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Best Ad Networks For Publishers & Advertisers [EARN MONEY]

Best Ad Networks For Publishers & Advertisers [EARN MONEY]

Online advertising is the basic fundamental source of earning for every website or blog.We are going to list out best ad networks for publisher. Making money from website blog is now become easiest way ever if we move step by step. Their are thousands of ways to make money online. But to start for individual blogging or marketing is a best idea.

Earning money from blog is not so easy as we thing but we all need to be working constantly and keep posting according to specific niche. If you are planning to start working as blogger then first of all learn how to create new blog. After that the main question is how to make money from it. ? The best method to earn money from blog is from advertisement. The most popular ad network platform for publisher is google adsense. If you want to apply then much read about getting approval from google adsense. 

Its little bit difficult for all blogs to get adsense approval because their are some certain policies. But instead of google adsense their are many best ad networks for publishers where they can easily get approval for their websites. These best ad network include ppc ad network, CPM ad network, multi type, affiliate, native ad network. Nowadays their many ad network available in market but we all get confused while choosing which perform best. So here we will list out best ad networks for publishers for different type blogs.

Pick the best ad network(s) for your sites. On here you can pick a ad network that serves your needs or/and requirements.

Signing up with one or more networks is an excellent way to get started in affiliate marketing.
Typically, a network will present a list of sponsors so that you can choose the most appropriate ones, submit an application, and generate individualized links all in one place. When you first sign up with a network, you will enter your URL and other site information, so applying for individual sponsors just takes one click. Some sponsors automatically approve all applicants, while others will manually review your site beforehand.

All of these networks are completely free for webmasters to join, and they accept sign-ups from almost anywhere in the world.

We strongly suggest using all of the various payment models, and using several different networks to get as many appropriate advertisers as possible.

List All Best Ad Networks For Publishers & Advertisers

Propeller Ads
Propeller Ads Media is a fast growing advertising company, providing targeted reach and quality inventory.

Propeller Ads mission is to deliver better performance to advertisers and higher revenues to publishers. To maximize the value of each advertising dollar, our marketing model combines the powerful optimization and targeting technology with relevant media inventory.
With comprehensive solution for planning and implementing profitable online advertising campaigns we make digital advertising effective and reliable. Propeller Ads Media meets various marketing objectives for advertisers and publishers and provides with professional sollution.


PopUnderTOTAL Network
We are not the first, not even the second pop-under ad network on the market… But, that’s exactly why our team will work twice as hard as any other competitor to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our features for publishers:
– Premium high paying campaigns
– No minimum traffic required
– Minimum withdraw amount of $1.00 USD via PayPal or $500.00 USD via Wire transfer
– Withdraw requests are processed within the same day
– Approval in less than 2 hours for your domains
– Real time bidding technology to insure the maximum amount of money for each view.
– 100% fill rate, worldwide
– 24/7 live support


RevenueHits Network
RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo targeted Ad Serving technology.

Our innovative Performance Base (CPA) Ad Network was designed to help publishers to monetize online assets, including toolbars, websites, search, widgets, IM applications and more.

RevenueHits is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd – a privately-held, Israeli-based, start-up company founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals, finance experts and successful online marketers.

Our technology allows us to scan millions of online ads and analyze their performance over time. Our huge inventory of ads is comprised of effective text and display ads that promotes performance-base offers. By serving these proven ads we help our publishers increase revenue and improve their bottom line.


PopMyAds Network

At PopMyAds, we understand the importance of how account management, campaign customization, campaign feedback, and optimization impacts the result of every media campaign.

We provide global ad inventory coverage with immense fill rates.

Partnership with highly experienced monetization team.
Clean ads. We test the campaigns landing pages multiple times every day.
Almost all sites accepted. We review them within 12 hours.
Highly targeted Advertisements for your tailored customized channels.
No limits. We pay for all visitors, worldwide traffic.
Realtime stats. We provide you powerful tools to analyze your income.
Payments processed within 24 hours. We guarantee your money in your account in less than a business day.


PopWin Network
PopWin is an pop-under & pop-up ad network based on CPM . We value our customers a lot and we’re always trying to help our clients get the best experience on our platform.

