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[FREE] VPS Hosting Providers [Windows and Linux]

[FREE] VPS Hosting Providers [Windows and Linux]
List of Free VPS Hosting Providers which can be used for you to learn something about VPS setting without outside money first. There some VPS trials no required credit cards and some other need Credit cards

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is similar to shared hosting, only with resources greater, and virtualization on each server. With virtualization, we have an own operating system for hosting us a message. The surplus we can do the installation of additional software.

Free VPS Hosting Providers-No Credit Card

Incloudibly 7-day free trial VPS:

CloudSigma 7 Days free VPS Trial:

NxtGen Cloud VPS – Windows and Linux VPS for 1 month without any credit card number:

UpCloud Free VPS:

More Free TRIALS – Require Credit Card:

Get Free Windows VPS For One YEAR:

Get $50 Windows/Linux VPS Credit Just For 1 Cent

Free Windows/Linux VPS For One Month:

VPS Hosting providers no Credit Card needed:

OpenHosting (5 days free trial):

ElasticHosts (5 days free trial):

Cloud Sigma (7 days free trial):

Desktone Hosting (7 days free trial):

Eurobyte (14 days free trial):

Microsoft Dynamics VPS Hosting (15 days free trial):

CloudShare VPS Hosting (14 days free trial): 

RSA Web VPS Hosting (7 days free trial): 

Sublime IP Hosting (5 days free trial):

Gandi Hosting (7 days free trial): 

VPS Hosting providers which require a Credit Card:

Windows Azure  (90 days free trial):

Amazon AWS EC2 (for 1 year): 

Chunk Host VPS Hosting (14 days free trial):

Triple 8 Network (7 days free trial):

Zunicore Hosting (14 days free trial): 

RSAWEB Hosting (7-days free cloud server trial): 

GoGrid Hosting (VM) ($100 free credits when you sign up for a trial): 

PhoenixNap Hosting (for one month with 50$ credits ):

ServerLove Hosting (for one month):

Atlantic Hosting (for one month):

IBM Softlayer Hosting  (for one month):

If you have not a Credit Card then you can create free Virtual credit card From here: 


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  2. Well, i tried all the sites you mentioned about for Windows VPS Hosting in UK but no one accepting users in free anymore. Do you have updated list?


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