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Short Link Bypasser [Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera | Yandex | Android]

Short Link Bypasser [Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera | Yandex | Android], adfocus , linkbucks, bc-vc,, are the URL shorteners that pay you when people browse your shortened links. But these shortened links are really annoying because whenever you click on these links you have to wait for about 5 seconds and then have to click on the skip ad button. Sometimes These when You click on skip this ad It will redirect to someother pages. If you are using mobile phone you cant even see the skip ad button. After completing this tasks your original link will be found.

But in this post I'm gonna show you how to bypass, adfocus, linkbucks and other ad network links.

1.) Deadlockers [Chrome]

Allows you to save your time by automatically bypassing,,,, and 100+ shortners!

DeadLockers is a chrome extension which allows you to bypass short links without wasting the coutdown time on it. Currently, the supported sites are as follows:

✔ coinurl
✔ linkshrink
✔ snipurl
✔ tinyurl
✔ etc..

Short Link Bypasser [Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera | Yandex | Android]
All the related URLs of sites like (, q.js ..), (, ..) are supported as well.

- Interface Change
- Ads Removed [For A While]
- Fasten Extension Load Time
- New Icons
- Cleaned up messy code
- Added support for, 100% working.
- Updated working of all non-working sites as reported in V 1.2
- Much cleaner interface and easy to use now.
- Code cleaned and extension made lighter.
- Updated main site as well, (
- Faster link processing
- Added more shortners -, etc.
- Fixed problems with
- Added FULL support for
- Added 10 more sites
- Fixed problems with's latest update - bypasser working successfully.


2.) Link Countdown Killer 
[Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Chromium base Browsers]

Kill Adfly, linkbucks and many other similar sites countdown. No more waiting, no advertising
Link Countdown Killer is a Browser extension for bypass or Skip Short URLs or Links of, linkbucks,, and many more.

You have not to wait for 5 sec or till advertisement loading to go original page. Its Automatically move quickly without waiting for links from sites and will you get original links or Source website URLs.
Short Link Bypasser [Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera | Yandex | Android]

Important Faqs
If it stops working is that different sites have updated their system expect, please let us know on our official site to make changes and solve problems as soon as possible, avoid negative rate.

Adfly Killer, Bypass, Skipper, Bypass short url, Skip


3.) Skipper [Chrome]

Skips links and bypasses the wait!

Lets you bypass all URLs!
Short Link Bypasser [Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera | Yandex | Android]



4.) Desprotetor de Links 
[Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android]

The Desprotetor Links allows you to dodge links protectors and other sites of its kind, with just one click.
This extension fools the famous link protectors (pages that ask the user to sign in a paid service, usually connected to cell phones).

Short Link Bypasser [Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera | Yandex | Android]

Simply click on the Desprotetor de Links icon to be redirected to the download page!

To ensure this extension's efficiency, we are always looking for new link protectors and releasing extension updates. With each update, this extension's efficiency will grow (you will be notified of new updates).


Please visit the official site at: 

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