Our benefits :
* We have a minimum withdraw of $5
* Enjoy our 20 % first deposit bonus for deposits bigger than $50.
* User friendly interface with statistics about your Website / Campaign
* Daily Payments
* eCPM based on the quality of your website & the quality of your traffic
* bigger rewards for new customers who’ll stay with us
* An API free for our costumers only
* Fast acceptance of your Website / Campaign


As Internet marketing maintains its rapid development and growth, our company continues to meet the challenge head-on bydeveloping new technologies and innovative marketing tools. Our goal remains the same: To provide the best return on your advertising dollar through the delivery of quality and affordable Internet marketing services.

To meet the constant challenge of converting visitors into buyers, we proudly introduce our Contextual Targeting technology which targets your visitors more closely to the product or service you are marketing.

With our innovative ideas and continued efforts, Inc is proud to introduce you to Contextual Targeting technology. Our ultimate challenge is to significantly improve the likelihood of converting any visitor into a buyer and we achieve it by targeting the visitors more closely to the product or service you are is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your targeted customers. You determine search terms (keywords) that are relevant to your website’s content, and then select the bidding price to rank the placement of those keywords. The higher your keyword is ranked, the more likely that qualified prospects will visit your site and buy your product or service.


Infinityads is the market-leading advertising network for CPV pop under advertisements.  Pop-unders have proven to be one of the highest paying ad formats in the industry. As a publisher of, you are being paid for each view to advertisements on your website. All pop under advertisements at are contextually targeted to ensure your websites’ visitors are viewing relevant offers Pop under advertisement instead of Pop-ups. What is the difference between a Pop under and a pop up? Pop under ads open up in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser. When the user closes their current browser, they will notice the pop under advertisement. This ad format has proven to be much less intrusive and more acceptable to users.In addition, pop under ads will not block any of your site content and do not lead to actions where users might be led to leave your site. Pop under ads encourage users to review the ad after they have finished viewing your site content.


PopAds Network
Join us now and start bringing top quality visitors to your website as an advertiser or simply become a publisher and monetize your website’s traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders. Our services are guaranteed to be fast, efficient and secure. There is no other ad network on the market that processes payment requests daily for publishers and there is no ad network on the market that can promote your website as efficient as we do for advertisers.


CPMoz Network
CPMoz is a new Ad Network that enables advertisers to connect with publishers from all over the globe. Website owners have now the ability to sell their ad space in an automatic way on our network and increase their earnings online. Advertisers can place ads on publishers websites trough a bidding system and they can choose wich country is targeted and what categories of publishers websites is more suitable for their advertising campains.

Daily Payments- We make daily payments using PayPal after the Payout limit is reached and money are requested.
Payout limit: $5 (your balance must be greater or equal with this amount)
Woldwide publishers – We accept publishers from all over the world
No minimum traffic – No restrictions regarding the websites amount of traffic
Standard ad units – We use common standard unit ads
Up to 75% revenue share – The publishers can get up to 75% of advertisers campaigns
On-time payments – Payments made with no delays


PopunderNET Network
We help publishers to monetize and advertisers to promote own websites, blogs and forums with the highet ratio per impression. Our traffic come froms PC and mobile. With more than 50 billion impressions per month optimized for performance, we provide our clients with the best performance. We deliver your brand and campaign goals through our proprietary performance-based technology, highly specialized teams and scalable global media reach.We provide our media partners with powerful inventory monetization for high fill and eCPMs through our full- and self-service monetization options.


Ero-Advertising Network 
EroAdvertising specializes in driving growth for the world’s leading adult brands through expertise and innovation across our global ad network. Although we are a global ad network, we offer one platform, with local expertise and support.
Since 2006 it is our mission to give professional personal service and attention to our Advertisers and Publishers and to create, maintain and optimize the best Ad Network in the online Adult Entertainment Industry.
Take advantage of our experience, either local or global. CPM, CPC, Flat Fee buys, whatever you might need, we offer the right tailor-made solutions.

Become a publisher and start generating results from your online activities.

You will be able to partner with some of the most popular online brands
Be sure to receive regular communication from our highly responsive account management teams. Keep you up to date with the latest programme news via email, telephone, forums, social networking platforms etc.
Receive regular payments


POPcash Network
This network have good rate for you and pay for all country. It is easy to use, you must registred, add website, get code and after you put code in website you will get money.Our network has a bidding system with own advertisers and premium networks, Our own advertisers can make money deposits directly to PopCash.Net.
We don’t have fixed rates because of our bidding(and many others factors) all eCPMs are fully dynamic.

We allowed all websites : adult, warez, streaming !


