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[GIVEAWAY] WP Beautify Pro [Dev license +Bonuses]

[GIVEAWAY] WP Beautify Pro [Dev license +Bonuses]

WP Beautify Pro

WP Beautify Pro is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to easily customize your post’ image, texts and even videos. Making your blog post more attractive and will invite more visitors engagement to your post. Not only it will help beautify your site, but it will also help lower the bounce rate due to an increase of visitors’ engagement to site or blog.

You can easily upload any images to your post right within your wordpress dashboard through WP Beautify Pro plugin. You can choose from Drop Box, social media accounts you own, Flicker and some more. And these images are free to use.

You can also easily edit your text styles with variety of styles you can choose from. With WP Beautify Pro you can easily customize your text’ style like a pro.

Videos may seem boring when you just put a Youtube video in to your blog. But with WP Beautify Pro, you can easily turn a boring Youtube video into a professional looking video with just a click of a mouse.

[GIVEAWAY] WP Beautify Pro [Dev license +Bonuses]

WP Beautify Pro is a WordPress plugin with 3 functions

1) Search for royalty free images online, edit them on the fly (no Photoshop needed!) and insert them into your posts, or share them on your social networks.

Also imports images directy from your social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr…)

2) Import over 650 fonts and 50+ font effects to use in your WP editor

3) 7 video skins to give your videos an unique look. Add a logo over your videos.

You’ve got the site set up and ready and you’re confident about creating pages and making blog posts – but…

☑ Are you really happy with how the site looks?
☑ Does it really represent you and your business in the best possible light?
☑ What sort of impression are people who are looking you up for the first time going to have?
☑ Want to make your website stand out from thousands of other WordPress sites?
☑ Are you sick of the same old boring styling options that everybody uses?
☑ An eye-catching, professionally styled website doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming.

Introducing the most revolutionary WordPress plugin of the year!

☑ Your website is how the rest of the world sees your business. It is how customers will find out about you. It is where people will research your products and services. Do you want to be represented by something that looks clumsy and amateurish?
☑ WP Beautify Pro makes it simple to customise the look and feel of your text, images and videos, giving your site a unique style that will make it stand out above the rest.
☑ You can even search for royalty free images to use on your pages and posts. WP Beautify Pro’s in-dashboard image search is accompanied by a super slick image editor so that you can crop, style or watermark your images – all from within the WordPress dashboard!
☑ WP Beautify Pro is the secret to making anyone an amazing website designer.
☑ This amazing plugin will save you hours of design frustration, increase your traffic and save you thousands on stock images – all from your WordPress dashboard! Stop wasting time and money fiddling with your website, so that you can get on with what you do best – running your business!
☑ Make your websites leap off the screen – try WP Beautify Pro today!

[GIVEAWAY] WP Beautify Pro [Dev license +Bonuses]

WP Beautify Pro +Bonuses
WP Beautify Pro [Dev license] 

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