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Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester

Do you want to learn how to double your Google Adsense Earnings by split testing different ads and placements? Do you think it’s a very time consuming activity? I know both of them are true.

That’s why when I first heard of Ezoic (FREE Ad Tester tool) I decided to contact them and have them explain the features and benefits of using their product (Google Partner Certified).

If you’re still struggling to find the best combination to increase your Adsense RPM, CTR or earnings overall. Keep reading this guest post by Ezoic.

Quite often I see questions asking how someone can increase ad revenue. The thing is, increasing Adsense revenue is not an exact science. If it was, you can be sure that everyone would be doing it. In actuality, every site is different and will therefore optimize differently. That being said, boosting ad income can be accomplished for everyone through experimentation.

Unfortunately, ad testing is not something easily accomplished on your own. While A/B testing is effective, anyone who’s ever done it knows how cumbersome it can be. When you add other variables it can get even more complicated.

For example… With just 5 ad units there’s potentially over 3000 possible ad combinations. You certainly could try each combination on your own, but why do it when someone else can handle it for you!

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Enter Ezoic…

With their Ad Tester tool, you can try potentially millions (yes, millions!) of ad combinations and determine which ones best maximize your revenue. Publishers should definitely consider a testing tool like this if they are looking to systematically analyze their ad performance.

It takes almost no work on your end. All you have to do is designate ad sizes and locations that you want the system to test for you. Even better, it costs practically nothing to use. Instead of monthly fees, Ezoic simply collects the revenue from one ad located at the bottom of the page. But with the boosts they’ll be providing, it still turns out to be a win-win all around.

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

Getting set-up…

Getting set-up too is as easy as 1, 2, 3 too! Full disclosure, there’s actually 4 steps (one which takes a bit longer than the others). That being said, it takes around a half hour to get set-up, and you can be up and testing within the day.

1.) Integrate your site via Cloudflare or name servers (if you don’t already use Cloudflare). You can also elect to add a snippet of code to every page of your site if you don’t have access to your name servers or don’t use Cloudflare.

2.) Set-up Ad Units: 2a) Convert your existing ad units to Ezoic placeholders 2b) Add even more placeholders for testing (more on this later)

3.) Apply to Google’s Ad Exchange: This will give you access to Google’s premium network of CPM ads. With it, you can run more than 3 displays ads within their terms of service. Additionally, it’s a competitive environment where hundreds of different ad networks (including Adsense) bid in real time for each impression on the page.

4.) Turn on the system!

So really, the only technical work required is that is placing the ad units… but no so fast! You can hard-code them into your site, or you can use a new Chrome Extension they’ve made for the less tech-savvy. With the Ezoic Ad Tester extension, you can essentially drag & drop ads all around your site that will then be potential locations for real ads!

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

There’s no real issue with going crazy with things. Ezoic doesn’t run more than the allowed amount of Google ads (as long as you do everything right), so there’s no need to worry about potential violations. In fact, as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, they have a team of expertly trained individuals who are willing to help you through the set-up process.

Increase your Adsense RPM by 2x with Ezoic Ad tester [TIP]

It may not be intuitive, but testing ad positions can lead to great yields. In fact, Ezoic has found that ad positioning can have even more an effect on your revenue than ad quality.

Ezoic uses data to determine which ads perform the best for each page of your site. Not all pages are the same, so why should your ad positions? Using a testing tool like this can help boost ad revenue as much as 250%. Most publishers see 60% or more when testing with Ezoic.

Ezoic offers others apps and tools for online publishers too, including an iOS App Creator and a Layout Tester that helps you redesign your site using metrics and data! You can learn more about it at

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