ExoClick Network
Weekly payments through Paypal and monthly payments through wire transfer.
Promote and get a 5% referral bonus, lifetime.
Friendly support in 4 languages. English, Spanish, French and Polish.
Detailed hits and clicks statistics, delivered to you real-time.
Multiple ways of generating money. 


Adcash Network
Membership is a marketing system based on the transfer of traffic to an affiliate site to a site advertiser based on the transformation of that traffic into customers through the affiliate network Adcash. Advertisers offer to be paid to affiliates to promote their services. Affiliates earn money and more cost effective, while disseminating their advertisements.

The Adcash affiliate network allows you to focus and develop your online advertising revenue. Adcash is the best partner for webmasters seeking for financial performance and their advertising space optimal profitability. 


Wiget Media Network
Wiget Media is an innovative online advertising network that focuses on performance driven campaigns.

Our goal is simply to provide advertisers with the best possible platform to get direct response from online consumers all over the world. We achieve this through the use of advanced targeting methods, high performing traffic sources and a global reach that allows us to drive quality leads and customers in most markets throughout the world.

We realize that long term partnerships are the ones that provide real value. This can only be achieved by truly understanding our advertiser’s expectations, and not be O.K. with just meeting them, but try to surpass them every time. Our job is never done, and we never settle with mediocrity.


Gunggo Network
Gunggo understands online advertising. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge on which strategies work best in the digital world. If you are interested in finding out what will work for your brand or website, we are here to help.

We bridge quality advertisements to premium content based websites to create a memorable experience for online users. We provide global ad inventory coverage with immense fill rates and competitive compensation.


Bidvertiser Network
In 2003, Bpath spotted the need of website owners to sell their ad space directly to advertisers, overcoming the disadvantages of automated systems, like Google’s AdSense and Overture’ Content Match, where neither the advertiser nor the publisher has any control of the advertisements’ quality, pricing and timing. Bidvertiser On-Site Bid Per Click offers website owners with the ability to sell their ad space, automatically, to the highest bidder, on a price-per-click basis, where the price is mostly effected by the quality and popularity of their website. Advertisers can place ads directly on sites of their choice and pay only when a visitor clicks-through their site. Bidvertiser serves text ads in all types of standard ad units, including banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline ads.


Clicknety Network
Pop under advertising traffic network, clicknety deliver full pop under ads woldwide. Advertisers can promote their products/offers/business online and publishers can generate a good income by selling their traffic.

Quick info for Publishers

• Daily Payments : the payments are sent the $10 limit is reached
• Clean ads, full page site-under advertisments
• Worldwide traffic accepted, no traffic limit required
• 100% fill-rate, default ads are also carring earnings
• Email and Skype support
• On time payments
• Direct link available on request


logADS Network
logADS is a pop under advertising network that serves over 10 millions impressions per day.
We are a pop under network formed by a group of professionals with a solid and extensive expertise in the pop under advertising industry.

At logADS pop under network we focus on providing to all our clients the best results optimizing the advertising strategies: targeting channels , landing pages, campaign optimization etc.
Our professionals have years of experience in pop under advertising and we will help you with all you need to know.

logADS pop under network is in continuing development trying to cover both desktop and mobile advertising markets.
Our goal at logADS pop under network is to form long-term partnerships with publishers and advertisers from all niches and from all over the world.


Eclick Network
Eclick Network is a Targeted Contextual Advertising Network that serves over 3 billion impressions per month by partnering with a network of over 100,000 publisher websites. Your ad listings will instantly appear on our affiliated websites that have related content to your product or service.

Our ad network is based on an auction model (CPV, CPC, CPI and CPM metrics) where advertisers may bid for placement. The higher your bid, the higher the placement and frequency your ad listing will have on our network of websites.

We are constantly looking for new publishers to join our ad network. We pay 70% revenue share to our publishers and pay net-15 with a minimum payout of only $50.


Poptm Network
Poptm is a Pop-Under Ad Network, India based, Ads serving world wide, A completely New Unique design and user interface which enables users an excellent experience.

Features :
— Adblock Bypass rotating ad code (New)
— Completely Automatic Advertisers based bidding system
— Realtime world map to see where your ads are opened (Publishers) –
— Anytime Payout even more than 5 times a day per user
— Minimum Deposit and Withdraw $10
— Real-time reports updated every second
— Poptm Wordpress Plugin for wordpress users to place rotating ad code easily
— 95% Revenue Share – Highest in the market
— Various targeting options like Country, Language, Category, OS, Alexa Toolbar etc.


