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[GIVEAWAY] The Super Funnel +Bonuses [I+II EDITION]

The Super Funnel 2.0

"Get On Board Our Brand New Launch With 200% Commissions Through Our Proven Super Funnel"

Earn 200% Commission On The Front End And 100% Through Our Proven "SUPER" Funnel!

[1+2 EDITIONS] The Super Funnel +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

What Is The Super Funnel 2.0 All About

Simply put... it's the KEY to any successful launch… it’s a very unique, one of a kind “proven” sales funnel that sells like CRAZY.

The Super Funnel 2.0 is an updated and improved version of one of our best-selling products ever and it will put some of the highest, easiest commissions in your pocket yet.

After years of testing and countless success stories, I’ve discovered that The Super Funnel Method is the laziest, but most powerful shortcut to success…

Here's why a “Super Funnel” blows everything else out the water…

The Super Funnel Method allows anyone to build a complete product funnel in a day or less, even if they’re not an expert…

✓ WITHOUT creating your own products
✓ WITHOUT writing sales letters
We’ll be teaching my brand new formula for:

[1+2 EDITIONS] The Super Funnel +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

Automated Traffic

Customers can now wave goodbye to endless SEO, Facebook, Blogging, Press Releases, or advertising. Your Super Funnel attracts hordes of traffic, hands-free traffic, more traffic than they can handle.

Automated Websites

I’m about to share how to plug a website into your Super Funnel in seconds, and start capturing leads, make sales and deliver products… … without technical crap getting in the way (and without wasting thousands of dollars on designers and coders.)

Automated Products

Finally our customers can forget creating products from scratch. I’ll share how to create a product in 60 mins or less… … by simply “plugging in” premium front end, upsell and down sell products, without writing, building, designing or coding a darn thing. Plus loads of bonuses and goodies which we’ll share shortly.

And the best part is that will work for your customers regardless of their experience, budget or time.

That said this is not only going to be my best training so far… but we know this is going to be our BIGGEST launch so far too.

And that’s why I’m excited to share with you the launch of The Super Funnel 2.0.

For a launch that can potentially mean so much to your bottom line, it’s understandable that some may choose to promote over several days. We’ve got you covered there as well, and will be updating the Tools Page with numerous pre-sell, promotional and re-send swipes for you to just lock and load.

In closing, I’d like to thank you AGAIN for promoting for us in the past. And for your feedback. As you can see, we’ve listened and have put everything into making this one of your most successful promotions to date.

How It Works (The Breakdown)
✓ 0-10 sales gets you 100% commission on all F/E sales made
✓ 11-19 sales gets you 150% commission on all F/E sales made
✓ 20+ sales gets you 200% commission on all F/E sales made
Rules: Only sales from one link will be counted towards the competition.

[1+2 EDITIONS] The Super Funnel +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

The Super Funnel 1.0

Alex Jeffreys is a 7-figure Internet Marketer among the very best in our business and he has established an excellent reputation for himself creating life changing courses at extraordinarily low prices.

By “life changing” I mean that Alex is known to literally provide the complete blueprint to being successful in whatever it is he is teaching and it’s always based on his own formula.

If you search for Alex Jeffreys testimonials on YouTube you will find several genuine success stories from people that have taken his courses.

The Super Funnel is a premium course at the very low price of $4.95 and it gives you everything you need to know about getting started with your own product (which is where the real money is in this business).

Put it this way, if I gave out trophies on my review site, The Super Funnel would undoubtedly win Best Value.

[1+2 EDITIONS] The Super Funnel +Bonuses [GIVEAWAY]

The Super Funnel is a step-by-step course related to creating successful product launch campaigns based on the same formula that Alex Jeffrey used to launch his own products which have been wildly successful.

In fact, he goes over a lot of his own trial and errors from many of his previous launches so you will come out of it knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to creating your own product.

He goes over how to research the market and find excellent ideas for products including evergreen products that always has a hungry crowd ready to spend money.

But perhaps most importantly, Alex goes over an aspect of product creation that most similar highly priced courses seem to neglect – how to acquire affiliates.

Make no mistake, the vast majority of successful products have a solid group of super affiliates driving nearly 90% of all product sales.

Alex Jeffreys clearly explains how he has been able to attract the industry’s top affiliates to his launches. You might think it’s easy for him to do since everyone knows who he is, but remember that he started off just like you and I.

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Alex Jeffreys’ products is his ability to deliver courses that are absolutely packed to the brim with valuable information, but he manages to sell these courses at a price that anyone can afford.

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