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[GIVEAWAY] Xtreme Targeting Machine [Revolutionary Facebook Targeting Tools]

[GIVEAWAY] Xtreme Targeting Machine [Revolutionary Facebook  Targeting Tools]
Xtreme Targeting Machine Review – Extract Tons Of Buyer-Based Facebook Interests In Minutes Directly From 100% Verified Niche Customers!

Xtreme Targeting Machine is a revolutionary Facebook audience building tool that helps marketers build “buyer-heavy” audiences by extracting data directly from actual t-shirt/eCom customers. Xtreme Targeting Machine teach how to locate customers and helps speed up the data mining process.

This is a 100% unique targeting tool & technique is a Chrome Extension that helps people build buyer-based audiences using Extreme Targeting technique, which is one of the most loved ways to build audiences. Xtreme Targeting Machine helps bring automation into the picture so to help speed up the process which used to take a long time when everything was manual.

XTM Main Features:

✓ Saves a ton of time
✓ 100% Safe and TOS compliant
✓ Easy-to-use Chrome extension
✓ Scans, extracts and serves data sheet
✓ Based on REAL customer data
✓ Includes complete t-shirt training
✓ Awesome customer support

Here’s What Exactly Xtreme Targeting Machine Do And Why It’s So Powerful!

☑ Auto-Scroll – This targeting technique existed years before the creation of Xtreme Targeting Machine. Before the tool, we had to physically hold down the “End” or “Pg Dn” key on our keyboard for as long as 5 minutes! It was torture! Profitable torture, but torture! Xtreme Targeting Machine scrolls for you no matter how long it’ll take!
☑ Auto Extract – Before the creation of this tool, we had to use the computer’s native search feature to find potential interests one by one. This took up the most time. Sometimes this one step would take me days to complete. Xtreme Targeting Machine does this all in minutes. While scrolling, XTM is also extracting interests based on your search.
☑ Provide Data – Once the tool is finished scrolling and extracting interests based on your search, it will automatically download a simple .txt file containing a list of potential interests found during your search. All you have to do is take this list over to Audience Insights and paste it in to see which interests are available to target. Voila! Simple.
☑ 100% Safe – Xtreme Targeting Machine is one of the safest targeting tool out there! This is not a “scraping” tool and we do not need access to your Facebook account OR to the Facebook API. We do not take any sensitive data and the tool is 100% compliant to Facebook’s TOS so no need to worry about getting your account in trouble!


☑ Targeting Based On Buyers – No other targeting software is built with the buyer in mind! Xtreme Targeting Machine focuses on 100% verified t-shirt buyers and/or extremely passionate fans. This is the definition of a “buyer-heavy” targeting tool.
☑ No More Guess-Work – No longer do you need to rely on guess-work when it comes to choosing the absolute best interests to target. A lot of niches have hundreds of interests, how do you choose the best ones? That’s what this tool is all about!
☑ Save Tons Of Time – Before the creation of this tool, my student and I did this entire technique manually. It was worth it because of the powerful audiences being built but it was a true drain of time. Xtreme Targeting Machine saves the day and automates it all!
☑ Instantly Master Targeting – Xtreme Targeting Machine includes a complete training course on selling t-shirts and targeting using the Xtreme Targeting technique. With the training and the tool, you literally skip directly to targeting mastery!

Taking Targeting To The Next Level

It’s getting tougher to sell t-shirts and other products in the newsfeed. As more people swarm to sell t-shirts on Facebook you have to get more clever with the way you go about targeting.

The Xtreme Targeting Machine technique helps you locate the actual crowd of people within your niche who are buying products on Facebook and the XTM helps you quickly extract your buyer-based interests.

It’s like mining for GOLD!

Stop relying on outdated targeting methods that fail to focus on the buyer aspect of audience building! You want a technique and tool that puts it’s focus on people who actually pull out their credit cards and purchase products on Facebook.

Xtreme Targeting Machine is what you’ve been looking for…

[GIVEAWAY] Xtreme Targeting Machine [Revolutionary Facebook  Targeting Tools]


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