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InfobarWP Pro [GIVEAWAY]

InfobarWP Pro [GIVEAWAY]

Infobar is a cutting-edge wordpress plugin that adds unlimited variations of infobar that can appear at the top or bottom of any WP age (or entire site) that you define.

The plugin comes with some built-in split testing options and an advanced analytics panel for tracking page views, impressions, clicks, conversion rates and other metrics. InfobarWP is also mobile friendly with a responsive design that adapts to any screen size, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Your customers can get setup and start profiting in three simple steps:

Step 1. Set up your infobars
Create powerful infobars that match your site style, brand and colors with the brand new WYSIWYG Infobar editor

Step 2. Track and analyze
Track and analyze which variants perform the best so that you can get the most clicks to your offers

Step 3. Profit, then repeat!
Unleash underutilized traffic on any page or offer you wish and grab your visitors attention thanks to the power of notification bars

InfobarWP Pro [GIVEAWAY]

Features and Specs
InfobarWP comes in two versions – Basic and Professional. The features of each are outlined below:

InfobarWP Basic
✓ Split test unlimited notification bars variants
✓ Display your notification bars in website header or footer
✓ Customize the notification bar text, link and background colour
✓ 5 built-in notification bar colour schemes
✓ Fully responsive and support for mobile and tablets
✓ Target specific pages, posts, categories (or exclude them)
✓ Run your campaign on specific days, weeks or all the time
✓ Only display infobars to your visitors after “X” number of page views
✓ Track and get detailed charts on your top performing infobars
✓ Visualize impressions, clicks and conversion rates with built-in analytics

InfobarWP Professional
✓ Delay your infobar by a defined time period (seconds)
✓ 60 built-in HD icons (free for commercial use)
✓ Target specific desktop browser or mobile users
✓ 20 additional notification bar colour schemes
✓ Advanced analytics including browser reports and time delay analytics
✓ Pick best converting notification bar variant automatically


InfobarWP Pro [GIVEAWAY]

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