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[GIVEAWAY] LiteManager Pro [Free Lifetime License]

[GIVEAWAY] LiteManager Pro [Free Lifetime License]
Remote access software, free remote desktop software, remote administration Windows

LiteManager one of the best programs for remote administration of Windows-based computers. The program allows working simultaneously on several computers in different remote access modes. A wide range of tools for administration makes LiteManager an optimal solution for managing organizations of any scale.

LiteManager allows you to control one computer via another computer. You can see the remote computer’s desktop in the opened window and can control it with the mouse and keyboard. The program consists of two parts: client module LiteManager Viewer that is installed on the administrator computer and server module LiteManager Server that is installed on remote computers. 

To add new connection to the LiteManager Viewer list, you just need to specify an IP address and, when connecting to it, enter the password which you set during LiteManager Server installation. The program has a very user-friendly interface. You can change location of the panels and easily access key elements of the program. 

The list of remote computers can be displayed in different styles: in the form of scalable thumbnails, ordinary icons, a list or a table. Different computers will be represented in different ways depending on their states – remote computer that is switched off will be displayed with «Offline» status, a computer that is switched on – with «Online» status. If a ROM-Server is not installed or run on a remote computer, there will be «Not Found» status. In case the connection is not authorized on the server, the icon will have «Locked» status. 

LiteManager allows you to receive reliable information about the current state of a computer and what is happening on the computer at the moment. LiteManager is simple and easy-to-learn, yet it offers powerful functionality for remote administration.

[GIVEAWAY] LiteManager Pro [Free Lifetime License]

Key Features:

✓ Remote control / Remote viewing.
✓ File Transferring. 
✓ Remote task manager 
✓ Power management. 
✓ Text chat. 
✓ Telnet. 
✓ Device manager. 
✓ Screen recorder. 
✓ Network map. 
✓ Connecting with a dynamic IP. 
✓ Remote installation. 
✓ Server search. 
✓ RDP. 
✓ Registry editor. 

Internet and Networks utils:

✓ Remote installation. 
✓ Callback connection. 
✓ Cascade connection. 
✓ Network map. 
✓ Server search. 
✓ Event log. 
✓ IP Filter.
✓ NoIpServer. 

Other features:

✓ Capture sound. 
✓ Drag & Drop. 
✓ Windows 7 Aero support. 
✓ Support multimonitors systems. 
✓ Locking the screen and keyboard. 
✓ Protection options with a password. 
✓ Support system clipboard. 

This is a lifetime license for 1 computer for home and business use.
It is possible delete contact from Viewer's list and add another one connection.
Unlimited registration. Upgrades is free.
Free technical support.

[GIVEAWAY] LiteManager Pro [Free Lifetime License]

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