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[GIVEAWAY] Amazon S3 Videos [How to Setup Amazon S3 Account and Manage Files]

[GIVEAWAY] Amazon S3 Videos [How to Setup Amazon S3 Account and Manage Files]

Amazon S3 How To Videos Review – What is it ?

Amazon S3 is a service that the online store offers. Some of the big users of S3 are businesses like Netflix & even Dropbox so you know if they are relying on Amazon S3 that you could as well.

S3 allows you to store, download & transfer big files at lightning fast speeds.

All this and at a price anyone can afford PLUS you only pay for what you use AND the first year is mostly FREE.

Here is the problem.

Learning how to manage your files and keep them secure on your S3 account can be a headache. Good luck trying to find answers with all the outdated information you might stumble across.

Speaking of headaches, get ready for a doozy if you want to try and find answers with Amazons own help documents. They are like learning a foreign language that has been dead for centuries.

Okay, enough doom & gloom.

Steve Dougherty has put together 23+ training videos that walk you through the steps involved in mastering the basics of Amazon S3 file management.

Among many other things, these videos…

☑ Define the ‘Geek-speak’. When you know what is being said it is easier to figure out
☑ Show you some FREE tools. Knowing where and how to use the proper tools helps get the job done quicker
☑ Be easily digested because this is not a boring eBook. These are entertaining videos that are a pleasure to watch & easy to learn from

Amazon S3 How To Videos Review – The Features
Here is What You Will Get Inside Amazon S3 How To Videos:

