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[GIVEAWAY] Comment And Subscribe [WordPress Plugin]

Stop Letting ‘Hot Prospects’ Leave Your Site Without Opting In To Your Mailing List With The Simple Solution That Encourages Your Biggest Fans To Take Action!

The Comment Subscribe plugin gives your readers one-click access to your best content. With just the click of a button, commenters are automatically added to your mailing list. It really could not be any easier!

[GIVEAWAY] Comment And Subscribe [WordPress Plugin]
Here’s how it works:

☑ Visitor reads your blog post
☑ She expands on your thoughts or shares her experiences in the comments
☑ She checks a box to opt-in to your list at the same time!
☑ Since it’s both intuitive and easy for visitors to do, unlike filling out a form, they are far more likely to actually do it!

But even better, since it’s a WordPress plugin, it comes with a host of features you’ll love:

☑ Simple one-click installation – no databases or cPanel or FTP access required
☑ No complicated set-up – just connect your autoresponder and the plugin does the rest
☑ No need to touch any cryptic code, create an “app” or hunt down your list ID
☑ Set custom call to action to speak directly to YOUR readers
☑ Easy native connection to AWeber means you have total control
☑ Simple cut and paste form code connects virtually any other autoresponder service
☑ Connect to any of your mailing lists just by choosing from the drop-down menu
☑ Secure connection with AWeber means you don’t expose your list details to the public

Package includes:

☑ WP Plugin
☑ User Guide
☑ Demo Video

Distribution Rights: Personal Use/Developer Rights
Yes – Use on UNLIMITED websites and domains you personally own and on your CLIENT’S websites.

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