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[GIVEAWAY] VideoMach Pro [Gromada]

[GIVEAWAY] VideoMach Pro [Gromada]

VideoMach is a multimedia converter software that allows you to convert images and videos in different formats.

This software mainly recompile movies to images and audio. It allows you to edit video and images like rotate, resize, remove borders, sharpen, adjust colors and enhance. You can also arrange video into matrices and arrays as well as turn noisy videos into a crystal clear image with overlay text or logos.

VideoMach is handy and useful software for editing video and images at ease.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoMach Pro [Gromada]

VideoMach is a multi-purpose video tool that can be used to: Convert video to animated GIF with best color fidelity and image quality in the industry. Convert GIF or FLC back to standard video. Convert high-speed images to slow-motion video. Display timecode on the video, with milliseconds or microseconds. Supports Phantom CINE files (Vision Research high-speed cameras). Supports IDT RAW files (IDT high-speed cameras). Supports BAYER, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and other image formats. Convert images and music to full-speed video. Display elapsed seconds, minutes, hours or days on the video. Stitch 2, 3, 4 or more videos side-by-side or in a grid. Possibility to create sprite sheets (multiple pictures from the same video on one page). Convert a video into a pile of images. Save currently displayed picture to a file. - Save audio from video to a separate file. Speed up or slow down videos. Display text and logos in the video. Apply video filters: Rotate, Resize, Crop, Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast, Equalize Colors and dozens of others.

[GIVEAWAY] VideoMach Pro [Gromada]

1.) VMACH-10602-36231-98228-13254
2.) VMACH-10492-92529-28288-06637
3.) VMACH-10404-40566-89504-90936
4.) VMACH-10324-64870-14293-03349
5.) VMACH-10502-19791-21475-32657

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