read and learn from!it's 100% free as well so no money lost if you don't like it. To use it simply click a new tab and zest will open. Each new tab will open zest if you click the new tab button. To go back to normal tab creation just go to settings, and deactivate zest.

Used by the brightest marketers from amazing companies such as Buffer, SEMrush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, AWeber, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Viber, among others.

Personalize your feed and content.
Choose the marketing tags that are relevant for you and customize Zest's theme and layout to fit your preferences

A set of built-in tools to help you discover the best of the bests.
Search through the database of 10k+ published articles, filter content by Audio / Video and sort your feed by most shared, clicked or recent articles

[ZEST.IS] Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content

Here are some of the main marketing categories you’ll find on Zest:

✓ Latest news about affiliate marketing 
✓ Updated app store optimization techniques
✓ Marketing automation: New platforms, integrations, and scale practices
✓ Recent developments in B2C and B2B marketing
✓ Different approaches to blogging
✓ Inspiring web and guerrilla marketing campaigns
✓ Some news about the code-design industry
✓ Content marketing strategies and tips
✓ Conversion rate optimization maneuvers
✓ Perfectly executed email campaigns
✓ An yearly schedule of all must-attend web marketing events from around the world
✓ Growth hacking and product marketing (not for dummies!)
✓ Talk about the inbound marketing machine
✓ New techniques for creating and managing influencer networks
✓ Local SEO methodology
✓ Metrics and analytics practises
✓ Shared researches of mobile marketing
✓ All about that paid, ‘bout them paid campaigns (no treble)
✓ Some cool PR tricks
✓ Recently released reports on SaaS marketing
✓ ‘Bottom of the funnel’ and modern sales processes
✓ Latest updates about SEO
✓ Social media strategy
✓ Video marketing strategies and tactics
✓ Basically, the newest in marketing - tools, technology, studies, and thoughts

[ZEST.IS] Where Marketers Share and Discover Stellar Marketing Content

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