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Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

Many times we face problem to access a website but we don’t access to it because some sites are blocked in our regain. There are many websites which are not access able in some country. If we want to access blocked websites, for this there are a lot of solutions to do this. 

Mostly peoples are using VPN to make it possible, we can use VPN in all devices & OS. Best future of VPNs is that it encrypt our Traffic and hide our Identity. Mostly all browser allows us to create a VPN Connection, we can easily create VPN manually & Using Browser Extension. 

I am using Google Chrome for Creating VPN. So today I Created a tutorial & I’ll show you the best list of VPNs Extensions for Chrome, & also show you how we can install and Use VPNs Extension in Chrome.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

Hotspot Shield VPN

This is one the best VPN that can bypass any blocked sites and also protect your computer from the cyber attacks of attacker over the network.
Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]
•First of all Install Hotspot Shield VPN in Chrome Browser
•Click on Hotspot Shield Icon on the top
•Now Click any Country that you would like to browse from.

Hola Vpn

Hola is one of the best, famous VPN Vpn, Unblocking/ Proxy Extension for Chrome. Hola Vpn allow us to unblock any site easily. Hola Vpn working perfectly with super speed, Hola Vpn provide proxy of 50+ Countries. Using Hola Vpn is very hand to use & we can easily access all the factions of Hula Vpn, it is free & Hola Vpn is available for all platforms like Android & IOS. Add Hola Vpn in your Chrome Browser.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•First of all Open your Chrome Browser
•Open Hola VPN 
•Install Hola Vpn in Browser
•Go a Website which you want to Unblock
•Click on Hola icon on the top
•Now Click on any Country that you would like to browse from


Zenmate is a great and one of the famous Vpn /proxy Extension for Chrome, Zenmate is very handy and Super Fast tools, it give us the fastest proxy, Zenmate is free and Premium Plans, Zenmate working perfectly & fast connecting time, Zenmate is available for all Platforms. Zenmate has limited countries from which we can browse from.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•First of all Install Zenmate in Chrome Browser
•Click on Zenmate Icon on the top
•Click on the ON button to activate Zenmate
•Now Click any Country that you would like to browse form.

Dot Vpn

Dot Vpn is the fantastic Vpn for Chrome. Dot Vpn is the fastest Vpn Extension, its user interface is designed very perfectly, Dot Vpn is easy to use. Dot Vpn is fastest way to unblock any website, we can easily hide our Information, & browse internet safely. Dot Vpn provide many countries where we can browser from.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•First all Install Dot Vpn in Chrome Browser
•Click Dot Vpn Icon on the top
•Click Connect Button
•Select County that you like to Browse from

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Vpn is Super-fast Vpn/proxy for Google Chrome, CyberGhost Vpn working smoothly with super-fast speed, it’s totally free & easy to use, CyberGhost Vpn is the best proxy Extension. CyberGhost Vpn hide our IP address and our identity safely.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•Install CyberGhost Vpn in Google Chorme
•Click CyberGhost Vpn icon on the top
•Click on the Power Button
•When Connected is done
•Select your County


Gom VPN is easy Vpn Extension for unblocking Blocked Sites, Gom VPN is fast and working perfectly, Gom VPN handy to use. Gom VPN easily hide our Information and allow us to browse safely, Gom VPN free. Gom VPN has great option we can easily set time that how minute we use Vpn.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•Add  Gom VPN in your Chrome
•Click Gom VPN Icon on the top
•Click Connect & set time
•When done select country that you want to Browse

Unlimited Free VPN

Unlimited Free VPN is good VPN extenson for Chrome, Unlimited Free VPN working great & provide fast proxy, easy to use. Unlimited Free VPN allow us to use Internet anonymously. Unblock any block site easily safely. Unlimited Free VPN free Extension, No need to sign up.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•Install Unlimited Free VPN in Google Chrome Browser
•When Installation done
•Click Unlimited free VPN icon top
•Click Connect

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is great tool to hide our privacy and Browsing Internet anonymously, it’s  is free and working great. TunnelBear VPN is super fast for unblocking blocked Websites.

Best VPN Extensions For Google Chrome [FREE]

•Add TunnelBear VPN in Chrome
•When Installing done
•Click on TunnelBear VPN Icon on top
•Click Connect, Select Country 


  1. Zenmate is a great tool to access blocked sites and browsing web anonymously. I always use it frequently.

  2. Most of the premium VPN accounts do not keep a cap on the amount of data that you use. Whereas if you are using a free VPN account you can generally use only a small amount of data. Jenny

  3. Remember to ensure that browser caching is enabled by your browser before using this trick. Google Cache is an useful way of reading the content of a limited web site. Best VPN for google

  4. IPSec - Developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force, to secure exchanges of data at the IP layer. It is widely used for creating VPNs
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  5. at that point, you should choose a littler validation key size to accelerate your VPN association.indian vpn proxy

  6. I would add TouchVPN, ibVPN and Betternet. They are all excellent vpn for Chrome services.

  7. Your article is very informative about VPN Extension for Chrome but there are many good VPN service for windows and android users as well, ExpressVPN is number one choice of the 2017.

  8. With many programming projects to pick from, one may believe that it causes setting to up your own VPN a lot simpler or better. Nonetheless, truly, it really makes it a hell of much more troublesome and confounding.fritz box de


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