Ad4Game is the Internet’s Game Ad Network. We are partnered with the key players in the gaming industry. The company is focused on gamers ONLY. We want to make sure our advertisers can reach a highly targeted gaming audience. Ads we place on our publishers’ websites are relevant and interesting to their visitors.The company offers a high level of service, statistics, control and transparency to help our customers succeed. Ad4Game is a simple and effective ad network suitable for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.Ad4Game is headquartered in Montreal, QC, Canada. We have been involved in Games online marketing since 2004.

Oriented to publishers with gaming content, and also offers Flash in-game ads. Allows redirection of default impressions.
We have used this network, and have received payments.


ADSCPM Network is Best Pop-under Ad Network in a online Industry . Try it and see the  Rates and Performance of our Network. is popunder network. which pay for all countries . High pay rates depend on Traffic.

We provides real-time reporting and analytics. This means you can access all the up-to-date information to fine tune your site or app to maximize your revenue-generating possibilities.

Rates are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like: visitor’s country, your website quality and niche and even day of the week and time of the day.

Earn 100% Revenue from Your Web Traffic and Mobile Traffic across all devices and platforms with highest eCPM rates with Real Time Stats System.


admedia Network
As a performance based advertising network, we’ve been providing Advertisers and Affiliates with marketing solutions since 2007. AdMedia connects advertisers to consumers across many channels. This includes industry leading email, domain, social and search networks. More than 60,000 advertisers utilize the AdMedia network to advance their offers.

AdMedia protects you and consumers at the same time. By using our patent-pending technology to study consumer response, users receive highly relevant ads while remaining completely anonymous.

AdMedia was founded in 2007 and is a privately-held company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, AdMedia has domestic offices throughout the state of California. AdMedia is an expanding company, constantly looking for new talent and encouraging innovation in order to provide our customers with industry leading advertising solutions.

Get the most out of your website with the help of AdMedia. You’ve already filled your site with interesting content, now it’s time to make money out of it. We’ll display relevant and targeted ads on your site and you’ll earn revenue every time your visitors click on the ads.

We also make sure that our advertisements will complement the natural look and feel of your website. You’re free to choose what kinds of ads you want and where they’ll appear. Do you want them to be discreet or in plain view? Do you want text ads or rich media? Whatever your preferences are, we’re here to make them happen.


eDomz Network
Founded in 2005 , is a technology driven online advertising company that enables direct marketers and internet retailers to maximize their profits by providing professional strategy and high quality services. Our predictive technology connects you to consumers through multiple channels including email, messaging, search, social networks and domain.

With our outstanding campaigns and solutions we are revolutionizing the very way advertising is created, targeted, purchased and sold. We are uniquely poised to add value to your business. Advertisers are increasingly using our marketing solutions to promote their offers.


Yieldads Network
Yieldads is a leading online advertising sales network and one of the most trusted independent global audience networks in the world. Currently our online advertising network has served over 2.1 billion impressions with over 2,000 advertisers spanning 93 countries every month and the numbers are still growing rapidly.


Adsterra Network

Adsterra Network offers one of the vastest collections of Ad display formats (popunders, banners, push-ups, interstitial, etc.). The Adsterra smart advertising platform reaches the right users with its advances targeting benchmarks: Geo, OS & browser, device targeting, vendor targeting, mobile carrier targeting, day partying, etc. Adsterra Network works with various advertisers and industries.

For Publishers:
– Highest eCPM rates
– Large variety of campaigns
– Real-time statistics display
– Live results tracking via statistics tool
– Devoted multilingual personal account managers
– Fast payments made through a vast selection of methods
– Bi-weekly payments

For Advertisers:
– Real-time campaign monitoring and optimization
– Solid anti-fraud tracking system
– Instant access to a premium traffic acquisition channels
– Advanced geo & language targeting to reach your audience
– Advanced targetings, such as daytime, ip range, browsers, os, e.t.c.
– Exceptional customer support

REGISTER: combines the advertiser network of the Yahoo! Bing Network with privately-backed’s Web publisher relations and platform. It is wholly separate from the previously failed Yahoo! Publisher Network. It is a contextual ad network, that means it serves advertisements based on the context of the page. is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and you will be seeing only high quality and high paying ads. is targeted to small and large publishers, who produce quality content. So even if you have a small blog but with targeted and quality content, your chances of getting approval is high. Here are some features:

Contextual advertisements: As mentioned above, ad will be showed based on the context of the page.
High revenue: Quality of ads are high, and various optimization techniques will help you to make huge money from your ad serving.
Mobile Ads: One of the key feature of is mobile ads. This feature is currently in beta, but with the growing number of smart phone users, mobile ads is the future of advertising for publishers. mobile detection technology automatically detects mobile and smart phone browser, and serves mobile ads, which will help you to earn extra.

