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[FREE] ShareX [Screenshot Grabbing Tool with Powerful Features]

ShareX [Screenshot Grabbing Tool with Powerful Features]
Free Screenshot Grabbing Tool with Powerful Features

Capture the screen, save the images to different formats, record video, generate GIF animations, upload them online, make photo adjustments, or apply watermarks automatically

ShareX is a screenshot grabbing tool with an impressive range of video and image editing tools. Once a file is saved, the software offers a range of filters, editing options and upload tools to rapidly share any number of files.

ShareX supports many ways to capture or record your screen. The main capture methods are:

✓ Fullscreen
✓ Active window
✓ Active monitor
✓ Window menu
✓ Monitor menu
✓ Region
✓ Region (Windows & controls)
✓ Region (Annotate)
✓ Region (Light)
✓ Region (Transparent)
✓ Polygon
✓ Freehand
✓ Last region
✓ Custom region
✓ Screen recording
✓ Screen recording (GIF)
✓ Scrolling capture
✓ Webpage capture
✓ Auto capture

There are many configurable screen capture settings such as showing the cursor, transparent window capture, delayed capture, multiple region selection with different shapes, etc.

After the capture the following automated tasks can be executed:

✓ Add image effects / watermark
✓ Open in image editor
✓ Copy image to clipboard
✓ Print image
✓ Save image to file
✓ Save image to file as
✓ Save thumbnail image to file
✓ Perform actions
✓ Copy file to clipboard
✓ Copy file path to clipboard
✓ Upload image to host
✓ Delete file locally

For example, the captured image can be opened in image editor and after that, the image can be automatically saved to the hard disk and uploaded to your destination of choice.

ShareX allows you to upload any type of files with these methods:

✓ Upload file
✓ Upload folder
✓ Upload from clipboard
✓ Upload from URL
✓ Drag and drop upload (drop area or main window)
✓ Upload from Windows shell context menu
✓ Upload from Windows send to menu
✓ Watch folder

After the upload, any of the following automated tasks can be executed:

✓ Shorten URL
✓ Share URL
✓ Copy URL to clipboard
✓ Open URL
✓ Show QR code window

For example, the uploaded image URL can be automatically shortened using one of the 15 URL shortener services and the shortened URL can be copied to the clipboard.

ShareX also comes with a few simple productivity tools:

✓ Color picker
✓ Screen color picker
✓ Image editor
✓ Image effects
✓ Hash check
✓ IRC client
✓ DNS changer
✓ QR code
✓ Ruler
✓ Automate
✓ Index folder
✓ Image combiner
✓ Video thumbnailer
✓ FTP client
✓ Tweet message
✓ Monitor test

ShareX has an advanced hotkey system which allows you to use any of these capture methods, upload options or tools with their own task settings. These are called "Workflows". Workflows allow each hotkey to have its own after capture tasks, after upload tasks, destination etc. For example, you can set your screen recording hotkey to upload to a specific destination, bypassing the default destination. This way, only videos will be uploaded to this configured file destination.

ShareX [Screenshot Grabbing Tool with Powerful Features]

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