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[GIVEAWAY] Teach Yourself Wordpress Security in 24 Hours or Less [UDEMY COURSE]

Teach Yourself Wordpress Security in 24 Hours or Less

Discover the power of Wordpress and teach-yourself all the tools for building a secure site in 24 hours or less.

This Wordpress course is designed to offer you a simple, easy to understand and straightforward approach when it comes to learning how to secure your site or blog. 

It will teach you how to prevent hackers from accessing your data. It doesn't require any specific technical background or knowledge in order to participate.

[GIVEAWAY] Teach Yourself Wordpress Security in 24 Hours or Less [UDEMY COURSE]

Who is This Security Wordpress Course for?

Have you ever wanted to secure your site site or blog without needing to read rocket science but felt overwhelmed by all the options available out there?

This course is jam packed with material that will help you turn your site into a fort in 24 hours or less by adapting the information given in practice.

You don’t need to pose any specific technical abilities or knowledge as the course assumes that you are a complete beginner just starting out!

Few of the modules we are going to cover in this Wordpress course:

✓ Why you are the biggest risk when it comes to the security
✓ Why you should avoid free themes & their pitfalls
✓ How to carefully choose your plugins and stay safe
✓ How to securely install Wordpress in few minutes
✓ How to enable the two-factor authentication with ease
✓ Why you need to remove the default database table prefix
✓ How to ban IP addresses from accessing your site
✓ Why you need to disable bowling in your Wordpress directories
✓ How to use .htaccess file & turn your Wordpress site into a fort
✓ How to easily backup your site without any manual work

After you complete this course you will be able to easily transform your Wordpress site or blog into a well-guarded fort in less than 24 hours!

What are the requirements?

✓ You should be ready to experiment and try out things without being afraid of doing wrong.
✓ You are expected to have fundamental knowledge about the site building concept.
✓ You should be willing to learn and also be able to follow the course plan.

What am I going to get from this course?

✓ Over 34 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
✓ Master the different security modules of Wordpress fast and easy!
✓ Know how to secure a website in WP by using what you learned in the course!
✓ Grasp the main security features of Wordpress and how to adapt them on your site!
✓ Tweak and secure up your Wordpress site by implementing the tools in this course.
✓ Install and set up plugins that will transform your site to a well guarded fort.
✓ Learn the importance of security in Wordpress and how to quickly protect your site!
✓ Quickly identify the security flaws of your site and learn how to avoid the in the future.

What is the target audience?

✓ This course is for beginners and not intermediate or advanced users.

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