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[GIVEAWAY] Polarr Photo Editor Pro [Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Chrome]

The photo editor for all your needs

Photo editing has never been so addictive before. Polarr Photo Editor is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to concentrate on your photos, not on the software you use.

[GIVEAWAY] Polarr Photo Editor Pro [Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Chrome]
Edit like a PRO
There are a lot of complicated photo editors. Polarr is not one of them. Our easy-to-use interface, combined with in-depth tutorials, allow you to navigate basic and advanced edits with ease. Local adjustments, advanced cropping, curves, batch exporting, and watermark tools give you the power to make professional edits, or choose from our collection of 100+ handcrafted filters for a quick change.
Local adjustments, advanced cropping, powerful exporting, and more—everything in a single place.

Powerful simplicity
Our editor is bundled with every feature you could imagine. All tools are laid out in a sleek, user-friendly interface. Adjust images with a single click, and make your photos look stunning, instantly.
It is very easy to access any tool you need without any complications. Make your photos look stunning instantly. The user-friendly sleek interface will never let you get lost again.

Polarr Photo Editor 3 offers 50 preset filters for making quick adjustments to an image. The presets are joined by a tilting and cropping tool, additional keyboard shortcuts, a dehaze feature, vignetting and 'denoise' improvements, and the option to export with watermarks. Workspaces can now be collapsed and expanded as desired.

The software is available for iOS, Android, Web Browser Chrome, Mac, Windows, Linux. The PRO edition costs $19.99, while the other versions free to use. Polarr offers both in-app and online guides.

[GIVEAWAY] Polarr Photo Editor Pro [Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Chrome]

- 12 hand-crafted quality presets as base filters for adjustments 
- See the parameters used in filters to make more improvements 
- Create custom filters based on your editing history 

- At 4MB, Polarr is the smallest and most efficient photo editor for Mac. 
- Exceptional memory/CPU management and low power consumption using Webkit. 
- Support JPEG, and most RAW images upto 42MP. 
- Support transparent PNG and exports transparent PNG 

- Drop images directly into the app from other apps 
- Designed for mouse, keyboard and touch  
- Proprietary control slider for speed and precision 
- Interactive in-app guide to photo editing 
- Expandable and collapsible workspace 
- Responsive window size to fit your screen 

- Color: Temperature, Tint, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance 
- Light: Exposure, Highlights and Shadows  
- Detail: Clarity, Sharpen, Denoise (color and luminance), Diffuse and Dehaze  
- Optics: Distortions, Vignette, Fringing  
- Eight channel HSL adjustments 
- Three channel curve adjustments 
- Highlights/shadows toning 
- Filter blending and mixing  
- Highlights/shadows toning tools 
- Grain simulation 

Local Adjustments 
- Multiple circular and gradient local adjustments  
- Flexible 4 point controls to position adjustments and feathering 
- Adjusting basic color, highlights/shadows, clarity in local adjustments

Cropping and Tilting 
- Precise tilting with automatic zooming to fill the frame  
- Horizontal and verticle mirroring and rotations 
- 10 default crop ratios with custom cropping controls 

Import and Export 
- Import multiple JPEG, PNG and most RAW image formats 
- Export photos in batch with custom JPEG quality and size 
- Add and save custom watermark during export 
- Custom filters can also be imported and exported

History Management 
- Infinite undo and redo on your photos 
- Easy navigations to jump to any point in previous edits 
- Persist editing histories across different editing sessions

☑ Designed for mouse and touch
☑ Proprietary controller-inspired design for speed and precision
☑ Interactive in-app guide to photo editing
☑ Expandable and collapsible workspace
☑ Responsive and adjustable user interface to fit your screen
☑ Hand-crafted collection of over 50 preset filters for quick edits
☑ Import multiple and exports in batch
☑ Light: exposure, highlights and shadows
☑ Detail: clarity, sharpen, denoise, diffuse and dehaze
☑ Optics: distortions, vignette, fringing
☑ Advanced HSL and RGB Curve tools
☑ Filter blending and mixing tools
☑ Highlights/shadows toning tools
☑ Multiple local adjustments areas
☑ Circular and gradient filters
☑ Powerful cropping and aspect control
☑ Create custom filters based on history
☑ Export photo at different settings
☑ Persistent edit history tracking
☑ Infinite undo and redo

[GIVEAWAY] Polarr Photo Editor Pro [Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Chrome]

Advanced design features
Polarr Photo Editor leaves no missing details

Infinite history
Infinite undo and redo. All your editing histories are cached and browsable at any point of your photo editing flow.

Watermark and batch export tool
Export your work in batch with chosen quality and different sizes. Create custom watermarks and add them to all your photos.

Advanced cropping
High-precision and flexible crop, flip, tilt, and rotate tools that work with with batch export and custom filters.

Handle large JPEG and PNG
Polarr's rendering engine can handle large JPEG and PNG images upto 40MP. It uses adaptive sampling rate to keep the app smooth on low performance machines.

Keyboard controls
Mouse and touch-friendly interface with keyboard shortcuts for major functionalities for Mac and Windows.

Before-and-After preview
Instantly view before-and-after preview, as well as a keyboard-based press and hold preview.

[GIVEAWAY] Polarr Photo Editor Pro [Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & Chrome]



  1. I can't download version pro, please help me!

  2. Just download the free edition and enter the license

  3. I download free version by account Microsoft, it's auto installed but can't enter the license because of not pop-up activation

  4. Download for Windows:

  5. Hi! Can you upload valid license for Polarr? Thanks in advance.

  6. Truth be told, a large number of us are looked with the need to process assortment of pictures in assortment of life circumstances.



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