☑ Video 1 What Is AWS & S3 – The best place to start is at the beginning. Video 01 details what Amazon Web Services (AWS) & S3 is and why you need to be using it NOW!
☑ Video 2 S3 Pricing – In this video we will cover the figuring of the cost of using the Amazon S3 service. looking at the tables that ☑ Amazon provides regarding the charges, some people.. myself being one of those people.. can easily get confused by all the potential charges. This video will simplify things and hopefully remove the air of confusion and replace it with the sweet smell of savings.
☑ Video 3 S3 Price Calculator – In this video you will learn the steps involved in plugging in the numbers & properly using the AWS pricing calculator. Also some helpful tips on how else you can use the info from the results generated from the calculator.
☑ Video 4 Signup For Your S3 (AWS) Account – In the past you had to sign up for each service in the AWS individually. Now you have instant access to all the tools as soon as you sign up for your AWS account. This video covers some time & money saving tips in signing up for your AWS account.
☑ Video 5 What Is A Bucket – Everything you ever wanted to know about a bucket (Amazon S3 Bucket that is) is detailed in this video.
☑ Video 6 How To Create An Admin User Account In IAM – Due to a change Amazon made in April 2014, you should create a separate user account for anyone using any of the tools in AWS including S3, even if you are the only person using your account. This video explains why you need and how to create this user account.
☑ Video 7 Cloudberry S3 Explorer – In the next several videos we will look at 3rd party applications that allow you to manage your Amazon s3 account from your computers desktop. In this video we will use the User credentials created in the previous video and setup the Cloudberry S3 Explorer & connect it to our AWS account.
☑ Video 8 Cloudberry S3 Explorer & File Management – This video provides a detailed look at using CB S3 Explorer to create buckets and upload files to them. How to automate the process of deleting old files or moving them to “cold storage” as well as editing the files metadata, generating URLs and more.
☑ Video 9 Cloudberry S3 Explorer & Expiring URLs – In video 9 I’m showing you how to create a pre-signed AKA expiring URL. Also why you would want to create one. You will see a feature unique to CB S3 Explorer and I demonstrate using the expiring URL generated with CB S3 Explorer.
☑ Video 10 How To Create A Non-Admin User Account In IAM – In a previous video we created an Admin level user account in IAM. This video we will create a Non-Admin level user account. In this demo, the user account is created for a vender that will have restricted access to just one bucket.
☑ Video 11 Cyberduck – This video details the installation & setup of Cyberduck and connecting it to your AWS account. Cyberduck is another 3rd party tool (User Interface) that connects your computer to your Amazon AWS account. Cyberduck is like an FTP client that works with PCs & Macs and is FREE!
☑ Video 12 Cyberduck & File Management – This video walks you through uploading and downloading files and folders within Cyberduck. Editing live files, metadata & permissions are just a few of the file management features covered in this video.
☑ Video 13 Cyberduck & Expiring URLs – Video 13 shows you how to generate an expiring (pre-signed) URL & the big difference between doing this with Cyberduck and doing it with CB S3 Explorer (besides the fact that Cyberduck works with Macs & CB S3 Explorer doesn’t).
☑ Video 14 Bucket Explorer – This video shows you how to install (a little tricky) & setup Bucket Explorer to use with your AWS account. Bucket Explorer is another 3rd party tool (UI) that acts like an FTP client between your computer (Mac & PC). I also touch on a few things to be aware of if you decide to use Bucket Explorer.
☑ Video 15 Bucket Explorer & File Management – In video 15 I show you how to upload, download and generate URLs for your files using Bucket Explorer. How to copy or move files to other peoples AWS account as well as editing metadata and permissions plus much more.
☑ Video 16 Bucket Explorer & Expiring URLs
☑ This video will walk you through the steps of setting up and generating expiring (pre-signed) URLs using Bucket Explorer.
☑ Video 17 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console & File Management – Video 17 shows you how to use the AWS console to do most all the managing of your objects (files & folders) including a trick on how to generate an expiring URL which most everyone will tell you cannot be done within AWS.
☑ Video 18 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Console & File Encryption – I show you how to give your S3 buckets military grade security by encrypting the files using AWS. I also explain the difference between SSE & SSE-C and why the former is much easier than the latter.
☑ Video 19 File Encryption Using The 3rd Party Tools – In the previous video we detailed how to encrypt your S3 bucket files (objects) by using your AWS console. In this video you will learn how to encrypt & decrypt your S3 bucket files using the 3rd party tools – Cloudberry S3 Explorer, Cyberduck & Bucket Explorer.
☑ Video 20 How To Stream S3 Hosted Videos From Your Static HTML Website – One of the main reasons some people use Amazon S3 is to store their video files so when people watch them, the streaming videos will not slow down the rest of the web site. In this video you will learn step-by-step how to first prep your videos before even uploading them to your S3 bucket. Then we’ll generate the proper embed code to place on your static html page so the video will PLAY ON ALL BROWSERS. Combine these steps and the steps detailed in the Bonus ☑ S3 Bullet Proof Buckets & YOUR VIDEOS CANNOT BE STOLEN OR HOTLINKED.
☑ Video 21 How To Stream S3 Hosted Videos From Your Static WordPress Website – Pretty much the same stuff as in video 20 only this time we are posting the video on a WordPress site. Everything used to prep, embed and play these videos are zero cost tools, free, zilch, zippo.
☑ Video 22 Query String Authentication – This is another way to secure your files. Using Query String Authentication you can configure your images, pdfs & downloadable zip files to expire in a certain time frame but can be ‘brought back to life’ by simply refreshing the page. Along with this video, I include the required file & a copy & paste code that I show you in the video.
☑ Video 23 How To Transfer Files Between Different AWS Account – This video will detail how you can gain access to someone else’s Amazon S3 bucket (on a different AWS account) so you can transfer objects back and forth between your bucket & theirs.

Here’s A Little Of What The Amazon S3 How To Video Tutorials Offer:

☑ No More Worrying About Your Download Files Getting Passed Around Because Now You Have A Step-By-Step Process Of Adding Multiple Layers Of Security To Your S3 Hosted Files
☑ No More Frustration Trying To Understand The Geek-Speak In The ‘Helpful’ AWS Documents Because Now You Have An Easy To Understand Visual Guide That Ensures You Have Nothing To Lose & EVERYTHING TO GAIN
☑ No More Wasting Time Looking For Mac Compatible Tools To Connect To AWS & Manage Your Files.
☑ No More Confusing Techno-Babble On How Much AWS Will Cost You & How To Benefit From Its Many Tools.

When you download, watch and apply what you’ve learned from these Amazon S3 How To Video Tutorials, it’s virtually impossible to fail!

As you can see, everything you need to learn how to master Amazon S3 is at hand… And You just have to reach out and grab it!

[GIVEAWAY] Amazon S3 Videos [How to Setup Amazon S3 Account and Manage Files]

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