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[GIVEAWAY] Social Titan [Locate & Extract Recent Buyers For Any Website or Niche]

[GIVEAWAY] Social Titan [Locate & Extract Recent Buyers For Any Website or Niche]
Social Titan
Locate & Extract Recent Buyers For Any Website or Niche

Social Titan is a browser-based software that extracts recent buyers – the most targeted leads & click.  It works with any niche – including TEESPRING, OFFLINE, DIGITAL PRODUCTS (basically any offer). And it connects with TWITTER ADS – the social network with 300 million users (but no competition!).

Social Titan lets you launch ultra targeted Twitter ads. The software hands you actively engaged, recent buyers in any given niche. It works by extracting only the most targeted, engaged and active recent buyers leads for any product, service or affiliate program that you may wish to promote in your Twitter ads.

This software help you search tweets which included of your keywords. You may ask me that you can search it on Twitter by using Twitter search box. Yes you can, but this software is more powerful. You can search with 4 keywords, so your result will be the combined result of 4 keywords alone and results which included of 2,3 or 4 keywords. For example, I want to search for someone who recently care about marketing software on a marketplace. I will type vendor name + marketplace + product name + other related keyword, then I will get many tweet of people who care about this software and I add people who I think will buy other related products to my audience list (who recently buy the product will tweet their short reviews or inform to others that they have bought the product). I upload this list to my ads manager on Twitter, then I can target these audience with my Twitter ads.
As you can see, Social Titan is easy to use and very helpful for internet marketing, social media marketing, MMO or list building.

[GIVEAWAY] Social Titan [Locate & Extract Recent Buyers For Any Website or Niche]
Now here’s how it works…

Everyday millions of people buy products and post comments about it on Twitter. Social Titan gathers up these recent buyers so that you can promote similar products to them since we know from the software they are users who buy products in that niche.

And because Twitter ads are currently massively under-used your ad costs remain extremely low, while your conversions, clickthroughs and engagement rocket sky-high.

Social Titan’s software is not only completely unique it is also 100% legal and safe to use as it complies with all of Twitters Ad policies.

The software is extremely simple and fast to use as all you need to do is enter your chosen keywords and hit the search button. The softwares returns the results in seconds so it’s perfect if you have multiple niches.

Social Titan makes setting up your Twitter ads a breeze!
So let’s take a look below to see how the process works.

Use Social Titan To Find An Audience of 500-5,000 People

Social Titan software extracts Twitter users that are active buyers in a chosen niche – and not only actively engaged but they are also recent buyers of a product or service.
All you need to do is enter your keywords into the software and within seconds it returns the most targeted buyer leads for your niche, scanning all recent tweets on Twitter.

This gives you a massive advantage for your Twitter ads because it means you are only targeted users that are active Twitter users who also buy product and services.

Ideally, you should aim to find an audience of between 500 and 5K although this is not set in stone and can vary either side. However, be aware that (for privacy reasons), a Twitter tailored audience needs to be at least 500 people in size. So if you find an audience that is a little under 500 you should look to expand it. Also be aware that not everyone we upload will be added to the audience (no-one knows why), so you will probably want to aim for at least 600 people in an audience upload, to ensure the audience is activated.

NOTE: There are billions upon billions of tweets and the tool will only return the maximum 200 for each keyword which means 2 things. Firstly, you will need to run several keyword searches to get a good number of results. Secondly, the good news is, once you find a winning set of keywords, we can return to the tool and repeat the process of every few days, giving you a constant stream of new buyers entering your market.

Tailored Audiences

Using Tailored audiences for your campaigns is an extremely powerful way to target users that you know are interested in your product/service. You can create your own tailored audience from your own list of email addresses and/or mobile numbers that you may have already collected from previous campaigns.

Alternatively, you can create Tailored Audiences from account handles that you have gathered from Twitter of those users that are interested in your niche.

In our case, we will be uploading a list of users that we have extracted from the Social Titan tool. Now here’s what we do with the audience once we have it.

In Social Titan Creating a Tailored Audience is very simple. Click on the “Create new audience” tab and select “upload your own list” from the drop down menu.

NEW Software Finds 3,593 Buyers in 37 Seconds

[GIVEAWAY] Social Titan [Locate & Extract Recent Buyers For Any Website or Niche]



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