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[FREE] Throttle - stop giving out your e-mail address

Throttle – stop giving out your e-mail address
Control who can send you email. A cleaner inbox means a happier you.
[FREE] Throttle - stop giving out your e-mail address

A cleaner inbox = a happier you.

Throttle is a smart browser extension that generates unique email addresses for everything you use online, so that you can control who sends you email and when.

Control who can send you email messages

Stop giving out your email address online.

Combine mass mailings in to one daily digest email.

Find out who tries to sell your email address.

Your inbox is bombarded with unimportant messages.

Spam, newsletters, coupons... it never ends. But what if it could? The problem is every time you give out your email address online, it's like giving out the key to your house. They can put anything in your inbox they want, and often they sell your address to others who do the same.

[FREE] Throttle - stop giving out your e-mail address

There's more.
The core of Throttle is the magic, but we didn't stop there. There are all kinds of other benefits and features you'll discover with Throttle. Here are a few of our favorites.

Organize with Categories.

Freely subscribe to newsletters without the inbox clutter or risk of abuse. Organize all the content you receive into categories like Social, Shopping, Newsletters, Business, Health, and Food.

Manage your subscriptions.

Who knows whose email lists you're subscribed to right now, whether you want to be or not. With Throttle, you can manage your email subscriptions, much like an RSS reader. See what you're subscribed to, what they've sent you, and you can always turn them off.

Get a single digest.

Instead of the dozens of messages that would interrupt your day, Throttle summarizes them all in a single, daily digest scheduled when you want it. Set Category-specific digest settings, switch to weekly, turn it off - it's all up to you.

Fits into your workflow.

You'll never need to remember to check a separate tool. Throttle's browser extension automatically adds a button to all signup forms that unique generates email addresses, and a daily digest is delivered to your inbox once a day.

Throttle doesn't access your email.

It sounds crazy, but it's true. Throttle does everything it does without ever needing access to your email. It doesn't scan your inbox, because it stops mass mailings before they even hit your inbox. Keep your email account credentials private.

No more 'unsubscribe'.

Your non-Throttle-using friends will still be stuck with today's best solution: requesting that other people remove their email addresses from their mailing lists, in 7 to 10 days. But you have Throttle. You'll just revoke access.

Signup on websites without fear.

No longer fret over signing up for something online. With Throttle, even the most abusive sender can be shut down in an instant, and their messages never hit your inbox. It's safe and easy to sign up for any newsletter, account, or make a purchase.

Curate your own digests.

With Throttle, you can put related newsletters into categories with their own digest settings, and you can safely subscribe to all the mailings you might get interesting content from, without them burying your inbox.

Control who can send you mail.

Throttle gets you a cleaner inbox, and a great way to read & organize your newsletters online.

Enjoy fewer interruptions and less clutter.

All the newsletters, mass mailings, junk, and other unimportant emails you get throughout the day bury the important stuff in your inbox. Throttle gets those out of your inbox, and into a single digest.

Stop giving out your email address.

Throttle keeps your email address secure and private: you no longer have to give it out to untrusted websites.

Read on your own time.

Schedule your digest for a time that works for you. Lunchtime? Evenings? Read those less important emails during some downtime in your digest, or in the beautiful Throttle news reader.

Throttle - stop giving out your e-mail address

Do you send marketing emails and newsletters?

There's tons in store for email marketers and mass mailers. Here are just a few major benefits of your subscribers using Throttle to enjoy the content you send them.

Automatic Whitelisting

When a subscriber authorizes your newsletter with Throttle, you are automatically whitelisted, so there's no need to request that a user do it manually.

100% Deliverability

The holy grail of sending mass mailings: you get 100% deliverability with Throttle users.

No Spam Reports

A user's first and only step to stop unwanted email is to revoke access, so you don't have to worry about spam reports with Throttle subscribers.

Higher Conversion Rates

During our testing, something we didn't predict but that we found out very quickly: Throttle users are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, because they don't have to worry about vetting your privacy policy first.

Optimized Delivery Time

The best you can do is average out the best time to send your mass mailings to all of your users, even if that isn't a great time for most of them. Throttle users pick the most convenient time to receive your content.

Full HTML5 + CSS3 Support

Your email is displayed in the user's supported browser, with nothing stripped out. You can take advantage of all the full HTML5 & CSS3 that you want.


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