Account manager: There are very few ad networks which offers dedicated account manager, and is one of them. As soon as you get an approved account, you will be assigned an account manager, and he will be helping with setup and getting started. None the less, if you are not one of those bloggers who like to optimize ads (color, text and others), your account manager will do this for you.

Neat and clean reporting dashboard: Reporting dashboard is neat and easy to get accustomed with.
One account & unlimited websites: If you have one approved account with, you can use the same account to run advertisements on multiple websites. Though, you need to get approval for every website, which is easy with the help of site manager.


Launched in January 2008 Adblade has quickly become a major force in the Online Advertising world. With theintroduction of our copyrighted “Newsbullet” ad unit, Adblade has helped both brand advertisers and premiumpublishers succeed in a very competitive online marketplace. Brands see the Newsbullet as a unique vehicle for highlyeffective messaging to our massive, premium-only audience. Direct response advertisers value our strong customersupport, proprietary optimization technology and industry-leading ROI. Premium publishers find a trusted partner ableto deliver consistent and substantial advertising revenue.In 2008 there were already several hundred ad networks, so why start another one? The founding members ofAdblade felt that even though the ad network space had plenty of competition, there was still a need for an offeringthat combined: Unique Ad Units, Large Reach and Premium-Only Distribution. Since most ad networks rely on endlessamounts of long tail traffic or better yet resort to “bait and switch” tactics, Adblade is the only Ad Network Vendor thattruly stands behind their product. One of the Largest Premium Only Ad Networks.Their contract requires exclusivity – they must be the only contextual ad on the page.


Vibrant Media Network
Vibrant’s technology understands where and when to deliver rich content experiences that capture and engage consumers. Delivered directly off of words, images and video within premium editorial content.

Vibrant’s premium network is comprised of tier one publishers and offers marketers a “brand safe” environment. Covering all verticals from auto to women’s lifestyle, consumer tech to food and drink, brands are placed in the most relevant editorial content to reach their target audiences. Our partners are passionate about keeping their users happy and continue to work with Vibrant because they know all advertising experiences will be positive, engaging and relevant. This means we have accumulated a network of over 6,600 global partners.


Chitika Network
Chitika is a data analytics company in the business of on-line advertising. Through the application of data and innovative technology in the fields of mobile, local and search Chitika has developed a vast global network that maximizes yield for both publishers and advertisers.

What does Chitika mean? When Chitika co-founders, Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario left Lycos in 2003 to start their own company, they sought a name that would suggest the speed with which its customers would be able to put up ads on their Web sites. Chitika, which means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu (a South Indian language), captured this sentiment and Chitika Inc. was born. Chitika introduced its online-ads service in January, 2004.


AdsBronco Network offers content publishers the ability to earn more revenue from every single impression your site serves!

We Align 100s of adnetworks that compete for your ad position meaning no impression will ever go unsold. We only sell yours ad slot to top brand advertisers meaning you get the maximum possible revenue from your site!

All this smart ad matching is done within milliseconds to serve quality ads to our publisher sites visitors!

We have over 2,500 registered publisher sites and over 5,000 ad campaigns running through our network.

Join us today and start earning more advertising revenue from your site in just 5 MINUTES!


Epom Network
Epom Market is an international ad-network that unites top quality Publishers with direct Advertisers. Epom Market partners with leading advertisers and publishers in more than 180 different countries and 15 different verticals. We ensure the highest eCPM rates along with on-time payments.We are a cross-platform network and work with display, mobile (web & apps) traffic. We offer a variety of ad types and provide real-time statistics. The team of experienced traffickers achieve great results for our partners.

Benefits for Publishers

Publishers can activate Epom market in their accounts if their networks can not guarantee 100% fill rate and some of the impressions are not used. Thus, you are generating extra revenue by monetizing your unsold inventory on our ad exchange.

Benefits for Networks

We have hundreds of Publishers activated Epom Market in their accounts. Publishers send us their traffic and we welcome networks to join Epom Market to more effectively monetize our publishers’ high quality traffic. Epom ad server has 200+ Publishers with more than 10 billions of banner impressions per month.


