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Top 10 – CPM Networks

Tribal Fusion (Exponential)  Tribal Fusion is one of the most popular CPM ad network. They are popular for high CPM rates. If you get more then 500,000 unique users per month then you can apply on Tribal Fusion for publisher program.

Burst Media Network Burst Media gives you high CPM’s, quality campaigns, and full control of which ads run on your site. Your site must have minimum traffic of 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views.

Technorati Media the largest social media advertising network. With deep agency and client relationships, they deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPM. Tenorati media has tie ups with many companies including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, IGN, Hearst, CNET, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post, and Time Inc.

Adtegrity, Inc. is an online advertising network with reach into over 30 vertical content channels specifically segmented for maximum impact with advertiser campaigns. For the publisher, the company follows the criteria that you need to have minimum 500,000 pageviews per month and your 50% traffic must originate from U.S. Moreover your site should reside at a top level domain name that you own or control without any unlicensed material.

ValueClick Media ValueClick Media is the premier Internet advertising network for publishers who wish to earn the most for their available inventory. You get the complete control over your advertisements along with quality advertising and superior support.

Casale Media Casale Media offers high CPM rates other than that they also offers fixed CPM rates. To become Casale Media publisher you must get 50,000 unique visitors each month.

CPX Interactive CPX Interactive was named 6th fastest growing privately held US advertising company in 2008 by Inc. Magazine for their annual list of corporate success stories. They deliver true scalability and transparency. (AOL) is part of AOL. Advertising is also among top CPM ads network and also one of the high paying CPM rates. To join you must have high visitors base.

Adify (Cox Digital Solutions) Adify owned by Cox Digital Solutions provides compelling solutions connecting advertisers with engaged users and publishers with quality brands. Company has built a suite of publisher services that maximize ad revenue and allow for greater operating efficiencies. The company allows you to increase ad revenue, extend your reach, or take advantage of our industry-leading end-to-end platform.

BannerConnect BannerConnect has been an expert on automated ad trading since 2004 and was one of the first companies in the world active on an ad exchange.

Top 10 – CPM Networks part 2 
(Getting into the network is easy. Offer paypal Payment and timely Payments.)

ConTextWeb (PulsePoint) PulsePoint is an award winning digital media and advertising technology company offering integrated tools and insights that help marketers and publishers engage and grow their audience.

Intergi Intergi Entertainment is an Inc. 500 company. Intergi makes it easy for publishers to maximize revenue for their online advertising.  By leveraging they longstanding relationships in gaming and entertainment they are able to deliver relevant, targeted ad campaigns to you and your users.

UnderDog Media Underdog Media was founded in 2007 by Shayne Mihalka, a former executive at ValueClick Media and The proprietary ad serving technology was carefully designed to be simple to use, efficient, flexible and performance-driven.

Axill (Globe7) Axill is one of the fastest growing publisher networks. Axill provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers. You get the quality advertisers and you can track them with easily. You can earn effective CPMs possible and get paid on net 30 via Moneybookers or Wire Transfer.

CPMStar CPMStar is the only network out there that will actually improve the quality of your site by showing ads that interest your audience because the ads themselves are focused on games and gamers. Your users will see appealing motion graphics representing the world’s highest quality games and entertainment. This translates to happier users and higher income for your site. We use our own proprietary ad server that is constantly optimizing to maximize your profits.

CPMOnly CPMonly was established January of 2008 in San Antonio, Texas with the vision of delivering high quality results and unmatched customer service for both website publishers and advertisers.

Clicksor Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by using a selection of clickable text or targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs.

CpmLeader is a new CPM network. Best choice for small a big publishers & bloggers . CPMLeader codes are clear and fast! No viruses, redirects or popups.

Yllix Yllix Media offer WEEKLY payments. Become a Yllix publisher and watch how our fully automatic and intelligent system changes your website into a goldmine!

CPMfun CPM Fun is a one-of-a-kind CPM-based ad network focused on entertainment traffic. Although there are someone think they are a scam, but I still suggest you do a try!

Top PPC Ad networks program


60 Alternative PPC Ad Networks for Low-Cost Marketing

Top 10 In-Text Ad Networks

Infolinks One of the best Pay per click In-Text advertisement program which is a great solution for both publishers and advertisers. Infolinks offer easy to run advertisements for advertisers and publishers also get best return on every click compare to other In-Text ad programs. Infolinks ads are easy to implement and shows beautiful ads.

Kontera Another popular Pay Per Click in-text advertisement network which is equivalent to Infolinks. Kontera also offers easy to setup and offers plugins for Blogger, WordPress, Joomla etc for easy install. Kontera offers 70% sharing with the publisher and makes payment thru PayPal, Checks etc.

Affinity Founded in 2006, Affinity is the world’s leading contextual ad network. This is achieved through exclusive contextual ad distribution through Affinity’s network of 30,000+ premium publishers partners, syndication channels & exclusive web properties from North America, Western Europe, Middle East, India, South-East Asia & Australia.

Clicksor Clicksor offers you additional income and that too by a simple underline of a selected keyword on the web blogs or websites. Advantages of using Clicksor it makes a very fast payment, great brands support, safe ads on permitted websites, greatest return, various Ad formats, target URL for right ads for related websites. It also has a referral program that makes you a payment of 10% for your referral earning.

InLinks Located in New York City, is the premier in content static text link ad company. They specialize in placing static html links within high quality, relevant copy. they publishers have seen a dramatic increase in steady residual income and they advertisers have seen a huge boost in their natural search engine rankings.

Text Link Ads As the name of the company suggests it is a company for in-text advertisements, Text Links Ads. Text Links Ads is from a long time in the business. You can have a complete editorial control of your site with Text Links Ads. This site pays you well as it makes payment on the 1st of each month.

LinkAdage LinkAdage is another company for targeting the related text links. Unlike other In-Text ad program LinkAdage sell links on your site by keyword. In LinkAdage, you are being paid on the number of text link you sell on your web page. You earn fix amount for the links you have sold on your webpage.

Kontextua Kontextua is the easy, effective and fast way to monetize your website. They offer In-Text, In-Image, Display and Related Tag solutions with Multiple Language Support.

LinkWorth Linkworth LinkInTxt allows you to rent specific keyword. which will help you to make fix earning per month for rented keyword link. You can rent more than one keyword on your website by which you can make unlimited earning. Link you sold will be within your content do you don’t have to place the link on sidebar etc.

Taggify Taggify is a multinational tech-based network whose products allow publishers to monetize their content (text, photos and videos), while assuring nice conversion rates.Also they are offering XML Feeds for other Ad Networks. And 10% of others earnings if you referred them.


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