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[GIVEAWAY] Ultimate Support Chat [PHP Live Chat]

Ultimate Support Chat
Get in touch with your visitors and point them in the right direction

[GIVEAWAY] Ultimate Support Chat [PHP Live Chat]

The Most Advanced Chat Application on Codecanyon:

☑ The only application allowing you to see your visitors on a real-time map and click to invite them to chat
☑ The only application that allows the widget to be triggered by a button, to slide up & down or left & right
☑ Create different designs, save them to a preset and deploy them as you wish
☑ Intuitive chat widget designer with instant visual feedback, ulimited saved presets and much more
☑ The only application with intergrated advanced security features

[GIVEAWAY] Ultimate Support Chat [PHP Live Chat]

Chat Invites
View your visitors on a world map and invite them to chat

700 Emoji Icons
700 beatuiful emoji icons to spice up your chats

Built from the ground up for speed and efficiency

All the bells and whistles you expect and then some

Ultimate Support Chat. PHP & MySQL based. For any website. No monthly fees.
For any website, including WordPress sites (not as a plugin), Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart and others.



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