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[GIVEAWAY] MOST COMPLETE GSA Keyword Scraping List [10 Major Languages - CREATE Your Own GSA Site Lists]

[GIVEAWAY] MOST COMPLETE GSA Keyword Scraping List • 10+ Major Languages • CREATE Your Own GSA Site Lists
What I'm offering today is a high quality keyword list that allows you to literally scrape every site possible off every platform. 

If you regularly scrape sites and either quickly run out of keywords, produce too little results or if you're simply afraid of missing out on potential sites just because you didn't use the right keywords, then this list is for you. This is the kind of list that leaves no stones unturned.

Being in the SEO industry, a high-quality keyword list, being as complete as possible, is a must. 

You're not only limited to Ultimate Demon, GSA SER or SENuke with this list. 

It can be a source of complete, fresh sites every time you run a campaign - and all you need is a simple scraper with a few good proxies. 

This list is the result of months of hard work, scraping and cleaning up. 

This list has more than a BILLION keywords.

I've managed to scrape a ridiculous amount of sites for my bots with this list, and I'm sure my list is one of the largest around. 

You can use Scrapebox, GSA, Sick Scraper, or a bunch of other free scrapers out there to produce your own complete, fresh platform list.

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