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[GIVEAWAY] MailChimp for Free: Build Email Mailing Lists +Squeeze Pages [UDEMY COURSE]

MailChimp for Free: Build Email Mailing Lists +Squeeze Pages

Use the MailChimp free email list service to maintain mailing lists & mount email campaigns; includes squeeze pages.

[GIVEAWAY] MailChimp for Free: Build Email Mailing Lists +Squeeze Pages

Mailing Lists, Newsletters, and Users… Oh My

MailChimp is a free mailing list maintenance system that also provides a web based interface to creating professional looking emails to be sent to those lists. This course guides you through the use of Mailchimp from defining a simple mailing list to creating and sending your first email.

See How to Increase Your Business Through Targeted Email Campaigns

This course is primarily focused on teaching you how to use the Mailchimp web based interface to create, maintain, and analyze your mailing lists and email campaigns. However, it also provides important insight into what to include in your newsletters and how to establish personal relationships with your most important customers.

Let Me Be Your Guide…

Mailchimp is pretty easy to use, but you still might appreciate a guiding hand as you begin to use the tool to build your business in exciting new directions.

Note: If you're serious about email marketing, you might want to consider Get Response or some other mailing list service as MailChimp has a reputation to being unfriendly to internet marketers. One student mentioned difficulties that arise from including affiliate links in your emails. MailChimp is still appropriate for less aggressive business mail.

What are the requirements?
✓ A working web browser

What am I going to get from this course?

✓ Over 26 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
✓ Create a Mail Chimp account, build your first mailing list, and mount your first email campaign.
✓ Learn simple ways to advertise your mailing list.
✓ Recieve guidance on building a business around your mailing lists.

What is the target audience?

✓ People who need to produce a newsletter or are interested in using email for marketing.
✓ People who would like to expand their online business presence to include email promotion

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