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[GIVEAWAY] Spy Stream Pro [Resellers, Unlimited Sites]

Reveal the Hidden Reasons Your Visitors Aren't Subscribing or Buying With New Video Spy Monitoring Technology 

[GIVEAWAY] Spy Stream Pro [Resellers, Unlimited Sites]
Discover how to drive traffic for far cheaper and how to easily 10x ROI FAST

SpyStream is the first ever WordPress software to reveal specific visitor behavior like needs and intent by recording video sessions that you, the website owner, can play back and watch. You will be able to see exactly where and how the visitor moves their mouse and behaves on your site anywhere and at anytime.

In addition to the advanced video mouse tracking, SpyStream can also track and show click heatmaps, do DOM click tracking, can provide deep analytics ie: geo location, visitor age, browser type, keywords used, and even comes with a full ecom tracking and analytics suite!

In other words, SpyStream does what Google Analytics and most conversion tracking programs can't . This provides exactly the same technology enterprise softwares like Clicktale can do only for just a fraction of the cost.

We have real case studies & results to prove how valuable this is. Don't waste time promoting another software that only works "in theory". Your list will love you for promoting this and it will actually help them get results.

Video Session Replays
Watch replays of visitor browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they are seeing and doing on your site.

Reseller Opportunity on the Front-End
SpyStream is a plugin every serious business needs. For clients already selling marketing services or want to start... this is a no brainer.

HeatMap Tracking
See the exact spots and frequency of where your visitors are clicking. Search by page, time, date, and more.

Deep Analytics
See what keywords a user typed into reach your page, their age, geo location, browser type, and far more with just a click.

eCom Tracking Suite
See what keywords a user typed into reach your page, their age, geo location, browser type, and far more with just a click.

No Monthly Fees or Extra Costs
Unlike the enterprise level guys, early buyers during the launch won't ever have to pay monthly or additional fees

You will know exactly:

☑ WHO the visitor even is exactly including their IP addresses, their country, operating system, & even language system?
☑ WHY specifically are they even coming to your site and what search terms & domains are referring them?
☑ WHAT content you should optimize & what steps you should take NOW to grow your list?
☑ Basically, know the exact steps to take to essentially guarantee any campaign will produce a positive ROI right from the start?

How SpyStream Pro is Going to Pull EVEN MORE Profit Here:

☑ You’ ll get the amazing mouse tracking & heat click technology SpyStream has plus additional features that will put these on steroids and help you use SpyStream to it’ s full potential including:
☑ Know what content to create or optimize by seeing top search phrases, referring domains, & traffic from all major search engines.
☑ Knowing exactly WHO your visitors are by seeing GeoIP addresses, their country, operating system, & even visits per day
Full interactive map of visitors locations
☑ Ability to export gorgeous reports of stats & social growth activity (great for resellers!)
☑ Instantly see your most shared & interacted with pages and content with custom effeciancy scores to help optimize time & ROI
☑ Ability to exclude robots, admins, RSS pages, & more from showing up in crucial data.
☑ Track Growth & activity of your social networks offpage to see how they influencer your site & campaigns.
☑ See all essential stats at your fingertips including visitors online right now. never waste money or time on on external services again
☑ Even show off stats on your website with widget page features for social proof
and FAR more.

SpyStream is an advanced software that reveals the hidden reasons your visitors aren’t taking action, so you can quickly turn your website into a list building, money-making machine.

Annonymously track your visitor’s mouse movements and scrolling patterns in real time, to see what their eyes, fingers and cursors are drawn to (and what they’re ignoring.)

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