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[GIVEAWAY] Share Per View [WordPress Plugin]

Simply create content as you would, but before you publish it for the world to see, protect some (or even all) with a custom shortcode. Now when visitors land on your page, they will need to "unlock" your content by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.

[GIVEAWAY] Share Per View [WordPress Plugin]
Share Per View WordPress Plugin is a great product. It is about the way to encourage real social sharing and virtually guarantee viral content! This simple WordPress plugin promises not only to compel your readers to share your content, but also virtually makes sure your message is spread further than any paid ad or a few Tweets can take it. The concept is strikingly simple, and is based on the time-tested method of information sharing which makes email marketing so powerful. Rather than exchanging content for an email address, though, you’re going to offer content for a social share. All you need to do is upload, activate, and you’re ready to go! If you’re watching your social sharing numbers drop, and you’re worried about the lack of activity on your Facebook page, Share to View might just be the answer you’re searching for.

Even better - this plugin is easy to use for both you and your readers. It comes with: 

☑ One-click installation for fast setup. 
☑ Set-it-and-forget-it social credentials. 
☑ The ability to protect content on both posts and pages for total flexibility. 
☑ The option to set default messages for all hidden content. 
☑ The ability to create custom messages on a post-by-post basis.
☑ The option to create custom Tweets for each hidden content, as well as different Twitter handles for each post (perfect for multi-author blogs!) 
☑ The familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor for total control over both your hidden content and the message your site visitors see.
☑ The choice to protect text, audio, images, video and even download links. 
☑ Custom cookie settings, so returning visitors don't have to share again to read the same content. 

Not only that, but this sophisticated plugin works so well, you can:

☑ Hide content on many different pages without effecting the protection of others. 
☑ Use it to offer special bonuses or coupon codes to those who share. 
☑ Combine with special formatting plugins to create beautiful notifications, coupons and more. 

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