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Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker [FREE]

Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker

Windows 10 it’s a very good operating system, But there is so many restriction on using Windows10. So this tool will help you to customize your windows as you wish by only Reg tweaks or some VBS or Powershell. It's Open source and with only One batch file (.bat).

Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker [FREE]

User Interface Tweaks:
-Change Dark Theme For Apps
-Enable/Disable Taskview button in Taskbar
-Change Volume Control UI
-Change Notification center UI
-Change Battery Status UI
-Change Cortana size in Taskbar
-Enable/Disable Transparency and Blur in : Taskbar -Notification center-Clock…
-Replace Logon screen Background Image with your accent color
-Enable/Disable Thumbnail Previews in File explorer*New
-Change OEM Information*New

Enable/Disable stuff In Windows 10
-Bring back Old Windows photo viewer
-Enable/Disable Lockscreen
-Enable/Disable Hibernation
-Enable/Disable Windows Smart Screen Filter
-Telemetry and Data collection*Updated
-Disable default Quick Access view in Explorer
-Add “Grant Admin Full Control” to Files and Folders context menu
-Enable/Disable Snap Assist*New
-Enable/Disable “New App Installed” Notification*New

Speed Up PC Performance
-Measure windows restart time
-Disable CPU Core Parking For more CPU Performance
-Speed up apps and services End Tasks
-Disable Some unnecessary services to speed up restart time*Updated
-Boost SSD Performance

Manage Microsoft Edge browser
-Disable Ads
-Dark/Light Theme
-Change Browser Home Button page
-Change default download directory
-Ask to close all tabs ?
-Enable/Disable Cortana inside the browser
-Enable/Disable Adobe Flash Player*New
-Enable/Disable Favorites Bar*New
-Change NewTab Page (Limited)*New

Manage Updates
-Enable/Disable Automatic Windows Updates
-Enable/Disable Automatic Windows Apps Updates
-Enable/Disable Notifications about new Preview Builds after RTM
-Clean Windows Update Junk
-Enable/Disable Windows Delivery Optimization (Update sharing)

Manage Folders In “This PC”
-Remove Folders From This PC and brig them back

Manage OneDrive
-Enable/Disable OneDrive*Updated
-Remove Onedrive/Dropbox Icon in File explorer
-Disable and delete Onedrive

Manage Windows Features
-Show Windows features list
-Enable a feature
-Disable a feature
-Disable and Remove feature Payload (clean feature files)
-Show “Turn Windows features on or off” window

Manage User Accounts
-Show me my User accounts
-Change specific user account Password
-Add NEW user account
-Delete a user account

-Windows / Office KMS activation
-User Interface Tweaks + Context Menu Tweaks
-Enable/Disable stuff In Windows 10
-Manage Microsoft Edge browser
-Manage Updates
-Manage OneDrive
-Manage Windows Features
-Manage User Accounts
-Manage Windows apps (Remove & Restore) Updated to TH2
-Manage TELEMETRY and Data collection Settings
-Internet Tweaks and Fixes
-Completely uninstall Cortana
-Completely uninstall Edge + the ability to restore it
-and a lot more

•Added more Privacy Tweaks
•Added Undo all changes

Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker [FREE]
Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker [FREE]


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