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“INSTANTLY Discover Moneymaking WordPress Plugins and Themes PLUS ‘Reverse Engineer’ the Backlinks of any Website…!”

All you ever wanted to know about your competitors’s website

WordPress site are all over the web. Many are attractive and professionally done. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily see what components an attractive site is made up of. It could be a competitor site or any other site. WP SpyBar does just that.

It is a plugin (but not a WP plugin), a Firefox plugin and a Chrome plugin. It installs effortlessly into either or both of these browsers, and sits quietly in the toolbar until you come upon a site you want to look under the covers of.

When you click on the WP SpyBar icon, it searches through the WordPress data on the site and shows you all the details of why the site looks and acts as it does.


These details are the key to understanding other sites and improving your own:

• What theme did they use to get that crisp and clean look? SpyBar knows.
• How did they do that nifty animation? SpyBar knows.
• That count-down timer? Did they find that somewhere and SpyBar knows.
• What sites link to them, providing them authority? SpyBar knows.
• Who owns this site? You guessed it: SpyBar knows

With SpyBar, in seconds you can discover all the pertinent information about any WordPress site. And many times, you will be surprised

Many times you will find that the site is using free plugins; so if you like what they are doing, get the free plugin yourself and put it to work.

And you can get all this information with no clutter or cumbersome desktop software – just ONE icon on your browser which gives instant results.


Reverse Engineer Any Website In 1-Click.Spy Bar WordPress Plugin amazing browser add-on.

Click the SpyBar icon inside your web browser to instantly:

✓ Spy on your competitors' sites
✓ Discover new moneymaking tools
✓ List the WordPress theme & plugins for any site
✓ Reverse Engineer Backlinks & SEO


SpyBar For Chrome:
SpyBar For Firefox:

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