RhythmOne Network
Our mission is to enrich consumer experiences online by enabling access to content anytime, anywhere. To this end, RhythmOne connects audiences with premium content and advertising across the web.  We work with advertisers, publishers and content providers to provide value through:

Fully integrated advertising solutions, spanning desktop and mobile video, rich media, display, social and native formats.
Cross-screen targeting – following audiences as they migrate across devices.
Massive reach, delivered through our owned and operated channels, and quality distributed partners.
Video content distribution that enhances web experiences for publishers and consumers.
The aim of RhythmOne is to streamline the campaign planning experience, making it a more consolidated and efficient process. By understanding the target audience, the advertising goal, and the spend amount, we can collaborate with brands to optimize the campaign and maximize ROI by using the appropriate formats across the appropriate screens.

RhythmOne sets the bar for providing digital publishers and mobile app developers with high-quality, turnkey content and ad monetization solutions – led by video, but spanning display, rich media, native and more – to help partners maximize their fill and eCPM.

Through RhythmOne, partners can fill their inventory with advertising campaigns from leading national brands – negotiating access to quality content through direct deals, PMPs and RTB-based buying – enabling you to get top dollar for premium inventory and ensure high fill rates across your site.

For over 20 years, we’ve been working for digital media publishers, representing their properties to advertisers, bringing them ad revenue and helping grow their businesses.


Matomy Media Network
Matomy Media Group is one of the leading international online marketing firms in Europe with a growing presence in both the North and South American markets. With a wide range of online marketing expertise and integrated technologies,Matomy Market provides a comprehensive online marketing solution, including display advertising,a performance-based affiliate management platform and network, search marketing, and alternative payment solutions. Matomy Market offers its customers and partners end-to-end management of their online marketing activity to ensure cost-effective, controlled and high-quality results.

Matomy Market brands include Matomy Market, a performance-based affiliate network, Matomy Media, a display ad-network, and Matomy, a provider of alternative payment solutions.Matomy Market is a privately held company with around 160 employees. For more information please visit


GumGum Network
GumGum is the world’s largest in-image ad platform and a Quantcast Top 20 Network, reaching 140 million unique visitors and serving billions of in-image ads per month.

GumGum was founded in 2007 when a team of seasoned Internet entrepreneurs realized web site publishers were missing out on valuable revenue by not monetizing their image-based content. As a result, the team transformed the advertising industry with the creation of the first in-image ad platform. This groundbreaking model gives publishers a completely new monetization stream and provides brands the opportunity to reach highly targeted mass audiences.


7Search Network has been a leading Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Network since our inception in 1999. As a Search Engine who is dedicated to value and service for online businesses, provides thousands of Web entrepreneurs with an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain Internet traffic and generate revenue through their online presence.

If you want to join the PPC/CPC Ad Network, you must agree that if you are not compliant with any of the policies listed herein. Otherwise your affiliate account will be deactivated and all click revenue will be credited back to the advertisers and debited from your account. Of course, this Ad Network currently only supports the English website and the website of the European countries. Here I must say, when you use ad code of the Ad Network, the PPC Advertising that only be browsed more than a certain time to be considered is the high-quality traffic. Otherwise, your current visitor will not receive any advertising costs. What counts as high-quality billing traffic? Any type of incentivized traffic (e.g. Pay-to-Read, Pay-to-Surf, etc), even if it originates from traffic purchased on another PPC network, is prohibited and will result in permanent deactivation of the affiliate account. Also, Test” clicking is prohibited in 7search.


Adversal Network
Let the Adversal Network manage your ad space and you’ll never have to worry about your inventory going unsold again.

Not only do we offer a 100% fill rate, but also the highest eCPM available for your inventory as your ad space will be bid on by 100’s of direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges.


VigLink Network
VigLink is the leading platform for content-driven commerce.

The largest network of its kind, VigLink monetizes content that drives commerce for over 300,000 sites and works with more than 35,000 merchants to drive sales. Each month, VigLink processes more than 10 billion pageviews and over five hundred million clicks. Founded in 2009 and based in San Francisco, VigLink is backed by top investors including Google Ventures, First Round Capital, Emergence Capital, and RRE.

Monetize existing links:VigLink Convert will automatically monetize existing links across all pages, past and future. Optionally, the VigLink Exchange (VLX) can ensure eligible links always go to the highest bidding advertiser.

