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[GIVEAWAY] Easy Overlay +Easy Timer Apps [Use on ANY Website]

[GIVEAWAY] Easy Overlay +Easy Timer Apps [Use on ANY Website]
Combine with EasyLinks to add overlays, optin forms, videos, buy buttons and more over ANY website you direct people to!

EasyOverlay is an amazing app that lets you add an overlay to ANY EasyLinks campaign. This overlay can go on any website and appear when the page loads, as an exit popup, after a certain time.

As well as that, it can be on any part of the page you want, or cover the entire page....and animate as it appears.

With EasyOverlay, you can create powerful link tracking and retargeting campaigns with EasyLinks, then add extra marketing juice to the target page with Easy Overlay. No other bonus is this tightly aligned with EasyLinks, and it can transform your results.

You can even load entire other websites as exit popups!

Combine with EasyLinks to add countdown timers and scarcity bars with buy buttons over ANY website you direct people to!

EasyLinks is great for managing all your marketing, but sometimes you need to introduce extra power into your campaigns, and there is nothing more effective than a time limited special offer.

For that reason, we have included EasyTimer for EasyLinks.

Simply add your EasyTimer link in EasyLinks, and your final target link in EasyTimer and you create a full marketing funnel that creates slick countdown bars that work perfectly on external websites. You can add any scarcity, coupons, images, videos etc that you want, plus your buy button.

EasyTimer also works as a standalone app and can embed timers into normal websites you own or use external URL's.

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