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[Blue Bot] Automate Your Twitter Accounts For Free [TWITTER BOT]

[Blue Bot] Automate Your Twitter Accounts For Free [TWITTER BOT]

What is Twitter Bot?

Blue Bot automates many of you're daily twitter account activites for you. It can follow and unfollow people, tweet, pin, retweet and more. It can handle many many accounts and is only limited by the resources (RAM/CPU) you can allocate it.

Why should I use Blue Bot

Twitter is a fantastic source of traffic, while all social networks are great for driving traffic to your website few have the unique features that make Twitter really stand out for this task. For example few social networks allow you to amass an unlimited amount of contacts you may interact with. Linkedin, Facebook, Tumblr all have 5,000 limits in general. Twitter is also relatively bot friendly, as long as you are sharing good content and not spamming/annoying people you can follow a couple of hundred people per day without fear of your account being banned.

How does Blue Bot work?

You simply load your twitter accounts into Blue Bot then add any proxies you may need. Once all your accounts are loaded in you set up scheduled tasks that run at a set time or at set intervals to perform specific tasks such as tweeting a tweet from a pool of predefined tweets or following people who have just followed accounts related to your niche. With a healthy amount of accounts loaded in you can expect to gain 20,000+ followers after a month or so.

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  1. Hi, I really likes what you are doing here. I've faced a problem. i installed this plugin but it is showing me an error. It needs to run in 64 bit window but i've 32 bit. Is this available for 32 bit. Please shear the lnik. Thanks.


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