Add new, relevant links:VigLink Insert can more than double VigLink earnings. Enable our state-of-the-art semantic technology to automatically link products, merchants, and brands to the most relevant destination. VLX ensures added links go to the highest bidder.

Highlight related products: VigLink Spotlight provides context-aware, custom-designed, fully-monetized product widgets that make content more shoppable. VLX ensures products always link to the highest bidder.

Monetize social influence: Links posted to Twitter, Facebook or even emails can take the earning power of VigLink along for the ride. Just build the URL with VigLink, shorten if you like, and share anywhere. Get paid when clicks turn into purchases.

Develop custom integrations: VigLink offers a suite of APIs and customization options to integrate VigLink directly into your app.


AdEngage operates an online advertising network that displayed more than 100 billion ads during 2010 on thousands of websites around the world. The network acts as a real-time exchange between advertisers and publishers.Advertisers benefit by being able to target consumers with relevant text and banner ads at scale. In addition, with detailed reporting, you know where your ads are shown and how much each segment costs you, so you can maximize your profits.Publishers benefit by one of the highest payout rates in the industry, fast payment terms, unrivaled support, a dedicated account team for larger publishers, and tools to help you maximize your profits.

History of AdEngageThe company was founded in 2004 by a webmaster who was frustrated with limited ad-serving options at the time. Large advertising network wouldn’t provide him with the flexibility to customize the ads to his websites, and smaller advertising networks didn’t offer the reach and depth of advertisers or the robust tools to manage ad sales to maximize his profits.He created a system that allows webmasters to offer more appealing and engaging ads across numerous website and blog platforms. 

With it, publishers could easily sell direct ads, integrate AdEngage’s ads with other solutions or offer run of network ads. With these options, publishers were attracted to the system because it maximized the value of their ad space dynamically. In addition, advertisers saw greater returns as better quality publishers offering more advertising options resulted in more sales for them.

AdEngage experienced rapid growth, and was soon serving billions of ads per month. In 2008, AdEngage joined with Technorati Media, the largest social media ad network in the world, to begin serving ad solutions across numerous new platforms. This partnership allowed AdEngage to become one of the strongest ad networks in the industry.In 2011, AdEngage embarked on its next stage of growth with the support of Parker Capital. 

Parker Capital is a private family office investment fund specializing in acquisitions, corporate divestitures and investments in the Internet space. Parker Capital has committed 30 million dollars toward the goal of developing the superior online ad network for mid-market publishers, and will be using AdEngage as a foundation for growth through organic expansion and strategic acquisitions.Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, it’s easy to get started today!

Seems to be auction style, with publishers setting requested rates, and self-service for advertisers. Boxes of text links, including some ads with additional small graphics.


Superlinks Network
Superlinks is a display advertising publisher network that gives websites, blogs, forums and content networks the ability to earn money from their website traffic. Our team is focused on helping publishers earn the highest possible CPM rates for their advertising inventory through auction based ad exchanges.

We are a division of Admanage S.A. that was created to discover creative new advertising formats to deliver targeted advertisements. To achieve this, we created a collection of monetization tools that stand out, get more clicks, and generate more revenue.

Superlinks is a display ad network and a monetization platform offering a multitude of ad units for website and mobile publishers. Publishers are able to create and add a number of different ad styles to generate additional revenue for their site. Superlinks has partnered with Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google, OpenX and Appnexus displaying only the best brand advertisers within the ad units.

A New Era Of Website Monetization

The Superlinks division of Admanage SA was created to change the way online publishers earn money from their websites. Over the years we’ve worked with some of the Internet’s largest publishers and this has taught us a lot about how to increase the revenue potential of any website.
We’ve hand-picked the very best website monetization specialists from the Admanage team and formed Superlinks with the goal of creating the smartest most profitable display advertising units available to display ad publishers. We’ve already signed on some big names and helped them increase their website’s display ad revenue anywhere from 125% up to 300%.
We’re just getting started. We’re about to release some amazing new products that create a whole host of new monetization strategies such as a new contextual text link product. Our core focus is to strive to continually create unique, engaging and high CPM revenue earning ad units for our display ad publishers.


AdHitz Network
AdHitz makes it easy to buy and sell advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control. With banner and text ads, AdHitz has created a simple and more effective advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.AdHitz is a subsidiary company of ClixSense Inc., whos Corporation is headquartered in Rome, NY



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