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[GIVEAWAY] VideoMeld [All-In-One Video Editor]

[GIVEAWAY] VideoMeld [All-In-One Video Editor]

☆Easy ☆Fast ☆Dynamic ☆Fun ☆Free!
VideoMeld is the latest evolution in modern, multitrack, multilayer video editors.

Edit or mix together multi-track media files and then experiment with effects and transitions until you find the ones you like best

VideoMeld is a complete multitrack video and audio editor. Use it to mix any number of video and audio files into a single, high quality file, create presentations, edit YouTube videos, record and edit songs, layer video and image files together, and more. Many audio and video effects are included such as equalizer, noise reduction, pitch, volume, picture-in-picture, fades, transitions, transformations, colour adjustments, special effects (green screen), and many more. Most effect settings can be varied precisely over time to create engaging animations and unique videos.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoMeld [All-In-One Video Editor]

All-In-One Editor

☑ Fast, intuitive drag-and-drop editing with drag-and-drop effects.
☑ Copy, cut, split, merge, trim, and crop with ease.
☑ Add text captions, overlays, dynamic special effects, and transitions.
☑ Combine (meld) any number of audio files, video files, photos, and images into a single, high quality file.

One Tool, Many Uses

☑ Create impressive presentations or tutorials with background music, picture-in-picture videos, photos, images, and overlays.
☑ Edit home movies, remove unwanted parts, enhance the colour and contrast, and add titles and captions.
☑ Use transitions and special effects to create professional looking videos compatible for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo.
☑ Use the built-in computer Screen Recorder to create videos for software training videos, demonstrations, or advertisements.
☑ Create multitrack, multichannel audio files, keeping vocals and instruments separate for easier retakes or remixes.

Loaded With Features

☑ High quality HD video up to 1920x1080p and save as MPEG 4 H.264
☑ High quality 8 channel audio (7.1 surround sound)
☑ Over 50 video effects, transitions, and compositing functions
☑ 7 audio effects including Noise Reduction, Compressor/Expander, Equalizer, and Pitch
☑ Powerful dynamic effect settings for all effects
☑ Screen Recorder (screencasting) records your computer screen
☑ Much more...

Introduction Tutorial

Check out the basic features of VideoMeld in this introductory tutorial.

It demonstrates:

✓ Adding a video and music
✓ Drag-and-drop editing
✓ Trimming and splitting
✓ Playback previewing
✓ Video layers
✓ Adding an effect

Star Wars Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to recreate the famous opening crawl in the Star Wars movie.
It shows how to:

✓ Display the opening text with fades
✓ Zoom out and scale the Star Wars logo into the distance
✓ Tilt and scroll the text into the distance, complete with perspective effect and fades
✓ Add the music track and align it with the logo


1.) 7H52W23BS6QTMQD
4.) 7JU48J37JE33M2J
5.) 7JU48J5H24YWXWQ

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