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[FREE] DomainMOD [Domain Management Software]

DomainMOD – Self-hosted Open Source Domain Management Software

[FREE] DomainMOD [Domain Management Software]

About DomainMOD
DomainMOD is an open source application written in PHP & MySQL used to manage your domains and other internet assets in a central location. DomainMOD also includes a Data Warehouse framework that allows you to import your web server data so that you can view, export, and report on your live data. Currently the Data Warehouse only supports servers running WHM/cPanel.

Project Status
As of November 2016 DomainMOD is still in active development. DomainMOD was originally built because I’m a domainer and I needed an easier way to manage hundreds of domains, and I plan on owning some of those domains for the rest of my life, so DomainMOD is here to stay.

Project Roadmap
Below are some of the items that still need to be implemented before DomainMOD can really be considered a true open source project. Since DomainMOD started out as a personal project with no intentions of going open source, there is still a lot of work to be done before the proper structure is in place for multi-user development.

✓ Create Documentation
✓ Create Proper Roadmap
✓ Create Style Guide

Development Tools
✓ Languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
✓ Development Environment: PhpStorm, SQLyog CE
✓ Development Server: XAMPP
✓ Test & Production Servers: Storm on Demand
✓ Version Control: Git
✓ Source Code Hosting: GitHub
✓ Code Review & Testing: Scrutinizer
✓ Documentation Generation: HelpNDoc

[FREE] DomainMOD [Domain Management Software]

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