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[VIP] Kinetic Text Animator [Quality Kinetic Text Animations And Videos In Minutes]

Kinetic Text Animator
If You Can Type, You Can Make An AWESOME Video!
Make professional quality kinetic text animations and videos in minutes!

☑ Easy Kinetic Text Animations  
☑ Animate Over Your Videos
☑ Animate Over Your Backgrounds
☑ Animate With Your Music Or Vocals
☑ Keyword Searchable Quotes 
☑ Keyword Searchable Assets
☑ Animate To Any Stage Size
☑ Export to MP4, MOV, or WEBM
☑ Use Your Own System Fonts
☑ Very Low "Learning Curve"
☑ Free Updates
☑ Create Videos Fast And Easy
☑ Bonus Videos
☑ Bonus Backgrounds
☑ Bonus Music

Kinetic Text Animator is currently in beta launch. If you purchase Kinetic Text Animator during this beta launch you will be grandfathered in to all updates for the public launch and beyond. Before we do a public launch we are looking for feedback and suggestions. We'll be doing 5 updates over the coming days and possibly weeks. Each substantial update (usually updates where new animations and features have been added) will come with a $2 increase in the price 24 hours after the update is posted. This will continue until the price lands at $47 at which point we will set a date for our public launch. 

NOTE THAT THIS IS A BETA -- while it's more stable than most programs in "beta" -- we still have some things to add. For example the save feature is incomplete and there are other known issues we are planning on dealing with soon. The member dashboard will list known bugs as well as detailed lists on what has been addd with each new update

Kinetic Text Animator [Quality Kinetic Text Animations And Videos In Minutes]

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