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[FREE] PrivBox [Encrypt your messages]

[Priv-Box] is a free service that encrypts your messages. It allows you to encrypt your messages using RSA keys, which consists of a private key and a public key, and AES-256bit.

We offer you a 1024 to 4096bit strong RSA encryption. This generates a password that consists of 32 characters, this password is used for the AES-256bit encryption to encrypt the message. The generated password is then encrypted with the user's public RSA key. Thus the message itself is encrypted with AES-256bit and the corresponding password with the RSA key.

What distinguishes us from other note services is:

1. Each message is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the receiver, using its RSA private key.
2. We do not use JavaScript, since many users, with their anonymity, place great value on using javascript without JavaScript.
3. We are free of charge and offer strong and secure encryption.

How does PrivBox work?

PrivBox is very user-friendly. To write or read encrypted messages for others, you need the RSA keys. These consist of a public key and a private key. Imagine that the public key is like a mailbox, which can encrypt third messages for you, and the private key is like the key to the encrypted message that you can use to decrypt your message. So send the open key to all your friends and family, you keep the private key with you (HAVE GOOD GOOD ON THE PRIVATE KEY THAT YOU CAN DEFINE YOUR NEWS THAT YOU GET!). So if you want to write a message to a friend, you need to have it open. Once you have created the message, send the message link to your friend, which can then decrypt the message by means of its private key.


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